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arashirabu's Journal

Arashi Love
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Welcome to arashirabu, an LJ community where you can find and share fanfictions centered around the Japanese boyband, Arashi.


oo1. Any kind of fanfiction is welcome as long as it is Arashi-related.
No matter what pairing, whatever genre, even OCs are welcome. This community stresses on welcoming all sorts of fanfiction, well-written or not.
As for promotions, as long as it is Arashi and fanfic-related, it is welcome here.
(For such posts, please appropriately tag it *advertisement.)

oo2. Please include at least the following when you post fanfiction:
     × Title:
     × Author: (if different from user posting)
     × Length:
     × Pairing:
     × Rating:
     × Genre:
     × Summary:
     × Link to previous chapters: (if applicable)
     x Temporarily open for: (if applicable, should be at least 7 days)

oo3. Properly tag your entries.
Related to Rule#2, please have at least the following tags in your entry Rating, Length, Pairing (if applicable) and *temporary (if applicable). This is very important should you want your fanfic to be found later.

oo4. Do not link to locked posts.
However, linked posts may be locked after at least seven (7) days.
This must be followed STRICTLY. Any new post as of May 29, 2011 linking to locked posts not following the seven (7) day rule will be immediately deleted by the moderator upon seeing it. The old posts holding locked links after the seven (7) day rule, however, need not be deleted and may stay in the community for future reference.
(If you find this rule very confusing, please feel free to contact a mod about it.)

oo5. Use an LJ-cut.
You can save the everyone's friends page with it. Look here for more info.

oo6. All requests must be made under the Master Request post.
Want to make a request? Please do so there.
In effect, no new posts may be made just to request. Also, the *request tag must not be used. New posts with the *request tag shall be automatically deleted.

oo7. Be nice.
Respect each other, please. We're all fans of the same fandom. We do not need to rage an all-out war against each other because of small disputes.

oo8. And, lastly, of course, have fun! :D

If you break any of the rules, we'll give you a warning (unless the punishment is already stated above).
If you still don't play nice, we'll either delete your post or ban you. Banning has never been done, but please don't be the first to be.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact the mods via PM to arashirabu_mod.


In order to affiliate, please just send us a PM. :D

IMPORTANT LINKS: master request. introductions. tags. layout codes. profile codes.