[Drabble] Waking the beast

Title: Waking the beast
Author: bunny_d_kate 
Pairing: MatsuJun x Ohno (well, kinda.. XDD)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jun doesn't like getting up in the morning.

“So now that everybody’s here-“
Sho rolls his eyes with a sigh and looks across the table at Nino. He doesn’t like being interrupted in his every morning-speech. He then follows Nino’s finger which is pointing at the empty seat next to Aiba who’s stiftling a yawn.
“Where’s MatsuJun?”
“Judging from the sounds coming out of his room I’d say he’s still asleep. That or he’s cutting down a whole forest in there.”
“Oh man~! Why can’t he be on time for once? It’s not that difficult. Even Aiba-chan can do it.”
“Yay~ thanks, Sho-chan! ... Hey!”
“Can somebody get him, please?”
The table which has been buzzing with noise until now suddenly falls silent and everybody tries to look anywhere but in Sho’s direction.
“What? No! Come on, guys. I did it last time. I’m not going in there again!”
“Me neither! Last time he threw his alarm clock at me. I still have that bump at the back of my head.”
“Then let’s do JanKen!”
Nino gives an amused snort.
“Why bother? Riida’s gonna lose anyway.”
Ohno smiles his sheepish smile which doesn’t save him of course but he tries anyway.

One moment later it’s decided and Nino pushes him off his chair.
“Good luck, Captain!”
So Ohno shuffles off towards the elevator obediently accepting his fate.
He tries knocking on the door first even though he knows that’s not gonna work. Jun and waking up in the morning are an even worse combination than those chocolate-coated shrimps Aiba made them eat once.
He enters the still dark room tiptoeing towards the bed anxious to avoid too much noise that might wake the monster before he can prepare himself for its rage. He crawls onto the mattress thankful for once for being such a lightweight so his moves will go unnoticed.

But being here now it becomes hard to focus on the reason why he was sent here in the first place. Why not just stay here and watch Jun’s delicated features while he’s sleeping so peacefully probably caught up in a pleasant dream?
Ohno doesn’t care too much for their morning meetings himself anyway. Why not just sleep late and go off to work in the afternoon? Though Jun would be the first one to criticise such a working attitude. He isn’t such a “my pace” kinda guy after all.
Ohno smiles to himself while he carefully slides a strand of dark curly hair behind Jun’s ear and leans in closer.
He doesn’t quite know whether to be thankful or annoyed that he doesn’t get any kind of reaction but the others will be mad if he doesn’t succeed so he tries again.
More or less fearlessly he reaches out his hand again and starts gently rubbing Jun’s earlobe between his thumb and index finger. He knows that this is one of Jun’s sensitive spots though he can’t remember how he actually found out about it. But it’s a useful method to calm him down. Well... only if it’s not too late already and you can still manage to reach his ears without being punched in the face.
Ohno watches in awe as Jun’s lips part slightly and he breathes a little sigh in his sleep. Not too many people know that he’s actually a bit of a cuddly type. Mainly because his merciless wrath comes upon everyone who tries to spread the word.

Applying a little more pressure Ohno continues his massage. This is not so bad, is it? It’s actually pretty relaxing. Moving in a little closer he tries to get a sniff of Jun’s scent but stops dead when two dark eyes suddenly stare at him from up close. He can do nothing but stare back like a rabbit face to face with a hungry wolf.
“What are you doing?”
Should he run for it or just stay silent? Isn’t feigning death supposed to help when you’re being attacked by a wild bear?
Maybe it’ll just make things worse but he can’t help giving a bashful smile.
“Why are you touching my ear?”
Does he look mad? He’s frowning. Well, he does that a lot. Maybe he’s just thinking very hard. He doesn’t look sleepy at all. Shouldn’t he look sleepy after just waking up?
His mom always used to wake him with a cheerful “Rise and shine~” when he had to get up for school in the morning but Ohno doubts that he’ll live to see how this works with Jun.
He’s never been good with words and of course this kind of stress doesn’t particularly help much.

How long have they been staring at each other like that? Feels like forever. But postponing the unavoidable won’t save him either. So Ohno does the only thing he can think of right now. He reaches out and hugs Jun. Wrapping his arms around him he pulls him close until his dark curls tickle his nose and doesn’t let go because he’s scared that if he does he’ll get hit more easily.
For a moment neither of them says a word. It’s more of a suspence-packed silence though. 
Jun’s voice sounds rather muffled when he finally speaks.
“Your heart’s beating pretty fast. Are you scared of me?”
“Depends... Are you gonna hit me?”
There’s another moment of silence in which Jun probably ponders whether disciplining his leader right now is actually worth the energy this early in the morning.

The two arms that lazily wrap around his back a moment later don’t feel particulary violent though.
“Nah... maybe later. Let’s just stay like this for a while.”
The others will probably be mad if both of them are late for breakfast but at least he didn’t get hurt and cuddling up with Jun is a rare treat you don’t get everyday so Ohno accepts the situation and rests his chin on Jun’s soft hair.

Waking the beast isn't so bad... if you play by the rules.
such a nice story to accomodate my day today

He can do nothing but stare back like a rabbit face to face with a hungry wolf.
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