[One-shot] Confessions

Title: Confessions
Author: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Words: ~ 2400
Pairings: Nino/Aiba, Shun/Jun, Sho/Jun
Rating: PG?
A/N: Crack? Humor? I don't know but kokkaii is to blame! She wrote me adorable Matsumiya and requested Aimiya in return. I never wrote Aimiya before and am not sure about their dynamics. So if it's a fail... kokkaii is still to blame. XD

The screams are there before Nino even registers what happens. They are deafening. He bends backwards a little bit, because Aiba is close, not believing that the other really would... But he does. Aiba leans in, closes the distance and--

It is a mere brush of lips, but it is a brush of lips. Along with breaths, twinkling eyes and a sweaty hand on his wrist.

He pushes Aiba away under the constant high-pitched screams, calling him an idiot over and over again. A grin is plastered on his face but it's wavering at the edges.


For some time now Jun has this grin which Sho couldn't help but label idiotic. It grows wider the more Jun's mobile phone vibrates these days. Sho arches an eyebrow behind his netbook.

Five minutes later, he can hear Nino laughing loudly in the hallway along with someone else.
He walks through the door, behind him Oguri Shun with a grin frighteningly matching Jun's.


Sho glances to his addressed band mate who looks up, outwards mildly surprised, but Sho can sense the giddiness.

"I've come to get you~~"

Jun keeps a straight face and just holds out his hand demandingly.

Sho vaguely wonders what the hell is going on.

With three long strides Shun reaches Jun, grabs his hand and pulls him up in one fluid motion. It looks like a cheesy Hollywood scene if you ask Sho, when Jun ends up pressed against Shun.

Throwing an arm around Jun's waist, they walk through the door. The hand wanders lower and lower, and by the time they are almost through the door Sho clearly sees how it ends up in Jun's back pocket. A second later Jun squeals.



Nino lays awake on his bed, sweating and cursing.

"Shit, shit, shit."

That kiss was like a trigger or something. Since the past three days it's haunting him in his dreams (and develops so nicely there...) and following him in his daily life. He just has to look at Aiba and... butterflies.


He is about to fall for his band mate. And all in all it should be impossible. It is Aiba. So very straight Aiba who likes big boobs, dirty magazines and mapo tofu. But it is Aiba, all captivating with sunny smiles, breathy laughs, and curious idiocy. Maybe he should stretch the point of the idiocy just to convince himself that he just can't fall for his band mate, but Nino knows what draws him to Aiba. It is the willingness to jump into unknown situations without thinking (where, Nino supposes, the kiss came from), without caring how he might look or what others might think. It's that carefree attitude that Nino simply loves.

Of course also his body, the muscles, his posture is a huge plus too. Headlines titling him a sexual powerhouse don’t come from nowhere. It's just that the coverage is one sided. They only detected the women and were blind for the other side. Sure, he sleeps around, occasionally, he is a man for God's sake not an eunuch - he carefully avoided falling in love after Masami, though, knowing the outcome very well.

So, falling in love with Aiba came by surprise.



Sho is smart, he is actually aware of that. So that it would take him ten years to realize that he indeed and finally has fallen for Jun, shocks him, to say the least. It must have developing slowly that's hitting him like that now, nearly unprepared and raw. He knows the trigger though.

Maybe it is true; you only want something when you can't have it anymore. It is the first time that Jun openly (as for the members) dates a man, Oguri Shun that is, and he has that beaming smile which had been usually reserved for Sho in teenage days. Sho is simply jealous.
Because Jun is much more carefree, even more handsome (close to sparkling, really) and for the first time so certain of himself. That Oguri causes all that - how Sho hates it.

At first he is confused by Jun's more unguarded attitude towards him. Jun is all smiley and talkative and shows his admiration for Sho openly again. At first Sho enjoys it, praising Jun in return, jokes with him, laughs with him and it feels so nice. It feels perfect, actually, like a happy bubble or something. Then Sho despises it. Because the smiles dedicated to him soon shift towards Jun's ringing mobile or Oguri himself.

He grits his teeth more often, even feels stabbed when Jun turns down an invitation to dinner and there is this sinking feeling whenever Sho sees them together.

Sho is smart; he knows what these feelings mean.

He's in love with his band mate.

Is it love or like? Eleven years later if he asks himself his own question he knows the answer.


Lately, sharing showers with Aiba becomes something close to a test for Nino. Wet, heated, lean skin right next to him - definitely a test.

Do not touch, do not look, and do not touch.

It's like a mantra.

The momentarily blindness provided by soap and water in his face does help to not look at least.

He hears Aiba humming next to him and feels him shifting, maybe to reach out for more shampoo. Nino wants to swear because everything is all too intriguing.

He reaches out for the shower head and--


That is definitely not--

"Dearest God, AIBA!"

A yelp.

He storms out of the shower, soap bubbles flying of and behind him. He is almost slipping comically on the tiles. He curses.

"But Nino~~~ Masaki-Junior surely didn't mind~!"

Nino groans, Aiba has no idea!


"Do you have any solo tune you want to sing in the album The Scenery I'm Looking At?"

Jun beams and answers without missing a beat, "After all it's T.A.B.O.O."

Sho's ears perk up and he glances at Jun, with the decency not to blush but there is this proud feeling swelling and... butterflies. Dear God, no.

"After all it feels good. 'Can you feel this beats? It's like dat y'all Get down!'" Jun sings then to underline his passion for the song; low voice, seductive and all.

Sho may die right there and then. He chokes. Jun glances towards him, smirking. And for a moment it seems knowingly. And Sho thinks, Oh God, he knows, he knows, he knows. But he can't know. Jun is arching an eyebrow at him, smile still apparent.

"Maybe Matsumoto-kun should've chosen the solo, eh?" Sho manages to speak up jokingly.

Jun waves it off, laughing embarrassed.


"I like you."

Nino always was the straight forward type. If he has feelings for someone, he confesses. He sees no reason for staying quiet. Band mate, yes or no.

Aiba blinks.

"I like you too."

Nino groans and sighs frustrated.

"No! I like you. I..." He pauses shortly and looks at Aiba. "like you in a way which would favor Masaki-Junior."


Maybe that is a little too graphic because Aiba's eyes grow huge abruptly.


Nino nods, a little gravely but serious, maybe apologetic because Aiba looks rather unsettled.

"I am... You-... Uhm..."

Nino eyes him warily. So much for straight forward. He thought he could talk with Aiba about this, they know each other for almost two decades, they were something like best friends, but now he thinks he should have considered it more. He runs a hand through his hair while Aiba stares at him, chewing on his lower lip, his hand kneading his jeans pockets.

"Look," he began, making Aiba jump. He arches an eyebrow. "I just... I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I just wanted to... clear things, I guess?" He strains a smile. "Don't worry, nothing will..."

But he couldn't say it. Of course everything will change or has just changed, with three tiny words.

He shook his head. "Just don't worry."

He doesn't wait for Aiba's reply. Sometimes silence tells so much more.


"It's love."

Jun's head snaps up.

"... what?"

"I-... back then..."

Jun looks at him as if he's insane. But Sho can't go back now, he wonders for a split of a second why in hell he is speaking up anyway. However it's driving him mad, insane, crazy. He just has to.

"It's love," he repeats.

He can see how Jun gets it, gets what Sho means. His expression slips shortly, but before Sho can define into what, Jun's features get carefully controlled. He is staring at Sho for three more seconds. It seems like an eternity for Sho. Then, he leaves the green room without a word.

Sho smiles, humming 'Baby I'm a Fool' to himself in the now empty green room. He is indeed, a fool.


Nino is more wary after his 'confession'. He is careful about maintaining his relationship to Aiba in a usual way. He scolds him, he swats him, he laughs at him. But he can see that Aiba is terribly unsure and has trouble to face Nino.

So when Aiba asks for help with cooking the mapo tofu on Shiyagare, it is surprising, and the first approach ever since Nino's confession. Nino knows he shouldn't be too happy about it or see it as a sign, because it's simply the pressure of cooking Chinese with a time limit and during taping, but he can't help the smile.

He cuts the tofu and hands it to Aiba, their hands brush and Aiba looks at him, startled. Nino just smiles and continues to prepare the rice.

It turns out to be damn salty and Nino tries to ignore the upcoming thoughts about how people who use too much salt are in love while crunching his face in distaste more than necessary just to tease.

Aiba swats him, laughing and for a moment everything is alright again.

Later in the green room when it's just the two of them by miracle or coincidence and Nino is still complaining about the salty mapo tofu just to keep up the small talk while they're changing, Aiba suddenly speaks up.

"It was that kiss, right?" He asks.

Nino eyes him, a little taken aback.

"Yes..." He replies calmly, nonetheless.

"Hmm..." Aiba muses. "You know..." He begins, looking so earnestly into Nino's eyes that the butterflies are there again. "I was really, honestly shocked. I can't say that I've never thought about it but I was so unsure about it..."

And there the butterflies sink.

But then Aiba smirks, this lopsided grin of his where you know he's thinking about something dirty, and reaches out for Nino's neck, fingertips pressing into soft skin right below his hairline. "... Let me make sure, yeah?"


Jun is tense these days; his grin is a mere turning up of the corners of his mouth.

He is haughty and reserved and so unsure again. He snaps more often, his mobile phone is vibrating less often.

Sho doesn't dare to hope, just the thought the he caused it won't leave him alone.

He grabs Matsumoto before the TV Guide photo shoot.

"Matsumoto-kun," he begins. Jun eyes him sharply, his arm tense under Sho's grip like he's ready to run any second.

"Look, I'm sorry, I didn't--"

"Don't say you didn't mean it," Jun finally snaps furiously. "Don't!"

Sho jumps, suddenly angry himself, angry that Jun would doubt him on that when it took him so long to be sure and confess. "Of course I meant it," he snaps back. "I just..." He pauses. What did he want? Apologize? Reassure him? Tell him that he didn't expect anything from Jun?
But he doesn't have to decide on anything because Jun is grabbing him fiercely, crashing their lips together and at the beginning it's more teeth than anything else, but Sho is soon melting into the kiss and mewls (he can't believe himself) when Jun breaks it.

"You have the worst timing ever," Jun states, biting into his neck to make a point. Sho has to stifle a moan.

"Is that--uhm... a yes?" He dares to ask while Jun licks the mark.

"What do you think?" Jun asks and detaches himself, grinning.

Sho doesn't ask about Shun, Sho doesn't ask why. Sho can't stop smiling like an idiot for the whole day.


Ohno looks around him. Something is different but he can't place it.

Nino is gaming as usual while Aiba is butting in, poking Nino who swats his fingers away and places his head in Aiba's lap, squirming like a cat to find a comfortable position while Aiba talks something about skinship and open affection and everyone will notice, Kazu~ Nino calls him an idiot. The usual jokes.

Jun is sitting cross-legged on the two man sofa, skipping through some scripts, one arm on the backrest. Sho is sitting next to him, behind his huge newspaper which already takes up half of the sofa, nearly shielding Jun. Sometimes Ohno wonders how large these newspapers get. Suddenly there is a noise of crumpled newspaper and Sho shifts. Ohno can see how Jun smirks but just shrugs. The usual non-verbalness.

"How about dinner, everyone?" Jun asks out of the blue, not looking up from his script.

Ohno looks in the round.

"Naw~ I already have plans." Aiba says.

"Yeah," Nino yawns, shifting again, making Aiba squirm, like a brat he is. "Me too." It sounds smug.

"I wouldn't mind," comes from behind the newspaper. It sounds a little strangled and Ohno wonders for a second if the news is that bad.

"I'm fishing," he offers himself. His usual answer whenever someone asks. Actually they should know that he's rarely joining. But they keep asking anyway.

"Sho-san," Jun singsongs. It sounds a little like Nino's smugness. "I guess it’s just the two of us then. Too bad."

Sho coughs.
uwaa cute >< but I wonder what happen with Shun :p
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Shun... lives happily after? XD I don't know, but I think he's pretty much a carefree person and takes it as it comes?
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I actually found this line also so so amusing that I giggled whenever I read it XD - sometimes my mind comes up with something funny XD

Thank you for reading~
I really like the Aimiya development in here. Nino's denial at first. LOL.

And the Sakumoto killed me.
Eh? I'm glad you liked Aimiya, because I never wrote it before and was really unsure~

And Sakumoto... ♥

Thank you~

LOVE IT! I...I...I.... can't express enough just how much i do XD
there's sakumoto and Jun's feelings never fading despite having shun that the moment sho says those words, he falls again. And there's sho and his awesome newspaperXD

AND AIMIYA! <3 Usually i write Aiba being the first one to fall for the other, but conflicting Nino will always be the best! Ahh, that kiss and the shower scene and masaki-Junior... and don't worry, their relationship was conveyed perfectly <3

Your characterization is spot-on!

Aaah~ I'd gladly take the blame... It's all my fault you wrote this awesome fic ^^


That's been said...

I kind of have that image of Jun. You know, that his crush on Sho will never ever fade - even if a gorgeous guy like Shun comes his way (Though I really like Shun/Jun too because I think their days must be filled with lots of... crack. XD But also because Shun demonstrates scenarios with Jun as his girlfriend. And Jun removes fuzz from his jacket and all. They have a kind of... domestic feel?)
I just had to bring in the newspaper. XD

Since I just can't grasp Aiba - he has that stupid image but sometimes he grins in a way you just have to describe it as perverted and kind of hot - I wrote it from Nino's point of view.

I knew, knew, knew you would select that scene, and actually the whole story did develop from there. I've added the concert kiss later~

And again:

Thank you ♥
I love to read fanfics which over real events so I thought I should try it too, once.
I'm glad it worked~
Hahaha oh Sho. This was wonderful! Aimiya and Sakumoto WIN. I kind of want to know what Jun was doing to Sho behind the newspaper, though... :P Fantastic!
Laughs, I actually pictured Jun's actions so so well behind Sho's newspaper but since it was Ohno's point of view I couldn't describe it~

Thank you very much!
Awww just what I'm craving! The Sakumoto was lovely as always! And the Aimiya was adorable.
Thanks for sharing! <3
And I missed a Matsumiya? Need to read that ASAP!
Thank you very much! I was so nervous because of Aimiya.

Go~ Go~ Go~ I got an adorable fic! YAY~
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all happy and smiling~
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Aw and ohno in the end~ I kinda feel bad for him~ why is arashi a 5 member band xD; at least he has his hobbies xD guess he will be happy with this too x3
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(I love such things~ being detailed~ doing research etc~)
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