OhMiya &General Member-Ai

Title: Rebuilding on Belief
Author: zan
Type: Oneshot
Pairing(s): OhMiya and General Member-ai
Rating: G
Genre: Angst and possibly cheesy fluff
Word count: 2578
Disclaimer(s): Arashi are contracted to Johnny's, they belong to themselves and each other. Written for fun and the love of it and not for profit
Summary: *Headdesk in shame* Post scandal fic, I know I apologise.
A/N: This is here because ditch_gospel,flange5 both of whom I am grateful to for the beta as well as edit suggestions, & panthera_mort have more faith in me than I do.
Thanks also go to chokingsmoker for permission to refer to her fic! "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" and her wonderful friendship and to lockability for her encouragement always

Uh yes more A/N: A 10 word prompt

1. Tears
2. Pretty
3. Please
4. Mean
5. Stop
6. Absolutely
7. Silent
8. Laugh
9. Night

for 10 drabbles kind of turned into this... written for panthera_mort with much much love.

Rebuilding on Belief by zan

Nino has a beautiful face really. With the smile which so readily turns into a smirk of mischief no less endearing because of it. His eyes usually clear and bright and with almost liquid properties that make you feel like you are drowning in caramel, sticking you fast and deep. He has the uncanny ability to tear up, welling with emotion, real and acted out. The tears, not many can gainsay. Nino is beautiful, really, to Ohno and not just because he is a pretty face. Nino is altogether beautiful. A sum of parts not many are allowed to see, because Nino likes it that way and Ohno knows that however much Nino says that news does not affect him, that however much there is truth in there, it is not the whole of it.

Ohno knows this, because the little things that over time have become more than habit and ritual, more akin to breathing, gradually feel like a chore – not to Ohno, because they are a part of his psyche, but to Nino. That was how it looked to Ohno. Then, there are the tell tale signs around the eyes. Nino’s eyes light up for Sho and Aiba, and meet Jun with that glint ever ready with a snide remark to accompany it, but stonewall Ohno. The eyes still smile, the mouth still smiles, but there is no heart – empty gestures, which say nothing in spite of the words, but the touches remain because Nino cannot help it. To Nino touch is language, it is communication, and it is what he needs. To Ohno where they once say, “I’m glad you’re here,” or “Hey you, pay attention,” or just “you please me”. Now they ask “why?” Now it is a fearful “where do we go from here?” Now they are questions, doubt and uncertainty, “why did you not trust me enough to tell me?”

Really, Ohno really did want to tell Nino. He actually did know the story would break, and soon. When he did the filming for Maou the two days before the story broke, the tortured look he wore - where everyone so praised him for his acting skills in getting across anger and darkness in such a controlled manner - was not acting. Before the story broke he wondered how he was going to get all that across. Before the story broke, before the filming began for that day, he got an anonymous picture message. He was being baited and he did not have to wonder why now of all times. People were mean and small-minded and he refused to react. Still, he was angry about it and knew that the coming weeks were going to be tough ones, not least of all for him but oh … he did not now how to tell Nino. He should have, before the story broke, but he was caught up in work, they both were and Ohno never got round to telling him … before the story broke.

Then the story did break and there was fallout. There were a number of ‘talking to’ sessions, from the upper echelons of the Jimusho. There were a correspondingly great number of apologies, to the ‘higher ups’ as well as on television. Soon enough it all blew over but for a few days, Ohno was on tenterhooks, and taking advantage of his ‘spacey’ reputation, he used that as an excuse to create a little distance from the others. Surprisingly, though he had the most to be angry about, not least because of his film’s release - Jun was the pillar at Ohno’s back. Jun was a kind of wonderment to Ohno, because he held the band so close to his heart and would not stand by to let anything or anyone happen to it, from inside or outside. Jun made an interesting kind of silent and angry pillar. Ohno was grateful for it. “Satoshi,” Jun afforded him that much, curt and brief, with eyebrows disappearing underneath his bangs. The anger stretched and time loomed between them before the bubble burst, he gripped Ohno’s hands tightly, as if to say, “don’t let this ever happen again. I don’t want to know, I’m not interested.” That was that it seemed. Ohno was grateful and made a vow to never underestimate the depths of Jun’s friendship.

It is after one of these damage control meetings that Ohno proceeds to do what is polite. He apologizes to the only people, in his heart, that deserve an apology - the rest of Arashi. *He tries to but they will not hear of it, instead they tease him mercilessly and then they go out to eat. Really, is it that easy? That is not that, it seems. Though the piece of newspaper cutting lies forgotten on the floor of a lounging area, awaiting a cleaner to sweep it away, it is still there between the two of them. Something invisible but still tangible, Ohno is certain that if he reaches out to touch that grey area, tiny zaps of lightning - Nino lightning – will electrocute him. At least he can deal with that. He definitely prefers a concrete kind of punishment to the cold shoulder and the silent treatment.

Maybe Nino needs some time and some space, cliché as that sounds. After all, Nino is starting in a new drama, he himself is still busy with the Maou shooting, and collectively they still had their other projects together and perhaps being busy will help them both. Ohno sighs; there is no escaping it though. Ohno cannot stop missing Nino and that is the long and the short of it. Ohno can feel this ‘thing’ between them in the next few shoots they do together. An outsider might not notice, but Ohno feels the pain of it keenly. The others notice it too. Aiba does his best to keep things light and happy, Sho worries - but cannot let it prey on his mind too long because his trip to Beijing is coming up soon - and Jun bites on his lower lip, a lot. Everybody is tired and stressed and this shows. Ohno notices, because he is not the only one with dark circles under his eyes – the convenience store profits from a sudden increase in sales of eye-drop solution – and Jun packs extra ‘cooling gel masks’ in the fridge. It is also telling in their next few photo-shoots and Ohno wonders if any of their fans will notice it in the ‘Kaze no Mukou e’ PV.

Sure, they still smile for the cameras. They are professional enough to know how to even if they are breaking inside. Still, Ohno thinks the pictures of them altogether are absolutely beautiful. He loves each member for all the things that makes them Arashi. Ohno cannot help it and sighs again for the umpteenth time. Their shoot now is for Oricon Style to promote the release of their singles ‘Truth’ and ‘Kaze o Mukou e’.

Ohno knows Aiba notices the tension. Everyone does, but Aiba picks up things like a sixth sense. Ohno also knows the bond between Aiba and Nino goes as far back as their first days at the Jimusho. Ohno knows that Nino looks to Aiba for comfort when he is in pain, because Aiba is wonderful like that and because Nino does not want to burden Sho. It is not an obvious ‘looking for’. It is more in the slight brush of the hand on the arm, the leaning into his side for solid warmth and the general sad smile that only Aiba (and Ohno) can decipher. Ohno knows that Nino uses Aiba as a buffer and that is fine by him and he is glad that there is Aiba in his - no their world. Ohno knows it is only natural that Nino looks for his earliest friends and will allow Jun to be Riida’s support. This is the natural order of “when there are things between the ‘OhMiya’”. Ohno observes that Aiba is more perceptive than people gave him credit. Although Ohno fears that when Aiba notices, Aiba might take it upon himself to decide this is not a good thing at all. Ohno can see Aiba thinking about it and being silent. Uncharacteristically so, until of course Sho calls him up on it and whispers to Aiba that everything will be ok and that things will sort themselves out eventually, and to please smile because Sho does not want anyone else not happy as there is enough unhappiness already. The shoot is nearly over already, as dusk approaches. It feels like the longest day. Then the Oricon staff gives them a surprise.

Ohno smiles at Aiba’s enthusiasm because Aiba likes it a lot when people are nice to them. Ohno knows about Aiba’s belief that somewhere the God-of-Staffs-of-Super-Idols, decides that the boys are in need of a treat. A stretch limousine waits for them outside. Inside the luxurious car is dinner, dessert and drinks – Champagne no less. Aiba giggles. Sho smiles – because Aiba giggles made him smile and laugh. It is a law of the Universe. Jun is content because there is food and only Nino and Ohno are uncertain. They all lean against the car for one last picture. Ohno notes that Aiba is not exactly over the moon that Nino puts Sho between Riida and himself. Aiba harrumphs under his breath, even if Nino does not want Ohno for the moment, Aiba needs his time with Sho too, especially with the trip so imminent.

Sho is the first one to open the door and climb in. Before Nino can move, Aiba takes a stronghold of Jun and pushes him forcefully in after Sho. Jun is about to protest being manhandled when he catches a look from Aiba and decides to play along. Aiba talks and jokes with Nino and manoeuvres him unaware into the car next. He makes it look like he will climb in after him. He stops before entering the car and turns around to Ohno. Ohno balks, but Aiba speaks to him of being ‘respectful’ and how his mother will never let him live it down if he is rude to his elders and “would you get in the car already please Riida!”

Ohno finds himself face to face with Nino in an enclosed space, squashed between Jun and Aiba with nowhere to run or hide. It is going to be a long, long night. He swallows his hesitancy and smiles with what he hopes will go across as a neutral gesture. Nino returns it with a half-smile-half-itmightbeagrimace sort of an expression that Ohno is not sure, how to read, bows his head slightly and turns to Aiba. Jun claps his hands and announces that it is time to eat; “Hell yeah!” is Sho’s appreciative answer to that. There is food set up inside on the low pull out table. There is sushi, cold soba, deep fried soft shell crab, grilled scallops in their shells, onigiri with pickled plum on the side and all so beautifully represented. Along with the Champagne, there are little jugs of sake too.

An appreciative silence falls once the eating is underway. Ohno picks a little of everything to put on his dish, then with some yellow pickled plum on the end of his chopsticks he turns to offer it to Nino first before taking a bite himself. It is an unconscious thing. Nino watches him in silence, and Ohno feels pieces of himself fall away. His hands shake and the chopsticks waver. Ohno moves to put them down and maybe he will just take a drink because really he is so so very tired. They all are and maybe this is not such a good idea after all, although he appreciates what Aiba is trying to do and although the food is very good. Sighing again, he stops in mid-exhale. His hands, he cannot put them down. Nino. Nino holds him. Nino is holding onto his hands. Nino is holding onto his hands in that signature ‘death-grip’, which means a whole host of things that can give his brain a real run around – or just a play. Ohno’s heart is starting the slow build of his world again. Nino brings the hands with the chopsticks close to his mouth and accepts the morsel of pickle. He crunches on it and smiles, with his eyes bright even though the whites are tinged slightly red. Ohno’s world is suddenly the chewing of Nino’s mouth, the way his lips purse together when he is thinking hard about something, the way his nose flares a little as he breathes while chewing and all the while Ohno tries to read the signs.

“You know,” Nino surprises Ohno out of his observance. “I don’t even know why I am like this.” Ohno nods, as he does not understand either. He tilts his head to one side, grins wryly and thinks that at least makes two of them. He then grins a wider smile, well that at least makes the two of them, and the realisation makes him just a little bit more whole than he was three minutes ago.

“Ne Oh-chan,” Nino speaks again, softly. Ohno feels that maybe it is wrong that Nino sounds like the answers are in that name, his name. He could be wrong of course, but he is quite happy to accept that too. The leader of Arashi looks around at the rest of the band who either are pointedly ignoring any exchange that might be going on or really hungry and intent on their food.

“Ne Oh-chan,” Nino whispers close to Ohno’s ear. “Let’s eat before they finish all the food.” Ohno is not sure but he feels that maybe he might want to cry, but not in front of Jun, or Sho and Aiba might join him in tears. He just swallows, his Adam’s apple bobs and he nods.

“Maximum umai!” he manages to croak.

After they drink the Champagne, Aiba wonders aloud to the rest of them, “what next?” Jun, being who he is, says that the sensible thing is of course to go home. Ohno is surprised when Sho wants to check out the front seats and watches with amusement as Aiba climbs over the seats, ignoring Sho’s warnings about leaving footprints on the seats. Jun says something about needing fresh air, indicating the pack of cigarettes in his hand all the while mumbling to Ohno about wanting to keep an eye on those two idiots in the front.

Ohno releases the relief that he holds inside through dinner, leans back into the plush seat and closes his eyes. For the first time in eight days, he feels he can relax, breathe and not dance on eggshells. He feels Nino shift next to him and the warmth that Nino is settles over him. Their shoulders and elbows touch. Ohno smiles as the static from Nino’s sweater crackles, and wonders once again about Nino-lightning. At least this time there is no grey cloud. Nino’s fingers find Ohno’s fingers and lace them together.

Two days later, they have another shoot and interview. Ohno thinks the pictures of them altogether are absolutely beautiful. He loves each member for all the things that makes them Arashi and unless it is a choice made collectively, Ohno knows they are the only ones that can unmake Arashi. Ohno is happy and content with that.

(Word tells me I am at 2578 words of Arashi-ai)

Note*: *He tries to but they will not hear of it, instead they tease him mercilessly and then they go out to eat. – This refers to chokingsmoker’s fic, “Its Hard out Here for a Pimp”.

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You have some really, really beautiful wording scattered through, and it kind of makes my heart hurt.

Really good job!
KYA~ my heart skipped so many beats while reading this! great job with the pictures matching with the storyline<3
that was beautiful, and it was really unique using the pictures like that! I loved it! <3
You ... you super special person gets my Hakkai icon - a true gesture of love!!!! ^_^

Thank you so so much. I don't know if I CAN thank you enough ... *showers you in Arashi rainbow sparkle with a side helping of Sanzo snark!* - will that do??? ^__^

*loves you*

edit: because I obviously can't spell!

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I love the way you made use of the pictures to tell your story.. lovely work, nicely done. (:
Thank you ... and double thanks for the hints on tthe fake cut thing ... I really am useless with cuts and tags ...plus in my defence it was 4 am! ^__^

But thank you once again for the help, for reading and for the lovely comments. ^___^

I hope you have a good weekend.

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Really beautiful...great imagery and not just the pics! "dancing on eggshells" Only Ohno could...

Thanks for the fic!
Aaahh. So honoured that you stopped by to read and leave the lovely comments.

You're most welcome ... thank YOU!!!

*love &hearts&hugs*
Oh, that was just lovely! I could really feel the tension and then the relief through your writing. :)
*blushes* Oh thank you my dear. Thank you for reading and the lovely comment. ^__^
this is a precious precious thing tat made me feel so much better over what happened to ohno :)
I love the way you wrote this, and the way you incorporated the pictures was genius.

XD I approve. Like a lot. This was awesome.
OMG... YOUR ICON!!!!! Eeee! *insert fangirl squee*

also yes ... thank you , for reading and the lovely comment! ^__^
*hugglesquish* You ...are amazing too ... thank you for being encouraging ..always! Hee!!! *HUGSsssandHeartssss and LOVE!!!*
Ah, I'm so sorry, I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and properly read anything, but I'm glad you decided to post it! It is sweet and lovely and I loved how you incorporated all the details from real events...and the member-ai! The interaction between them is just spot on and such a joy to read (I do love to see the interplay between them fleshed out) ^__^ Thanks for writing this!

But of course, it is the OHMIYA~ Nino just can't stay too mad at Ohno for too long huh (though, who can? XD) It is just some kind of special. I am watching some bit of show that was probably filmed after the scandal broke and Nino is still comfortably all over Riida, and that warms the heart ^__^
Heeee!*hugs* - Keep well you!

Thank you for reading and I'm glad you think this is worthy of the boys!

*sigh* Who CAN stay mad at Riida for too long!!! ^______^ *more hugs and more love*

this was so beautiful and sweet in a quiet way. <3
for a serious post-scandal fic (something i wouldn't normally be all excited about) i really enjoyed this. well done! <3
Oh I am glad you came to give it a chance then.

Thank you so much for reading and the lovely comment. ^__^