AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 9 - Five
Authors: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 2108
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

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Chapter Eight

Hashima, 1971

Jun always spotted them easily in the audience of the end of term ceremony. Maybe it was because Masaki was always the last and squeezed his way through the rows towards his friends, waving excitedly towards Jun in process. But Jun liked to think he spotted them because of his instinct, because of their bound, as cheesy as it sounded (and sure as hell he wouldn't tell any of them).
Jun liked to play trombone, of course, but he also liked the smile it would bring on his friend’s faces.

Jun always played his trombone at the end of term ceremony. Jun, also, would always be found no five minutes after said ceremony ended on the rooftop of the large tower block in the south of the island, where Oh-chan had his little garden. His trombone case leaned against the fence while he went to pick the half ripe little tomatoes Oh-chan grew over the school term.
As he went to the fence again, he heard the door going and he knew it would be Nino, joining him at the fence, settling beside Jun. He placed an arm around Jun's shoulders as if to say 'We've made another year' but remained silent just starring lazily over the fence towards the very blue sea along with Jun.

Jun plopped a tomato here and then into his mouth, smiling at the sweet taste.

Soon Aiba dragged Sho onto the rooftop under cheering that they had holidays, and how awesome it was. Sho's complaints died down as soon as he settled on Jun's open side, nudging him a little when Aiba bounced behind him. Shouting "Holidays, Holidays, Holidays~!" over the fence, right into their ears which earned even more complaints from the others.

Under the noise, no one realized that Ohno had already joined them, smiling to himself when he saw the four dangling over the fence.
It was a sight he saw every year. This was their end of term ceremony.


Tokyo, Jimbocho, 1984

Masaki was going to kill him, Sho was sure. Within the next minutes, he would step through Sho's bureau door and would kill him.

Desperate times afford desperate measures; he thought and stared at the door of his office. He sat on the edge of his desk, tracing the edges of some papers as if to reassure himself before the upcoming event. While staring at the door he could see the dust flowing slowly in the streaming sunlight which shined through his half-closed shutters.

If Masaki wouldn't speak to him, Sho would make him do so. And at least he found an opportunity to make it happen. Masaki's mock exam results were bad enough that he could persuade the dean that Masaki needed to get private tutoring. It wasn't his fault, just circumstances that he had to take economics at all. So of course he would offer to tutor himself. He didn't want to lose any student in his first year of teaching. It was a matter of pride.
He recalled the proud nod of the dean and almost felt guilty for his ulterior motives.

Finally, he could hear running steps in the silent hallway. He wouldn't mistake the steps in his life. Neither at the harbor nor in the hallway. They seemed effortless everywhere they ran - and only carefree when running.
Then the steps grew louder and louder, the echo followed and then there was a shadow in front of his door, heaving a little, like bracing himself. Sho was doing the same, gripping the edge of his desk hard while he kept his look at the door.

The door opened after seconds, without a knock and in such a rush that several papers from Sho's desk rustled towards the floor, dust swirling along with it.


No Sho-chan, no Sakurai-sensei. Just Sho. Plain and terribly controlled.

Sho held his breath, the knuckles turning white from his hard grip.

"The dean?" Aiba asks furiously.

"I see you got my tutoring offer, I am glad," Sho answered, smiling purposefully lighthearted and watched how Aiba closed the door unwillingly - but certainly he wouldn't want to discuss this half in the hallway.

"I would have never thought-..."

"Desperate times afford desperate measures," Sho waved aside and voicing his earlier thoughts, shutting Aiba up. He had enough time to think this through. "If you are avoiding me like hell, and I don't even know why, I will have to make you to talk to me."

Maybe it was unfair. Surely it was unfair. Maybe he should let the other man be. But not after 10 years of separation, not after their childhood. Not after certain glances. After all, he had nothing to lose anymore, had he?

Aiba looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. Eyes huge, Sho could see that he was unsure.

"I don't want to meet you, Sho!"

"Why? Why is that! We were the best friends, Masaki, just what happened?"


"Don't tell me-..."

"I mean it!" Aiba pressed. "Nothing happened. I didn't reach my goals. I couldn't make it, even after such a long time, 10 years for god's sake and then you appear. Of course I-..." But before he could end this sentence, he caught himself. He watched Sho closely from top to bottom and Sho swallowed when the huge eyes turned narrow. "You have a career, Sho, you're a lecturer at your age and what am I? I am.... still a student who can't even grasp Adam Smith!"

Sho stared at him.

"We made a promise, didn't we?" Aiba almost choked and looked down to the floor, the whirled dust settled in an unhasty pace again. "In ten years, where do we see each other? We constantly wondered about that. And you, you fulfilled everything. And I couldn't, didn't want to face you before I make it."

There was a brief silence where Aiba seemed to realize what he just said and Sho came to understand where the problem was; though he couldn't believe that his friend was thinking that way.

"You are an idiot!" Sho finally said and Aiba flinched. Okay, maybe those were the wrong words to make Aiba understand.

"I don't care what you are, what goals you have reached, I just wanted... wanted..." You, all along. He wanted to say, but it sounded silly, even in his ears.

Then the phone rang and Sho glared at it bemused. Aiba jerked his look from Sho to the phone; it jolted him into reality again.

Sho hesitated, glancing at Aiba who didn't move. He grabbed for the speaker.

"Sakurai Sho."

In the corner of his eyes, he could see how Aiba was turning around, leaving again and he was about to simply panic at the fact, that at first he didn't realized the speaker’s words.

"Who?" He halted. "Oh-Oh-chan?" He could see how Aiba did the same, eyes wide.

"How are-... Jun is WHAT?" By now Aiba had completely turned around again, staring at him in disbelief.


Tokyo, 1984

"You told him to come, didn't you?" Nino asked the third time, checking his watch again.


"And Masaki was there too?"



"Coincidence..." Nino huffed and still had problems believing it. The fact that Sho was a lecturer. That Aiba was his student. It was almost comical. He also still couldn't believe that Ohno got a hang of Sho within the days to Jun's next concert and he wondered why he didn't contact him earlier if it was that easy.

Nino stared at the empty half lit stage.

They said they would come, that they would be five again.

Everything seemed to settle all at once, so suddenly that Nino felt nervous all over again.

The light already dimmed and there was still no sight of them and Nino just wanted to ask for a third time, already turning to Ohno when a hand landed on Ohno's shoulder, abruptly out from nowhere. Nino was so startled that he flinched while Ohno remained perfectly calm, glancing up.


Nino stared at the man who the hand belonged to while the man flashed a friendly, but surprised smile back, sitting down beside Ohno, knowing that right now was not the right moment, since the performers already claimed the stage under applause. Nino watched out for Jun but couldn't help and threw side glances towards his childhood friend, marveling at what had changed and what remained, wondering where Aiba was. He was supposed to come too, right?

He glanced towards Jun again; who equally squinted at the audience, stopping abruptly in his movement of arranging his notes. Though his eyes were not on Nino, but a figure who hurried along their row with several, "Excuse me, excuse me, really, I am sorry but. Ah, excuse me..." coming closer towards Nino, Ohno and Sho but not before halting again, staring at the big band and suddenly waving flutteringly.
Nino had a huge grin on his face by then. Some things just didn't change. He could see how Jun returned the wave in a small, disbelieving gesture.

The first beats resounded and Aiba hurried to settle next to Sho, but couldn’t help but lean forward to face Nino and Ohno curiously, waving excitedly.


Sho watched how Jun performed, incredibly pleased. He was so proud that the other fulfilled his dream. He glanced at Ohno beside him and could see Nino's small hands tapping along the beat on his thigh. He could feel Aiba on his right side and a content feeling spread through his veins. They were five again. He smiled when Jun finished his solo with a playful pitch and then there were fingertips on the back of his hand, feather light. Sho glanced towards Aiba again, watching his profile, his small smile while watching Jun. Maybe it was just the heat of the moment, maybe Aiba was as content as he was just for this moment because surely they didn't settle anything yet, nevertheless he turned his hand around and connected them in a swift motion, squeezing gently, and tapping with his other hand along the beat just like Nino.


It was the third time that Nino watched Jun perform.

Watching Jun had always been special.
From the window of his tiny room within the tower block. Notes flowing along the roar of the sea. Wind in his hair, posture straight and concentrated.
From the chair in their assembly hall with all the students at each end of the year. Jun playing alone on stage, almost hiding behind his trombone. A huge smile when he finished his piece and applause was his reward.
Watching Jun in the midst of a big band with a bigger audience around Nino. Jun on a proper stage with lightning, making his trombone shine and Jun even more. Nino was so proud when the audience applauded after his solo piece.

He loved watching Jun, but he loved watching Jun even more with his friends. For a tiny moment Hashima was back. Their bond was back in the way Aiba greeted them excitedly, in the way Sho smiled, in the way Ohno was just there.

Nino marveled the moment, knowing that it probably wouldn't last.


Aiba was still far away from being satisfied. He hadn't been sure if he should've gone to the concert watching Jun perform because it had meant that he would've to face once again his own failure. But the thought of Jun, Satoshi and Kazunari - he didn't see them in ages. They would be five again. Five. The childhood days appeared within reach. So he went.
It turned out to be the best decision Aiba realized once he saw Jun on stage, the feeling of pride swelling. The excitement growing and growing when he saw Ninomiya and Ohno.

The precious feeling when the five of them were together, easiness and familiarity. He reached for Sho's hand out of impulse and couldn't help but smile when Sho squeezed back.


Accomplished and complete.

Ohno leaned back, watching Jun, satisfied, feeling Nino's shoulder against his and Sho beside him, he glanced at his entwined hands with Aiba and smiled pleasantly.

Like a content, smug cat.

He knew they would gather again, one day. It hadn't been a matter of time for Ohno. Time wasn't an issue if you're sure of happenings and he had been sure of it. He had taken the chances as they appeared. It took ten years. Ten years, but he made it.

He made it - now it was just the question of what they would make out of it.

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