Title: The Right Way
Author: zan
Type: Oneshot
Pairing(s): MatsuOhMiya
Rating: R, more for implications than ... uh ... anything
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 849
Disclaimer(s): Arashi are contracted to Johnny's, they belong to themselves and each other. Written for fun and the love of it and not for profit
Summary: Nino and Jun have plans for Ohno as he tries to watch tv

Notes: This is for flange5 if not for her friendshippicspam you might never see this. You can either blame her or thank her and also blueandflawless and mrsatterthwaite who egged me to finish. The blame and/or thanks also can be directed to them.

This was inspired by Shukudai-kun 49, the one with the 'whip-lady'. I was going to put the screencaps of the episode here so it makes sense but i tried and failed. Apologies for that.

In that episode ... Jun looks far too interested and wistful at the whips n things and Ohno, looks far too obliging and eveready to 'get into' position. ^__^

The Right Way by zan

Ohno sat watching the TV. Rather he flicked channels with the remote without actually seeing the screen. This was how he sometimes relaxed. Mundane and menial and like many the world over. He was just an average Joe (or Sammi) flicking channels to switch off the world at large.

The other two were still in the kitchen washing up. That they both volunteered would have set alarm bells ringing in the minds of anyone else who knew them but Ohno was not anyone else. That there was far too much giggling, pointed looks between one and the other and when he looked at either of them in query all he got were mysterious smiles and shrugs. Of course, in anyone else they would have left, in a hurry, without looking back and bolted their door. Again, Ohno was not anyone else. He felt completely safe.

“Kyapten!” Nino’s voice cut through his idle wanderings. There seemed a kind of urgency to his voice. This was followed by loud whisperings and more giggles. Only now, but vaguely did Ohno think to wonder what was about to befall him.

“Satoshi” was Jun’s soft but insistent call.

He wondered what the rush was for and when he entered the living room, the lights he noticed had been dimmed. He could just about discern Nino’s and Jun’s silhouette against the kitchen light.

“What? Did a light bulb fuse?” He asked. “There are spares in one of the drawers around here someplace.” He headed for the drawers in question. He jumped a little in surprise when Nino’s breath blew hot against his ear.

“No we don’t need lights tonight,” and there was mischief in that voice as Nino grabbed hold of Ohno’s hand. Nino draws Ohno to him, plants kisses on each eyelid and whispers “close your eyes please.” He sounds needy and authoritative all at once. Ohno obliges as if this happens all the time, and tilts his head questioningly to one side as he feels something smooth slip and loop over his wrists. His hands tied firm but gently and his binding feels familiar. Ohno allows Nino to lead him to the middle of the floor.

“Satoshi?” Ohno almost forgets that Jun is there too.

“Aah … Jun?” Ohno asks questioningly. This is Jun and Nino and if it had been anyone else but Ohno maybe panic would have set in by now and maybe fear. A pair of warm large hands strokes down his neck then smooth their way down either side of his spine and rests on his waist. Is that static he feels against the thin well-worn baseball Tee he wears? With his eyes still obediently closed, those hands find their way round to his front and Jun hugs him close from the back, the black waves of hair tickle his ears as Jun rests his head on Ohno’s neck.

“How is it you feel so good to touch?” Jun mumbles into leader’s shoulders.

Nino still with his hands on Ohno’s bound hands crushes Ohno in between them to reach over Ohno and kisses Jun on the forehead.

“Ne … Jun none of that slushy stuff now,” he chides, not seriously at all. Ohno can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Mmm … Ok.” A little reluctant but Jun moves a little away and slides his arms from under Ohno’s. He cannot resist touching the finely shaped cheeks and unbidden Jun thinks of peaches – smooth with a barely discernible powder of fuzz, summer-fresh and sweet.

Nino casts an appreciative look over the pair in front of him. Ohno, eyes closed, with lips in a cross between a smile and a pout. Jun with half lidded almost sleepy eyes, bangs a little mussed up from breathing in leader’s scent and a happy smile. Nino fingers the silk yellow tie and grips Ohno’s hands maybe a touch possessively. He leans forward and touches foreheads with Ohno, touched noses and finally presses their lips together. Like when he was binding Kyapten’s hands, his actions are purposeful, firm but gentle.

“Jun-kun borrowed some things from the ‘whip-lady’ and hopes his technique meets with your approval,” Nino is pitchy and breathy at the same time and Ohno feels a thrill of something run through him to make his toes curl in his slippers. “I have to hold your hands and I hope you don’t mind ne Kyapten.”

Ohno has a different idea though. He pulls his still-bound hands from Nino’s grip and whooshes it up and over, using the other man’s close proximity to good advantage. With a cute little squeak, Nino finds himself chest to chest in a hug. Only then, does Ohno open his eyes, glittering bright in the dark, quietly smiling.

“Kazu, I’ll make sure he finds the right way for both of us.” Ohno says in a voice that sounds like he is near but is taking them faraway into the unknown. Ohno knows Jun is a perfectly delicious combination of DoS and sweetness and only one other person knows that better than Ohno and he is here with him too.

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XD Nishioka has influenced Arashi in ways she never imagined XDD poor Ohno he has two possesive DoS lovers XD
“Ne … Jun none of that slushy stuff now,” he chides, not seriously at all. Ohno can hear the smirk in his voice.
ahahah, oh lulz. you tell him, neeners. <3

Ohno says in a voice that sounds like he is near but is taking them faraway into the unknown.
hohoho, you so clever. :3

I liked your language.
these three make such an interesting group...
No worries ^^ I really liked it, im so happy to be getting back to reading again.

YAY for finaly having time!!
Ah, threesomes are nice...especially when they involve whips...hehehe...

Wow, I totally need to see this ep. Thanks!!!

Yes, thank you.

And this needs to be watched. Just for the Ohno factor and also to see Jun being fascinated and awed and wanting these weapons of pain and things.
You know I love you&hearts

And these three . . . are really sweet together. Which shouldn't work at all you know with the whips and etc., but it really does. And hee! Ohno actually snagging Nino in makes me happy. And then it got all gooey again ^_^

And I will refrain from reiterating all the awesomeness of this episode with all the pairing-switching going on, but . . . I now want to go back and watch it again.

Its called how to "write S&M implications without the smut but with fluff!" - a quote from mrsatterhwaite when he/she first read it. I think yes you need to watch it again because Jun is dorky over those whips like only he can be and Sho is relieved it is Ohno that was the 'victim' and O what a 'victim' he makes.

He really makes this episode. Ohno is Riida awesomeness.
...and I failz at this edit thing ... sorry... I love you too but you knew that!

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you know, I always hear that in S&M it's the bottom who has all the control . . . and with Ohno, I could totally see it . . . ^_^"

Ohno is complete win in that episode. And every time he's near anyone in that ep, it's totally shippable . . . *thinks back to the ShOhno bitter foods extravaganza*

"write S&M implications without the smut but with fluff!"

Bring the fluff!
*applauds* You've done it again! This is sweet and seductive and just right.

Whips, huh? ;)
It's cute and fluffy and hot!!
Really want a juntoshi XD
Now going to read the other one
I read this with perfect timing! I watched this episode earlier today. ^ - ^

I like these three together and you captured it well! Yay~. But I can't think of anything else to say that hasn't already been said. T-T

Oh well. Just know that this was cute and I <3 it. =P
Ahhh thank you for reading and commenting! It's always lovely to have comments.

I am pleased that you enjoyed reading too.