AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 7 - Seasick
Authors: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: PG
Words: 1931
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

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Chapter Seven - Seasick

Hashima Island, 1971

The five of them were so excited that they had the opportunity to go on a boat. Adults taking the time to bring kids along on a fishing tour wasn’t something usual.

Excitedly they would put on their sea vests, standing in a line and looking like a small waiting queue. Sho bound Masaki's, Satoshi bound Sho's, Nino bound Satoshi's and Jun bound Kazu's since he was the very first at the docks, ready with his vest waving and jumping. The ones who passed by would laugh at them, but they didn't mind, chatting happily and excitedly.

Finally they got on the boat and there were huge nets and a lot of them, the boys did not know how they should avoid tripping on them, jumping around in madness, squealing even more.

They settled at the very front, watching the waves dashing against the boat, laughing at the way the boat drifted up and down.

The fishermen, Nakai-san and Katsumi-san laughed at their behavior, but soon enough they invited them to watch how the fish was retrieved. Ohno and Aiba jumped up immediately, Jun and Sho followed, all smiles.

"Whoa, an octopus!!!!" Ohno cried excitedly and held the octopus in the air, they all turned around, amazed at Satoshi's loud voice - they had never seen him so excited in their life. "Amazing!" Aiba said and touched the tentacles. He giggled at the feeling of suction.

And while Sho and Jun discovered the crabs Ohno ran back to the front to show Kazu his find.

"A SEA BASS!" Masaki yelled. "Oh-chan, Oh-- where is he?"

Jun looked around and back to Aiba with the huge sea bass and an equally huge grin. He smiled, "I will go and get him; meanwhile, show it to Sho-chan!" He caught the horrified look of Sho-chan and smiled while searching for Satoshi.

When Jun reached the front, Satoshi was hugging Kazu who looked miserable, crouched down, sweaty and all pale.

"Kazu?" Jun ran up to him. Satoshi looked up. "He's seasick, it seems," he said while he patted Kazu's shoulders. Jun crouched down next to them worriedly.


He patted his head, but Nino shook it, effectively getting rid of Jun's touch.
Surprised Jun wanted to ask what's wrong, but--


Jun withdrew his hand, hugging his knees. "Will you be okay, Kazu?"

A curt nod.

Jun looked at Satoshi who just shrugged. Jun sighed, got up and joined an uneasy Sho and a laughing Aiba.

Hashima, 1974

Ohno couldn't watch this anymore. First Jun, then Aiba and now Sho-chan was packing. Most of the inhabitants had left already; there were maybe a couple of hundreds left. Lots of businesses closed down already. They were lucky to still have the small market running.

"So..." Ohno began. Sho turned around as he just removed his newspaper articles from the wall. "Where will you be going with your family?"

Sho sighed. "My family decided to try it in Tokyo. I could easily apply for Keio later and it is very likely that my father gets a job there. My mother is thrilled to leave the island."

"Do you want to..." Ohno hesitated. In the past he wouldn't have waited a glimpse to ask for Sho's contact address. But with the loss of Jun and Aiba, he wasn't sure anymore. Everything had changed. Nino turned into a hermit, Sho was studying like mad and...

"What is it Oh-chan?" Sho asked mildly.

"Do you want to leave your contact address?"

Sho smiled. "Of course, did you think I would leave without telling you?"

Ohno felt guilty. Of course he trusted his friend. Just the circumstances seemed to force his friends to make decisions beyond his understanding.


Yokohama, 1984

The sea was so black and soundless. It would have been creepy if Jun wasn't shoulder to shoulder with Ohno, huddled under a blanket with two mugs of herbal tea.

"This is kind of nice," Jun speaks up after a long silence.

"Isn't it?" Ohno chuckled.

"Yeah, besides the fishing thing. Seriously it smells, it is slimy and... I will never understand your hobby."

"You liked it when we were young." Ohno pouted. And really, he was a man of nearly thirty years. He shouldn't be allowed to pout (and look kind of adorable while doing it). "You played with Masaki, you remember?"

Taken aback by the fact at how sudden Ohno brought up their childhood, Jun remained silent for a moment.

"Yeah..." He just offered and sipped on his tea.

Jun sighed heavily.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course," trust Oh-chan to be ingenuous.

"What happened after I left the island?"

He could feel how Ohno glanced at him but Jun sternly looked in front of him, watching how the steam of his tea disappeared into the blackness of the night.

"We left the island as well," Ohno said with a shrug and without any accusation. "We all had to at some point."

"I see."

Ohno chuckled. It was an unusual knowing chuckle, like he knew Jun wouldn't dare to ask any further, maybe knowing that Jun thought it wasn't his place to ask in the first place.

"Kazu," Ohno spoke gently and Jun cringed at the tone. He always wondered what kind of relationship they had had and had obviously maintained. For one and all, it was one that made Jun jealous. They seemed close. Nino would show Ohno sides Jun wouldn't get to see. "was really sad. Not that he would've shown it. But...he was disappointed."

Jun grabbed his mug harder, the hot china burning into his fingertips.

"Aiba... I guess your departure and the fact that the whole island began to, you know, vanish," Ohno made a vague gesture with his hand, causing cold air to swap between their bodies. "He took it rather badly. He lost his appetite. You know he is the type who takes things to heart. In the end he left like you."

"I'm sorry," Jun whispered.

"After that Sho-chan packed his things, leaving for Tokyo. I got his contact address, but his family must have moved quickly. But I heard from him a lot. He has a name in economy society." Ohno continued like he didn't hear Jun.

"Kazu... left with his father for Hokkaido, eventually, when the market broke down; while I went along with my parents. We promised to call at least once a month." Ohno said thoughtful and smiled. "We made it."

"I see..." Jun whispered. There was that feeling again, that feeling close to jealousy.

"He was very surprised when you suddenly appeared in Furano."

"Believe me that feeling was mutual."

"But he was very happy."

Jun snorted. "I doubt that, he wouldn't even have come up to me."

Ohno nodded. "He doesn't trust-... Well, he doesn't know how to face you anymore, I guess."

That stung and Jun forced himself to take another sip of his tea. He didn't want to hear this from Ohno. Not when they did not see each other during all those years.

He chuckled a little mirthlessly and blew the steam into the cold air.

"At any rate, I'm happy to see you again, Oh-chan!" Jun nudged his shoulder with his own. "Just how did you make it to a business man?"

Ohno laughed and stood up. "What do you think about looking after Nino while I bring us back?"

Jun shot him a glance. Apparently Ohno wanted to have this topic solved.



"Kazu?" Jun ducked down into the cabin under deck, seeing a huddled figure on the improvised bed.

A groan.

"Are you all right?"

Another groan. "Who would have thought that Oh-chan is that cruel?" Nino's voice appeared very much strained.

Jun approached the ball of countless blankets and a human being, crouching down to Nino's line of view.

"I don't understand," Jun said, reaching out for the other’s forehead. It was hot and sweaty, he could feel Nino shiver. He looked miserable, just like years back. Eyes only half open, mouth in a grim line, face pale close to ash grey.

"He knows that I get seasick easily and still invites me on a boat trip - knowing fully well that I can't refuse-..." Nino stopped dead, cursed and hugged his knees tighter. Jun's eyes widened. What was Nino saying? Why couldn't he refuse? Jun traced Nino's temple in a gentle gesture. Why hadn't he refused to go on the boat if he knows the outcome? Was he-... But then the other added, "And you're the last person I want to see right now..." and that little, tiny spark or ridiculous hope vanished. Jun should have known it.

"Thank you," he responded sharply, snatching his hand from Nino's face, making the other flinch. "Then I will go and get Oh-chan." He would have never thought that he would pronounce the name of one of his closest friends in such a cold manner, but his feelings were boiling over.

He was just about to turn around when a damp hand on his wrist stopped him. "You are an idiot."

Jun halted, surprised.

The grip on his wrist loosened. "I've-... I've never wanted you to go..." Nino whispered.

Jun grabbed Nino's hand at those words and reached with his other hand for Nino's forehead again, cooling the damp skin with the back of his hand. Nino leaned into the touch and Jun's heart skipped a beat. He seemed so vulnerable, he never saw him like that before.

"I never wanted to leave." Jun admitted himself while he could feel Nino's breathing even out. He leaned in and kissed his forehead, pressing his lips at the others hairline.

"I'm sorry."


Tokyo, Jimbocho, 1984

Aiba sighed heavily while skipping through the books in the economy section in his favorite little shady bookstore right under his apartment. Adam Smith. Adam Smith. A-

"Ah!" Adam Smith. The free market economy.

He grabbed the flimsy book and skipped through it. Words like production, consumption and economic freedom caught his eyes. He sighed deeply. This was so.... boring. And he didn't really need this. It's not like he wanted to sell animals.
But he couldn't disappoint Sho - even more. He had done that a lot already.

In that term, he didn’t understand himself. It was like he couldn't control the situation whenever it involved Sho-chan. Half of the time he didn't even know what he was doing, or saying.

Everything took him by surprise; meeting Sho, for instance. He did the most stupid things when it came to Sho. Inviting him to his family's restaurant and saying he works there. It just seemed the appropriate answer that time. He didn't even think about the fact that Sho was indeed his lecturer soon.

Of course Sho was hurt, must be hurt. So Aiba decided that it might be the best to distance himself from the other, although they just found each other again. Although Aiba wanted nothing more than to be with Sho. He wanted his childhood days back. When Sho would buy him candy to get his attention, when they would play baseball and lose all the baseballs over the sea wall and Nino would be so mad.

He sighed again and went to the cash desk, squeezing himself through the narrow bookshelves.
He couldn't turn back time; he couldn't foresee all those events. Who would have thought that he would read Adam Smith's free market economy one day? He would get back to Toma for this.

(A/N: I hope this chapter explains the story a bit? Also, we have Ohno for real~)
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