AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 3 - Pace
Authors: satsumatsu 
Beta: [info]irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 2208
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Hashima, 1972

Playing trombone was something unique for Jun with his 15 years. Even at his age he realized that he needed to have a dream, a goal where he should work on in order not to fall behind. He would practice like mad surrounded with the uncountable antennas and he would prove his abilities in front of the huge tower block in the far north. The sea wall and the strong wind in his back he would play - and was sure some people would listen, would watch him.

Maybe Nino would pause his card games to look out of the window. Maybe Ohno would smile a small smile on his roof when a sound manages to float up there. Maybe Sho would look up from his homework. Maybe the ears of Aiba's little cat would perk up and it would jump out of his reach and he would follow her...

He would always be a little nervous even though every one knew him and would praise him for his play - they always did. And then, while playing and varying the pitch of his sound, he would wonder how nervous he would be in front of a complete foreign and bigger audience. The tingling butterflies in his stomach, how much would they increase? He wanted to experience it no matter what.

A little black cat came into his view accompanied by a cheerful "Jun-chan~" and he stopped his play. Aiba was running towards him and at one of those windows he could spot Nino lifting a hand to signal his approval. The butterflies in his stomach increased just slightly.

"Continue, continue!" Aiba waved enthusiastically and stopped beside him to watch the waves, eager to hear his play. Jun smiled and continued.

Jun always liked to prove himself. At some point he took lessons from Sho-chan in mathematics because he didn't want to lose to him. So they would sit several afternoons between Oh-chan's plants on the roof top buried under thick books, chewing on pencils with Oh-chan softly snoring beside them.

He would give his best in baseball. He really liked the game and although Masaki was easily to be distracted he was a great player so that they would play a lot and to some point of exhaustion.

Just school sports were different where you would think that Jun would give his best. But you would see him running his labs with Nino every time at the very end of the group, being the slowest of all. Jun would always start fast but soon he fell easily into step with Nino, perfectly matching his pace.

Nino always wondered about it. It didn't seem very logical. He knew Jun could do better but the boy would run with him every time. Telling him about various things, joking, smiling brightly. Nino on the other hand could have done better, maybe, but he wasn't very ambitious about it. Also he incredibly liked their pace. He liked the way Jun would explain him the newest mathematical formula Sho-chan taught him.

One day Nino could hear how the teacher scolded Jun about running with the slowest because he knew Jun could do better and asked him why he would slow down. Jun simply answered that he liked running with Nino.

Nino smiled at that.


Furano, Hokkaido, 1984

"I missed you too, Jun."

As soon as he had said those words he regretted them. He shell shocked in Jun's arms. He was in no place telling him this - it was just that he did not see the hug coming.
They separated and Nino looked up at Jun's confused expression.

He had not regretted to have done some research of a big band orchestra playing in Furano. He had not regretted buying the most expensive ticket which was still available. He had not regretted that this actually must have lead him to meet Jun, but he regretted his words!

He actually did not forgive the other that he had vanished ten years ago and he could not forgive him to act like nothing happened. Acting so nonchalant, so carefree - telling him, Nino, that he was glad to see him again like, like Jun did not leave the island over night without saying a word of good bye.

It was just that the hug, Jun's arms around him - the physical closeness - had made him forget.

He shoved Jun playfully to ease the awkward tension between them, asking him if he had a place to stay for the night.

"I'm staying at Shun's," Jun answered still a little taken aback by the recent happenings and confessions.

"Ah, Oguri Shun?" Nino asked a little disstressed now that a taxi stopped in front of him.


Nino opened the door and turned back to Jun, looking at him torn between going, inviting Jun over nonetheless and-...

"I-..." Jun started, biting his lips. "I have a day off tomorrow. You don't mind showing your old childhood friend around?" There was this nonchalant smile again which made Nino furious because it made Jun so so handsome and distant.

"Okay," Nino replied and they agreed to meet tomorrow in the morning in front of the entrance to the forest.

Jun saw Nino's car speed off and he relaxed visibly.
He had been so shocked this evening when he catched the sight of Ninomiya in the audience that he almost couldn't calm down for the second half of their performance.

At the beginning he thought this kid looked strangely like Kazunari, there in the second row. Then he caught his smile, his expression and his line of sight - he was starring at Jun and no one else.

It threw him years back. Like the sixteen year old Nino travelled in time to come to Hokkaido and see him play... It was surreal.

He finished his solo part with some worried glances of his co-musicians but he had no time to explain and hurried for the entrance to maybe catch another sight of Kazunari.

Then he had spotted him on the street.
Jun's mind had been racing.
Should he approach him? There was no doubt that Kazunari had seen him, but he had not approached him. But he couldn't miss this chance, could he?
How should he approach him? He had taken a deep breath and had called out for Kazunari nonchalantly because he couldn't think of any other way.

What had shocked him most, Jun contemplated while making his way to Shun's, was that Kazunari did not seem to have aged at all. His face was the same as the one ten years ago. He certainly looked sixteen but he moved like a thirty year old, shoulders slightly hunched, his steps slouching, while he had made his way to the taxi stands.

That it all would end in a spontaneous hug from his side and in the words "I missed you too, Jun" from Nino... He couldn't have seen that. He had thought that ten years were a long time to forget certain things but apparently it wasn't. He was taken aback, confused, so utterly confused...

So the next morning, sitting on a bench near the entrance of the Furano forest in the early sunlight, Jun couldn't help but feel edgy. Because of butterflies, hugs, Furano, Hashima memories, Kazunari.

He wondered if Nino would confront him about his leaving ten years ago and Jun wasn't sure how he would react to that. On the other hand after ten years, maybe he did not even hurt Nino as much, maybe.

Suddenly there was a shadow spreading over his figure on the bench and he looked up from starring at the colorful leaves to his feet to meet Nino's eyes.

"Kazunari," Jun stated, lamely. He worried his lower lip but settled in to a, he hoped, friendly smile.

"Morning," Nino greeted back with a smile, settling beside Jun. The deep shade of orange of his hoodie must have matched the dark red color of Jun's, he thought, like perfectly fitting in the autumn maple forest. He wrapped his black scarf tighter around his neck, almost suffocating himself without really noticing in his anxious state.

"So..." Nino started and startled Jun. "You want some coffee?" He asked and Jun could see his smile developing into a slight knowing smirk. He winked at Jun.

"Dear god, yes!" Jun answered and felt some tension vanishing.

They made their way up to the hut, walking slowly like nothing in this world would rush them. Jun admired the maple trees and Nino would chuckle and agree. It was almost frightening for Jun how easy they found their pace again. How easy they fell into step again. Most of his friends, for instance, would complain about his slow walking pace. They would say if he walks any slower he would stop in the middle of the way but with Nino he immediately fell into a nice slow pace. It was alarmingly peaceful.

The coffee Nino brew was as delicious as his father's. Jun, surprised that this was actually Nino's family cafe, had taken his time to grind the beans, asking Nino about the café, about coffee, about Hokkaido. He deliberately shoved the grinder back towards Nino who was standing behind the counter - looking out of place and right at the same time. After brewing the coffee Nino would shove a fine porcelain cup back towards Jun and would retreat from his position behind the counter, sitting next to Jun to join him for his coffee, telling stories about the characteristics of Hokkaido.

Without really agreeing to they continued their walk through the city of Furano. Nino would greet everyone on the street, bowing slightly or nodding with his head and it reminded Jun so much of Hashima where you had known everyone as well, that it almost hurt.

Jun wanted to see everything and anything, enjoying his time with Nino. It was like if he just visited any shop, any bar or any café he would get the ten years back and would get to know Nino's development. Furano indeed reminded him greatly of Hashima. It wasn't like Nino changed much - though whatever shop Jun wanted to visit Nino would somehow always open the door for him. At first Jun had been bemused then amused.

"Oh my god," he stated when they entered a little crepe shop. "Ninomiya Kazunari, you've become a gentleman!" He had shoved him playfully while Nino laughed. They ordered a banana choko cream crepe.

If Nino wouldn't know it any better I would have said that Jun was flirting with him throughout the day. The casual touches grew more in number and longer. They lingered, there were playful shoves, the "Nino, look, there" touches, the brush of shoulders.

They walked all day and Nino loved the feeling.
Jun was dragging him into shops and cafés when it should have been Nino to show Jun around. Jun seemed so excited, his eyes were bright and Nino could see some giddiness behind the handsome features, something which reminded him of the young Jun.

They would eat crepes, takoyaki and shoved ice. They would settle on benches in parks, of bus stations and the forest. They shared their fifth coffee of the day.

The pace they walked was nice and slow, too. Somehow walking with Jun had always been a pleasant thing anyway.

Nino found himself so simply attracted to Jun that he wasn't surprised anymore. It was just that - he stole a sidelong glance at Jun who currently bathed in the mid-autumn sunlight - he couldn't trust him.


Tokyo Bay, 1984

Sakurai Sho. Sakurai Sho. Sakurai Sho!

Aiba speed up his pace, running along the docks of Tokyo Bay his usual route. After a day of too much studying he still had too much energy left - something his friend Toma wouldn't understand. So he would run.

He always liked the smell of the sea it reminded him of his childhood. He also loved it how certain things were the same each day. He would pass an old fish boat with an already white haired man working on his nets. He would pass this vending machine where he always got himself an iced green lemon tea after his usual run. And then the business guy would appear, walking slowly along the docks always two newspaper under his arm. He would always pass him and when he made his way back he would have vanished like a fata morgana.
Aiba liked constants.

Today, though, his thoughts were completely immersed with the thought of Sakurai Sho lecturing him. He had no doubt that it was his Sho-chan. He completely missed the fisher boat and the vending machine. He also completely missed the business guy, and how the guy stopped and turned and Aiba crashed into him.

Aiba scrambled up from the guy, apologizing countlessly while his knees hurt so much that he didn't even realized the missing reaction from the guy.


Aiba blinked and focused the first time on the guy still splayed across the concrete soil. Huge eyes fixed on him.

"Aiba Masaki?"

Aiba stilled and squinted and his heart skipped a beat the second time that day - though so much harder.


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This is a very intriguing story. I really like the gaps in it so far, like as a reader I know something happened, but not what, and especially with Jun and Nino... I really got that feeling when Nino said he was totally attracted to Jun but that he couldn't trust him. It's sort of sad really, but apparently Jun knows he deserves it.

And I'm glad Sho and Aiba finally met. Sho was sort of trying, but he was being too passive, and Aiba was just being an airhead. XD I wonder what will happen with them next? And if Ohno's going to come back? He's not paired with anyone, but he still seems to be playing a central part in the story.
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I have the plot for this one in mind so I can 'play' with the bits I let the reader know. It's interesting and fun~ I like the MatsuMiya relationship because of that and the uncertainty hanging in the air.

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