[One-shot] Rain, Rain, Rain

Title: Rain, Rain, Rain
Author: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33  (Thank you very much~)
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun / Aiba Masaki
Words: 1787
Disclaimer: Not mine~
A/N: Second place / Junbaday contest! (My very first contest and second place! Thank you!!!) Thought I should share it here too?

Getting phone calls late at night wasn't unusual for Jun. It was the only time where he had time. Getting a phone call from Aiba late at night, on the contrary, was strange. They rarely phoned since they saw each other quite often anyway. So, Jun arched an eyebrow when he saw the name of his band mate displayed on his mobile phone screen.

Jun muted his TV and now silent moving figures highlighted his dark lit room, casting shadows now and then, lightening the room in irregular phases.

He picked up the call, silencing the instrumental version of truth.

"I love rain."

Those words greeted him when he pressed the speaker to his ear. They sounded pleased, eager, and a little melancholic at the same time.

Instinctively, Jun cast a glance out of his window and could spot rain droplets on the glass here and there, highlighted by the obscure light in his room.

"You do," Jun said not quite asking, not quite stating. He wondered why Aiba would call him in the middle of the night to tell him that he loves rain and suppressed the urge to snap at him to go to sleep. Right now he felt too comfortable to do so - on his white couch, under his favorite blanket and glass of red wine next to him on his coffee table.
Now that Aiba had mentioned it, he could hear how the rain was hitting his window softly. There was also a sound of rustling at the other end of the line. He stretched out to grab his wine and sipped on it, patiently waiting for Aiba to continue.

"Ne, Matsujun, isn't it amazing that the most awesome songs are about rain? Like... Like Kazuyoshi Saito's Rain, Rain, Rain. Or Yoko Kanno's Rain. Even X-Japan had-..."


"Or take Walking in the rain." Aiba continued pronouncing the title in a funny, - Aiba-ish - English that made Jun smile a little. "I really want to walk in the rain right now..." Aiba muses and silences again.

"Aiba-..." Jun tried again.

"It rained on our tour too." Aiba spoke up again as though he did not hear Jun. "On your birthday even! That was awesome. Rain is awesome."

Jun gazed out of the window again. The rain had gotten harder.

He heard Aiba sighing.

"The sound of rain is nice, too..."

There was that voice again. Adust, longing, distressed. A sound you won’t hear often from Aiba if you work with him. In private, Aiba had his moments, like now, when something was bothering him. Though Jun did not like the thought that something was bothering Aiba, he was rather glad that he would show Jun this side too. It meant trust, didn't it?

"Masaki..." He said softly.

"It's raining right now, you know?"

"I know..."

There was silence again. Jun stared at the silent figures running in his television screen, then at his half emptied wine glass.

"Masaki, do you want to come over?"

Jun could practically hear the smile over the phone, when Aiba said after a short pause:

"... Matsujun is so nice!" - and that was all he wanted.

Jun smiled as well and stretched on his couch.

"Then I will bring takoyaki, too!"

"Tako-..." But Aiba already hung up.

Sometimes Jun wondered why he had to put up with his totally random band mate. Then again he wouldn't want it any other way. He also wondered where the hell Aiba wanted to get takoyaki at this hour.


By the time he could hear Aiba knocking at his door, he had stopped his movie entirely, had switched off his television and his small lamp on the ground on, which lit his room in a warm, fuzzy light.

He opened his door and was greeted by a sunshine smile and a cheerful “Yo~”. Aiba waved indeed with a takoyaki box. His hair was slightly wet at the tips, his jacket covered with a light sheen of raindrops, not quite drenched yet.

“You really did walk in the rain, didn’t you?” Jun scolded him and Aiba just shrugged, stepped in, and took off his shoes and wet jacket while Jun already went to fetch a towel.

“I did not want to take the car, besides it was inviting,” Aiba stated when he plopped down on Jun's couch, Jun already behind him, towelling his hair.

At his comment, Jun rubbed Aiba’s head a little harder than necessary, ignoring the muffled “Ow~ Matsujun!”.


They shared the takoyaki between theater play conversations and Aiba's teasing about how Jun would weep in public at his play. Jun would whack him every time Aiba brought it up again.

Aiba laughed, Aiba smiled, but Jun could not put his finger on it – something was wrong with it. The whole situation. The phone call. The way Aiba smiled.

Jun could distinguish fake cheerfulness and Aiba Masaki cheerfulness. Something was bothering the other and he didn't seem to know how to bring it up.

Jun sighed and set his chopsticks down.

“Masaki, what’s wrong?”

Aiba's smile faded, now looking obviously troubled at him, torn between thoughts Jun could not read at all. He shortly glanced towards the window before looking contemplative at Jun again.

“Let’s walk in the rain!” He said abruptly, and Jun was perplexed for a moment. He could see the rain pouring down outside.


“Oh, come on Matsujun, you need to do foolish things once in a while.”

“No, I do foolish things all the time with you guys to the point that I wonder if I am still sane, so there is no need to-…”

Then he could see Aiba's crestfallen look on his face and he did not know if the other did it on purpose because he knew Jun was so so weak to this expression or if he really…
Just what was wrong? It was not the first time Jun would refuse.

“Okay... okay.”

Aiba beamed.

“But if we fall sick, I'll make you drink that healthy tea again.”

His weak threat was totally lost under Aiba’s cheering.


The roads were glistening from the rain, the street lights reflected on the solid ground while Aiba dragged Jun along by the hand. Running, fast, faster, too fast for Jun who wanted to complain that this had nothing to do with walking, but he couldn't bring himself to because he ran along with Aiba, and running with Aiba made Jun feel strangely free.

The front of his clothes were completely soaked by now, and there was water in his shoes, squishing with each stride. The rain was hitting his face, almost blinding him, but when Aiba looked back over his shoulder, smiling widely, it maybe was one of the most beautiful things Jun had seen so far.

They ran above the pavement which changed into grass when they reached the nearby park and all too soon, into mud. Jun wheezed, Aiba laughed.

As soon as Jun realized that they were practically sinking into the soft ground it was already too late and he slipped, jerking Aiba with him due to his grip on Jun's hand. Aiba landed heavy on him, making all the air out of Jun's lungs disappear. Jun groaned, feeling the cold wet soil beneath him, his clothes now fully soaked and ruined.

"Masaki..." He muffled painfully when Aiba moved on top of him, letting out a breathy giggle. "You're crazy."

Aiba laughed and rolled from Jun, lying down beside him, his shoulder pressed against Jun's and offered just a small, careless "Maybe". His hand searching for Jun's.

Here they lie, Jun thought, on muddy ground, rain pouring down on them and they did not think about getting up just yet. Bathing in absurdity or, literally, in mud.

Jun couldn't help but chuckle, his thumb stroking Aiba's cold, wet skin.

"You're aware of the fact that we're freezing to death in wet dirt, right?" Jun asked.

"… Mud baths are good for your skin, Jun. You have to see the positive things." Aiba said lazily.

Jun was amazed how Aiba did it. Every time.


They made their way back at Aiba's first sneeze.


“You never hug me back on television,” Aiba mumbled against Jun's neck, now warm and cozy under several blankets on Jun's couch, with Jun's arm around his shoulder. They watched the stored Arashi shows since none of them felt the urge to sleep after their Walk In The Rain. The statement sounded observing, plainly so, if there wasn't a hint of accusation.

Jun looked at him surprised and watched his screen self and Aiba; how he attempted a hug and he himself did nothing to return it. Maybe that's what Aiba bothered lately. Guiltily he bit his lower lip and squeezed Aiba’s shoulder.

“People would get the wrong idea, Masaki,” he eventually defended himself, not able to look at Aiba, watching the screen intently without actually seeing anything.

“Though it’s the right idea?”

Jun turned astonished at him. There was a small knowing smile but his eyes were serious and questioning.

“Yes,” he admitted slowly.


The next morning Aiba found Jun in the kitchen, preparing breakfast – obviously still too tired since his movements were slow and his hair was still in this bed hair mess Aiba adored since it was a rare treat.

Aiba smiled and slid behind him while Jun brew fresh coffee, he dug his chin into Jun’s shoulder and loosely hugged him. His hands traced the hem of Jun's sweatpants, barely slipping beneath it and touching warm skin. He chuckled at the small startle of Jun’s body and the tired, tired huff.

“Making breakfast so early in the morning?” Aiba asked watching Jun’s hands as they poured the coffee in two mugs. He could not hide his happiness that Jun was actually making him breakfast though his one and only weakness seemed to be getting up in the morning.

Jun just ‘Hmm’ed, apparently still too groggy for a proper conversation.

“Don’t you need to leave later than I do?” Aiba continued, displaying a rare confident, teasing tone in his voice. "I could've just stopped by a random konbini..."

Jun stopped amid, setting the mugs down again, turning in the lose embrace.

“For never hugging you back on television.” He explained softly, maybe embarrassed, placing a chaste kiss on Aiba’s lips, who was surprised for a second, but he changed into a bright smile all too soon.


He hugged Jun and let out a small content sigh when he felt Jun's hands on his shoulder blades.
awwww..... jun is so sweet :) i love it! :) i love his last line :) thank you! for this :)
even though i usually hate rain, you made me believe that it can be beautiful~
it's such a cute story! <3
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You made my heart flutter in all the right ways. This is so sweet. There are only a few JunBa fics I can read, and this is one of them. :D I love it!
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I really loved it ;___; It was so...warm and cute ;o;"

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