Hashima Memories [Chapter 1] Hide and Seek

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 1 - Hide and Seek
Authors: [info]satsumatsu 
Beta: [info]irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 1462
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

( Prologue )

Chapter 1 - Hide and Seek

Hashima Island, 1972

Playing hide and seek was far cheaper than baseball, Nino observed, since his friends had the habit to lose the baseballs on a high account and he really did not want to ask his parents for a new one every week; beside the fact that it took ages to actually get new ones from the main island.

However hide and seek could get pretty boring on a 480 x 160 meter big island, Nino figured, when he wandered around to search for his friends. Well, it got pretty boring since you could simply ask everyone who crosses your way where Aiba was right now. Despite the fact that his friends did not get more creative with each game so he could count the hiding places on both of his hands.

For instance he knew where Jun would hide. It was always the same place and Nino asked himself if the other did it on purpose or if he just did not like the game very much.

He trotted to the border far in the south where he would find a break to slip between. There was even a small, very small ledge; a former dock which remained after the sixth accumulation of the island. It was a place where Sho for instance wouldn't even go near in thousand years. Consequently it was the perfect hide out if Sho was the seeker.

Even from afar he already could see strands of black hair waving in the wind, just slightly above the sea wall and fingertips pressing against the concrete for little support. He could already picture Jun standing there, gazing at the shore, the waves clashing at the wall.

"Got ya," he said when he was in reach and grabbed for the hand. Jun flinched and for a split of a second he seemed to lose his footing. But Nino caught his hand over the border and jerked him back towards the wall. "As always." He added as he saw Jun panting harshly and glaring at him, wind lashing his hair into his face.

"Trying to kill me?"

"Every time." Nino laughed and helped him back through the hole. Not letting go of Jun's hand just yet while the other furiously tried to get his hair out of his face.

"What about the others?"

Nino hummed, swinging their hands back and forth while they walked back to the buildings. "Still need to collect them." He paused for a moment and looked up to the roofs. "How about we collect Oh-chan first? He should be with his plants again, probably sleeping."

Jun shock his head but let out a small laugh. "Probably..."

He looked at their entwined hands.

Nino would always collect him first; Ohno would always sleep when they will find him on the roof garden between seasonings and tomatoes. Aiba was actually the only one who would chose a different hiding place but since he was constantly hushing his cat or tried to catch it in order not to get caught - he was getting caught pretty easily.

Nino idly wondered if they were the only kids where hide and seek could become a routine and where this routine would be as pleasant as it was.


Furano, Hokkaido, 1984

"I can't believe I finally got you to visit me in my hometown~"

Jun laughed. "Well, I was quite busy with our tour and since we have a concert scheduled in Furano..."

Shun stopped on the street in mocked shock.

"So it was just out of convenience?" He asked theatrically. Jun grinned and bowed his head playfully.

"You were definitely on my mind first." He assured while re-shouldering his trombone case.

"Well, in that case I will treat you to some really good coffee. You can grind it yourself. It's like... super fresh!"

"And now I know why you were on my mind first!" Jun beamed.

Shun laughed at that.

"Well, it's a win-win-situation. You, as a coffee addict, get good coffee and I can show off with my orchestra playing friend in front of Ninomiya-san. You know in small towns like this-..."


Jun cringed. Could it be? No way... These trains of thoughts were always in Jun's mind when the name Ninomiya came up. Within the years he learned that Ninomiya was an awful frequent name and it never once connected to the name Kazunari.


It must have been more than ten years. He wondered... He wondered how they all are doing.


He jerked out of his thoughts. "Yes?"

Shun laughed and nudged him.

"You really do need some coffee, eh? Let's go~"

They drove into a forest. Colorful leaves twirling around as they made their way up to the little cafe with "a really awesome view, you'll see, Jun!" Seeing those huge old trees passing by Jun had no doubt that the view would be breath taking.

They parked the car and made their way up to the hut Jun was already able to see.

"Hokkaido in fall is really beautiful!" He stated, pausing to pick up a red colored maple leaf.

"It is," even Shun seemed to mellow down at the sight. Jun smiled.

"Lucky," he hummed and continued his way up to the hut, glad to be able to come to Hokkaido at this time of the year due to his job.

He took the first wooden steps which led to the café and saw the small sign "Forest Clock" with a tiny scribbled "Ninomiya's" under it. Against his better knowledge his heart started to beat faster.

Nino collected the last pieces of wood from the big heap in the back yard to heat the oven in the café. He would need to rush to practice soon. He sighed while making his way back, the wood heavy in his arms. His encounter with Jun was still on his mind and he wondered if it was the simple wish he wanted to see his friend again which was making him see things or if it actually had been Jun. He walked through the masses of colored maple leaves, causing them to rustle and twirl and though usually it soothes him today it made him edgy.

He made his way through the entrance of his family’s café, placing the wood inside of the oven and closing it deliberately. He could hear his father chatting with his costumers, explaining the art of brewing coffee while doing so.

"This coffee is really delicious!" He could hear a voice stating as he stood up slowly - it had an odd familiar nasal pitch.

He turned around the corner to walk to the counter in order to give his father a notice that he would leave now and just wanted to raise his voice when he saw him.

There was Jun. Jun sitting at his father’s counter, in front of a hot cup of coffee. Jun with a pleasant, excited smile on his face while examining one of his father’s grinders.


And just like the day before Nino froze in place, completely lost. His mind was empty and full of thoughts, full of questions simultaneously.


He saw Jun taking a sip of coffee, sighing at the taste, smiling - not the toothy smile Nino remembered so clearly but a handsome, grown up smile. He couldn't take it.
As if it was a reflex, Nino hid behind the wall again, trembling slightly. He waited, waited for so long, he wondered, he had asked, he had longed but right now it turned out that he wasn't ready.


Tokyo, Jimbocho, 1984

Aiba jogged through the crowded streets of Jimbocho, squeezing himself through the streets of students and books, books everywhere you would look.
He forgot his papers for the lecture, again! He really should try not to get too distracted by Neko-chan, he thought absentmindedly while stepping into his small apartment to fetch his papers. Well, he would fetch them if he could actually find them. He cursed, searching through drawers where he was sure he wouldn't find them but he couldn't be sure, could he?

Papers, papers, papers. He really should clean sometime. Some animal drawings he had made when he was a child appeared within the countless notes. Neko-chan mewled somewhere in the background. Suddenly he stilled. Between his notes and the animal drawings there was one single newspaper article. An old one, the paper was already yellowish and it crumbled easily in his hands.

'Keio University ranked...'


Aiba wondered if Sho ever got to go to his favorite university. At the same time he was sure of it.

Sho. Sho-chan. It's been a long time, he thinks - before he snaps out of his daze and curses again. He will be sooo late!

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