AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: Prologue
Authorsarashic0804  & satsumatsu 
Betabokunosubete  & irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 617
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

Hashima Island, 1968

The little black cat made its way onto the sea wall, apparently unafraid of the height and the waves dashing at the shoreline. The small silver bell around her neck jingled with every smooth movement.


The ears perked up and it jumped from the border, running along the long concrete tower block.

It looked around the edge and was greeted by a sunny smile and spread arms.


Happily a boy picked the cat up and ran back towards his friends.

"You could really name her already!" One boy with an impatient voice and a baseball cap shadowing his face said while tapping his baseball bat on the hard ground.

"But it's so difficult to choose one," the boy whined, though the smile never left his face.

"Geez, Aiba," another boy squatting behind the one with the bat objected. "Do you want to play or not?"

"Ah, sorry Jun-chan! I'm coming!" Aiba waved and ran towards the sea wall where two other boys sat at the side of the improvised play field. One was dozing in the late afternoon sun, the other one idly reading a newspaper, his figure hunched over it.

"Oh-chan, can you take care of her?" Masaki dropped the small cat in the boy's lap and aimed for his position again.

Oh-chan huffed lightly when the cat jumped from his stomach to his friend’s lap beside him.

"Neko-chan favors you, Sho-chan," Oh-chan yawned lightly and Sho laughed at the slightly pouting voice while stroking the cat pleasantly. From the corner of his eyes he could see the baseball flying far, too far, disappearing behind the border into the sea.



Beside him, Oh-chan let out a giggly snore.


Furano, Hokkaido, 1984

When Nino recognized him he stopped mid-walk, abruptly and paralyzed. He couldn't believe his eyes. Those features. The man came walking towards him in long, carefree steps, carrying a huge trombone case while apparently talking to his friend beside him in an ambitious manner. There was a pretty smile on his face while he gesticulated emphatically, shaking his head as he passed Nino.

Nino couldn't help but follow the man with his eyes, turning around as he did so, watching him walking further away and shoving his companion playfully in process.

It was one of those moments when you would see everything in slow motion. Nino stood there, lost on the side way, other people passed by.



Tokyo Bay, 1984

‘It is a really hot summer day,’ Sho thought bitterly when he loosened his tie as he walked alone heading to the pier. It had become a habit of his to get some fresh air, spending his time at the pier of the Tokyo Bay after tiring himself at work .

Though he was deep in thought, he never missed the running shoes coming from behind. For a reason he couldn’t fathom, Sho knew why there was another reason he was there every evening at the exact same time, walking at the same lane. It was for one purpose. Every time he recognized the running shoes at heart and he would definitely perk up more than usual. The sound of the running shoes were getting nearer and nearer and when Sho thought it was the right moment, he turned around and came across a younger guy in sports attire running, passing by without a glance.

Sho looked at the guy disappointedly, when yet another attempt to make himself recognizable to the guy failed. He continued to watch as the lanky black hair guy ran further and further until he disappeared from Sho’s view.

“I wonder if that is really the Masaki that I’ve missed all these years…” love how you subtlely placed the au cm environment into the setting...nicely done.
I really like the setting. First the island and then we took the set up from the AU KDDI CM~

I'm glad you like it~
What an interesting AU. I really like the idea. (And trombone-playing Jun! Yay!)
Can't wait to read more! :)
Thank you very much!
I so loved the AU KDDI CMs back then that I wanted to include it somehow~
Ah, so Shi-chan's going to write this fic with you! xD

I'm sorry I couldn't do it, goodluck to you both! :)
Even as the beta, I'm looking forward to what's in store ;P
Laughs, it seems you (sakur)Aiba-fans know each other pretty well. When I told her that you are my beta she was like 'Oh, it's Lily <3'

Thank you very much - btw, I'll send you the first chapter today~
Ah a discovery!
Saaa~ What an interesting fic.

I look forward how you two will evolve this plot.

Please update soon~
Re: Ah a discovery!
Ah, thank you very much!

I hope we won't disappoint you~
First chapter should be up soon~
I really like this prologue, and about Hashima island!! Very, very interesting! I'll definitely read on!