OhMiya fic dump.... of sorts

Category: Real person slash.
Title : 1) Healing Hand (...because I have a fixation with hands specifically Ohno's hand)
2) Pillow
3) Milk
Author : 1) First three paragraphs by panthera_mort and finished by zan
2) & 3) Word prompt provided by mort and written by zan
Rating : PG 13 for implications more than anything.
Warnings: Sadly none. I'm so so sorry for that.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone mentioned here. They are on contract to Johnny's and most likely TBS ect. None of this happened that I know of except of course in my head. No offense meant to any parties. Written not for money but for love. ^__^

A/N : Written for mort, because she is lovely. All mistakes are mine. I do apologise.

Healing Hand by zan and mort

“Damn!” that hurt. Nino winced in pain. It was not as if he had not done that move before. It was not the normal cartwheel or somersault, more a combination of the two with a sort of half twist. Even so, it was not new to him, but his concentration was off anyway and that damned yellow scarf-or cardigan-type whatever-it-was thing he wore did not help. Not at all, even though he tied it round his waist for that particular move. He simply mistimed his landing and the twist came off a little wrong, which wrenched the muscles a little. “Damn!” Indeed.

Nino walked into their dressing room. As usual, Sho was reading a newspaper (or three) whilst drinking his coffee. Jun and Ohno was playing his Wii. Looking at Jun’s red-rimmed eyes, Nino guessed that they were on it all that morning.

Nino rubbed his wrist absentmindedly; a way to get rid of the pain as he stared at the TV screen. Ohno’s trained eyes flickered in his direction. Nino stopped himself from wincing. He did not want Ohno to know he was in pain. He did not want Ohno to see his weakness.

Now, hours later and their day over, in the quiet of the apartment, the dinner dishes sit in the sink waiting for Ohno, Nino or the morning.

Nino leans back and relaxes into the couch. His wrist still hurt, the muscle around the middle of his forearm is tender and he cannot even fist his palm. It rests limp, loosely open at his side. He shut his eyes in an effort to will the pain away. He can hear Ohno puttering about in the kitchen, humming away a nameless tune. He let his senses float away on the sound to an ocean of calm. Before he realizes it, he is dozing already.

He does not know how long he has been adrift like this but he wakes to a darkened room and there is fingers stroking at his cheeks. A thumb follows the line of his brows and down his nose, gently skimming his lips. The couch dips to his left and Ohno is climbing into his lap facing him. Nino moves on instinct to protect his sore hand, but Ohno pre-empts his move.

“Hush,” Ohno silences Nino and stops his movement by speaking softly into his mouth kissing him gently. Ohno places a warmed up gel pack over the area. As their noses touch, Nino smiles and knows that he cannot fool Ohno.

Ohno does not move too much so the pack will not fall from its perch, but continues with the gentle tracing of Nino’s face with his lips, speaking softly.

“Next time,” kiss, kiss, “don’t try to be,” nibble, nibble, “a Hero.” Nino is now floating away now on breathlessness.

“Uhn … hmmm… m’kay” is all Nino can manage.

Ohno slides the pack – not warm enough any more – off his forearm. He sits back and takes a tube from his pocket, with a slight kink in it from the press of being between two bodies. As he unscrews the top off, Nino can smell the mentholatum and the eucalyptus oils in the ointment. Ohno squeezes a little dot on a finger then replaces the cap. Straddling Nino on his lap Ohno turns his body so he can reach Nino’s hand. Gingerly Ohno touches the dot on a spot on Nino’s wrist.

Nino buries his head in Ohno’s shoulder and bites down on a collarbone, teeth scraping the skin.

Ohno ignores the nerves that tingle and the feeling that lances through him from just that one point of contact. He steels himself and continues with his ministrations. Ohno pushes a little more firmly and spreads the dot into a thin film over Nino’s skin in widening circles using just that one finger.

“Hnnngggrk.” Nino moans, head rolling into a tilt and breathes out hot against hot against Ohno’s neck.

The finger stops its motion and lifts off. The skin absorbs the oils and the heat eases the ache but the cool burns on the skin and stings, causing Nino’s eyes to tear a little.

Ohno pets the hand full of sore but somewhat soothed. He looks down, and in the shadows of the dim room, he notices the glisten and shine of the younger man’s eyes.

“Hush,” Ohno with his thumb again closes each eye in turn, and with the fullness of his soft lips kisses each eye in turn.

“Hush,” and Ohno climbs off and takes Nino by his good hand and leads him to the bedroom, slippers padding almost silent across the floor as if loathe to break the silence of the dark and their breathing.

Once through the door, Nino clutches at Ohno’s hand and refuses to let go. He uses Ohno to lend him strength and pushes against his body to shut the door. They stand there breathing, leaning, entwining fingers and Nino’s other hand limp to one side.

“C’mon you,” Ohno whispers into his friend’s hair, “off to bed with you.”

“Mhmmm, yes,” is the reply in a murmur. “To bed with you.”


Word Prompts because mort needed something to go to sleep by

Pillow by zan

When Ohno's head hits the pillow, he wants to dream really. Sleep and dream. However, He smiles, and knows he does not always, because Nino is real and breathing. Warm and flushed, skin to skin. ...and that is better than any dream he can possibly have.

Milk by zan

Nino rummages through the fridge. Muttering and mumbling to himself. "I know I have it here somewhere."
"What are you looking for?"
"Milk." He states. Nino stands up and huffs at Ohno.
"I wanted some for breakfast," Nino continues.
"Ahh, gomen ne...You mean this milk that was in this carton?" Ohno waves the empty carton at him, guilty as charged even without the faint milk moustache as evidence.
His eyes crinkle and his lips pout.
"See I made that strawberry thing that you made for the desk calendar" Ohno hands over as offering in a tall sundae glass.
"See I even put whipped cream and a garnished it with a slice of strawberry and. ... His eyes smile, “look an umbrella," he says.
Nino takes the glass from Ohno licks the top of the cream savours a little of it on his tongue but not all.
He puts the glass on the counter top..., wraps himself close to Ohno, and cups his face in for a kiss...
They both taste the cream and Ohno thinks that Nino and whipped cream is actually quite nice...and Nino...
Nino thinks that Ohno and whipped cream is quite tantalising.
He sighs. This is what days off are meant for. They cling and kiss, breakfast and milk quite forgotten.
I love it, the first one was so amazing. Beautiful imagery! Well written!
Now this is the ohmiya fanfic i've been looking for. this definately satisfies me. It was so beautiful and sweet. I loved it. Write more like these please. (^_^)
I'm glad you loved reading it. ^__^

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Mmmm, nice. I especially like the last one, with the food imagery and everything quite...delicious ^_^ Ohno and Nino are just so good for fluff.

On another note, did you know the seed you planted all those months ago finally, suddenly took root? I am quite enamoured with Arashi recently, indeed, and those Ohmiya videos you showed me played a part, for sure. :D
Oh ...oh my ...Hello!! *massive hugs* you came ... you came to read my little OhMiya fic!!! Aww That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

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You did it again, dear Zan! I'm talking about your talent of writing very sensual scenes, whilst not getting explicit. The first is my favourite, and you know, I can totally tell that Ohno is your favourite, just the way you write him. ;)

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Yes this is called an excercise in 'not porn'. I love your comments because you are too kind.

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