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Title: My Leader My Captain
Author: zan
Rating: NC17 - Just to be safe (for men in showers together), Sad to disappoint but there is no real smut in here!

Disclaimer: I don't own these lads, they own each other, written for the sheer love of them and not for profit. ^__^ And as far as I know this only happened in my mind and not real and should never be taken as such ok!

A/N : This is the last of the lot. For the moment anyway. I do apologise for the heavy spammage. ^__^ Thank you for asking and having me over.

Notes: One of my fic comms, springkink Gives out anonymous promts to be claimed and fulfilled on a certain date. This time round I felt more inspired to write Arashi fic for the prompts I picked. So the deal was for every prompt I wrote I would treat myself by writing a corresponding ARASHI prompt. ^__^ I decided to combine the last two prompts together.

SPringkink prompt Feb 7
- Saiyuki Gaiden, Tenpou/Kenren: heat - "uniform, what uniform?"
Feb 22
- Saiyuki Gaiden, Tenpou/Kenren/Goujun: Love triangle that ends in a sexy threesome - I do not care which two are a couple

I was innitially afraid of posting, but I was assured that it wasn't too bad and so I decided to give it a go. Nevertheless I am prepared to catch the flying veggies! I can always make soup! ^__^

Dedication lots!: for Locky who is awesome, always kind and very encouraging!
To K, whom I need to hold my hand and tell me that it really IS ok to post!
For panthera_mort who said "Ohno could slash and splash paint in my brain" whenever. ... and lastly
To patient and indulging Hubby who suffers my fangirling activities Happy 11th anniversary and thank you for my children, they're blessedly beautiful! - 27 March 2008

Sorry for the long ramble. Indulge me ok!

I hope at least one person enjoys it!

My Captain, My Leader by Zan

Ohno is dreaming again. He knows he is dreaming because the evening sunset is far too vivid for it to be anything other than a walk in the world between awake and asleep. The crimson bleeds into the water in an odd ethereal reflection. He looks down on the soft earth by the riverbank; he can see fresh footprints and feels the need to follow. After walking briskly for a few moments he catches sight of the shoes making the scuffmarks. They tease the edge of his vision. He dare not look up, a little afraid that he might wake before he makes the dream real. He speeds up a little and becomes breathless. He wonders why because, he knows he can sing and dance faster than this without a hitch in his breathing. His martial arts training and all those hours put into practicing those rhythmical moves make him faster than the normal eye can follow. At last it looks like he might be gaining ground, he feels the sweat collect upon his brow and he reaches out to grab the fingers he can just see peeking out from the sleeves of a familiar coat. It is a red and black chequered pattern with yellow thread running through the edges of the squares. The fingers tighten in response and interlace with his.

Beautiful as the sunset of his dream is with the sun dancing sparkles off the water, the hand he holds now is more so. The owner actually does not think highly of his own hands. However, to Ohno they are beautiful. Ohno shivers and wonders why he is cold when he is perspiring and finding it hard to breathe.


Oh a whim, Nino decided to check in on Ohno. Nino spoke to Aiba earlier because he had given Leader a lift home.

“Did he seem okay to you?” Nino had asked.
“He seemed a little far away. But … but Leader is like that ne?” Aiba paused a while as if thinking.
“What? Was there something else?”
“Well you know how he’s the first to get changed and ready to leave for home?”
“Yes – and?” Nino could barely keep his impatience in check.
“He hadn’t changed but was fine to go as he was.”

Nino growled his frustration. That was no help at all, but he did not want to lay blame at anyone’s door, especially not Aiba. The day had dragged out for Nino. Maybe it was nothing and Captain was not answering his cell because he was engrossed in a new piece of art or something. Once Nino finished his day’s work, he drove over to Ohno’s place. He gave a perfunctory knock before letting himself in with his own key.

“Captain!” There was no reply. “Oh-chan!” Nino called out again louder.

Nino’s heart lurched when he saw Ohno slumped on his side on the couch, still dressed in the uniform outfit from the morning’s photo-shoot. Nino breathed a sigh of relief. That was it. Ohno was just tired and probably fell asleep before he could change.

The younger man decided to help his beloved captain out of his clothes when he panicked again. Ohno was warm, too warm and Nino noticed that although sweat beaded on his brow Ohno was trembling with little shivers. Trying to manoeuvre a near-comatose Ohno by himself was impossible. Ohno was like dead weight. Nino had to call for help. However, who could he call? He mentally chided himself for even having to think about it. Jun. He called Jun.

“Look, Nino, I’ve had a really long day and I just want to go home, change and sleep ok!” Jun’s exasperation hissed at him over the phone.
“Captain is sick and I can’t move him on my own,” Nino pleaded. “I really could use your help. Ohno needs you.”
“I’ll be there in five.” Phrased like that Jun had no choice really.

Nino could not help a little smirk at the phone after Jun hung up on him.

The sun settles lower on the horizon and Ohno has to squint against the brightness, causing his eyes to tear a little. The crimson sun now washes the sky with a blush of lilac and lavender. A hand wipes away the wet upon his cheek and brow. Ohno scrunches his nose and wrinkles form upon his forehead. He smells the rain as it starts to drizzle and the humidity rises. It starts to pour down in earnest. He begins to have a vague notion that maybe he might catch a cold standing in this rain.

Surprisingly, it is warm and soothing. The fingers gently pry themselves away and Ohno for a moment feels lost. It is just that. A mere moment and there is a hand in the middle of his back, gently kneading the tiredness out of his muscles. His rising panic subsides. Perhaps there are two - he is not sure, because there is another pair of hands and they are gently stroking his face, his cheeks and running them through his hair. The warmth feels good and he relaxes all over. Ohno realises he is not shivering anymore and that the rain gives way to rainbows in his dream.

In his dream, now he can move on to sleep.


Nino sighed as he surveyed the sleeping pair. It had been easy enough with the two of them working together in synch, as they divested Ohno of his clothes and moved into the shower. Once in there, Nino held Ohno as Jun massaged the unconscious back and shoulders. Then it was Jun’s turn to hold Ohno still as Nino reached up to wash that soft, spiky hair. He stroked his hands gently over the creased forehead, the tanned cheeks and could not resist a little nibble and suck of a tantalising collarbone. He stilled himself and resisted the urge to give into the rush of want he felt. It was then, he noticed Jun watching him through half-closed eyes. He returned the look with a smile and was pleased to see a Jun’s cheeks colour a little. Maybe he was daring Jun – teasing him a little. It came as no surprise to feel Captain pushed on to him a little forcefully, as Jun pressed against them both to nibble a little on Ohno’s neck. The skin-to-skin contact, slicked by the soapy water with Ohno snug against him was an indescribable feeling. With Ohno’s head on his shoulder, Nino was certain he heard a purr. He caught Jun’s gaze with an eyebrow slightly raised, with a self-satisfied smile. O if only Captain was not sick. He grudgingly nipped things in the bud and Jun took his lead on that. For Nino’s part, he was not sure what to make of the relief on Jun’s face.

Nino found them towels and robes and they managed to get Ohno into some soft jersey sweatpants and a tee shirt. Jun, sensible as always, changed into a spare change of clothes he always seemed to have. Nino simply borrowed Ohno’s clothes to get into. Jun was not kidding when he said he was tired. By the time, Nino was ready for bed, Jun was already crashed out on Ohno’s bed, with Ohno using Jun’s outstretched arm for a pillow. Jun had a beatific smile on his face and Ohno looked peaceful. Although he was still a little warm, Ohno at least was not feverish anymore.

Nino tucked Ohno’s arm to his side, pulled the covers up over Jun, over Ohno, climbed in to nestle against Ohno and pulled the covers lastly over him-self.

“You’re really here. You’re real.” Ohno mumbled into Nino’s mass of tangles.
“Yes I am,” Nino whispered back and wondered at the dreams Ohno had. Ohno could slash and splash paint in his brain anytime he wanted.
“Jun, are you here too?” Ohno asked as wonderment filled his sleepy voice.
“Shh,” Jun silenced his beloved leader with a gentle squeeze at the elbow. “Shh, go back to sleep.” Jun and Nino did not see eye-to-eye on many things, but where Ohno was concerned they set aside their differences.

(1 360 words of MatsuJunLeader/OhMiya love!)

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Cute! I'm starting to really become a Jun/Ohno follower, although I feel bad for Nino because I'll always be an Ohmiya fan over all else. :)

I like how you added both pairings into this fic and made them work. It makes me happy. ^^
OhMiya=OTP always and ever too for me, but this was for the challenge, a threesome. And I dithered between Sho and Jun, but Jun's crushing on RIida tickles me pink and he's a perfect foil to Nino.

I am happy you think it works. Thank you for the comment. :D

You have my dear, I posted it firs on jentfics...but I was asked by someone to share them over here it is... I hope you didn't mind reading it twice over. ^__^

Thank you for still liking it!
This is pure love

The dream world was so living, so randomly Ohnoish, and I loved how it was vaguely connected to the reality (like Ohno himself).

Ohmiya might be practically married, but Jun's crush of Riida is an even bigger part of him then his DoS personality. That part may lead to disputes between Jun and Nino, but it's much better when they tag-team to make Oh-chan's life enjoyable because everyone knows they'll be happy if Riida is happy.
Thank you ... for the lovely comments and stopping by to say so! ^_^

Jun's crushing on Ohno is phenomenal and very sweet!