Title: Out at Sea
Author: zan
Rating: PG - for man-cuddles
Notes:From taccho’s lj: From ‘Duet’ magazine April 2008, Arashi interview.

Q: What about your favorite time slot in the span of a day?
Ninomiya: About 4 in the morning. Because it’s when the day begins. But, for me that’s when the day ends. That gap is good.”

[Also it was revealed on Music Station that Ohno goes fishing from 11pm while 4 the next morning]

Disclaimer: I don't own these lads, they own each other, written for the sheer love of them and not for profit. ^__^

Dedication: for Locky who is awesome, always kind and very encouraging!


Out at Sea by Zan

At first Nino thought it was good for Ohno that he had a new hobby. Something other than the art, doing plays, the singing and dancing even. It got him out in the fresh air, he stopped calling Nino at ‘ass o’clock’ in the morning, it was something that got him out of Nino’s hair – almost quite literally - when they needed space from each other. However, this was now bordering on ridiculous. Nino refused to say the things that would made him sound whiny. It was different when he wanted to do it to get a rise out of Jun, wheedle a little more time out of Sho and to counter Aiba’s equally effective own brand of needy. He would not, could not even – perhaps - use it when it mattered because then it would lay bare how he still felt insecurities about this thing that had no name. Perhaps it was because it did not have a name. It was fine if Ohno wanted to go fishing from eleven at night until four the next morning, when they had to be in the studio at ten later on. To Nino this was just abnormal behaviour and in his mind quite unacceptable.

Nino huffed to himself for the nth time. Well, because nobody was there to hear him of course. He was alone. His breathing, his curses, his right thumb hurting because he dragged it over the cross of the game controller harder than he should, were all his and between him and self - alone. It was unacceptable but he could not bring himself to say anything, because on the other hand it would be unacceptable in his mind because he was being selfish wanting more time with Ohno. Anyone could – or would – argue that they worked enough together, spent enough time together on various other ARASHI projects and shows that surely, Ninomiya could not really begrudge Ohno taking time out away from it all – literally – to go fishing.


It was more than just having the wind in his hair and the sun on his face. He would not deny though those made up part of the joy of fishing. It was that ‘alone in the world’ feeling that he loved. In his ‘normal’ world, where there was always someone at his elbow, steering and directing. Ohno grasped these moments fleeting as they were, much like the changing sea. He appreciated the passage of time, by the tonal change in the blue-grey-green of the waves that somehow reminded him of Aiba. The sun would sparkle then bounce off the waves on a bright day. The sky would turn from indigo-and-violet, to lavender and lilac, to a gorgeous mix of crimson, pinks and purples and definitely something Jun would love as a coat. How the coastal waters would interest Sho only if he could report on water quality, dwindling fish-stocks and its repercussions on the community. Ohno found he smiled at these kinds of thoughts. They were good to have, in a sense he was alone yes but he had friends he knew odd things about. When he looked up at the night sky, so far away from the urban light pollution, it was midnight-black sprinkled with stars like so much diamond dust. Whether or not the rest of the world shared them with him was immaterial. Inasmuch as whether he brought any thing home to cook mattered only to him. The passage of time was always swift and his favourite acknowledgement of time was that it was time to go back ashore. It would be nearly four when he arrived.


Just around the corner from his sub-conscious as he slept, Nino thought he heard noises in the kitchen, or perhaps it was the bathroom. Maybe he dreamed it. The covers slid of him and he felt the brush of cold air. He clutched at the sheets to prevent them falling further away. They were cold these winter nights with the promise of snow at dawn, still some hours away yet. He wanted to pull the blankets up to his chin and bury himself in the warmth, but a hand touched his, stroked the back of it before interlacing their fingers together. Nino gripped those fingers in response, pulled it up to his nose, together with the sheets and breathed in deeply. As if by doing so, he could retain the very essence of that person in his mind and map it into his memory.

“You’re cold,” Nino complained drowsily.
“You’re blessedly warm,” was the soft reply.

Nino loved the scent of the moisture and humidity when it started to rain. He loved the scent the very earth and plants gave off when the water hit the ground. He loved the coolness of the rain chasing away the heat of summer. This was a new smell. He supposed he did not want to nor did he need to gripe about missing-out on ‘alone’ time. A soft little cold nose buried in his neck with lips blowing breath, warm against it. A forehead bumped the back of Nino’s head and he turned to sniff at the ruff of hair, which smelt of sea breeze and sun mingled with that just-washed shampoo scent. With fingers of one hand still entwined, Nino wrapped a free arm round Ohno and sighed.

He could whine at Jun about Captain’s late night fishing expeditions, wheedle at Sho about more time and be needy around Aiba because he could, and they would all laugh together because Ohno going fishing made everybody happy, in their own brand of chain-reaction.



934 words of OhMiya/Arashi Love.

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i know i've read it... maybe i've commented elsewhere?
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you write the details so well i can imagine the cold air and the smell of the sea.
I can also almost feel ohno's cold nose at my neck.
zan! amazing!

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I'm glad you love it.

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