Title: Special Training
Author/Artist: zan
Rating:Sadly, G
category/summary: one shot/fluff
Word count: 378
Disclaimer: This is a piece of fiction, not written for profit, but from and for sheer love of the boys.

Springkink prompt for Feb 6
Originally for Saiyuki "Petit Burial"; Gojyo/Hakkai: Sparring as a turn-on - "From today on its SPECIAL TRAINING, right!”

A/N: The above spawned this below. I apologise I couldn't help it. Nino did not want to play and only wanted to watch. ^_~ . Only an observational piece So don't get too mad ok!

Dedication: This is for locky, who says nice things about my writing and me! I apologise it isn't more. *hugs*

Special Training by Zan

So he was told, ordered to more like, to teach the rest of them to dance. He was uncertain as to how good an idea that was. He was no teacher really. For him dance was an instinctive thing. He heard the music, let his pulse pick up the rhythm and let his body go with the flow.

Well the good thing was the others knew how to dance, although personally, he was not sure about the styles and at least one of them knew gymnastics. Knowing stuff like that generally meant a certain level of flexibility so that was a plus – he supposed.

“Ohno,” Ninomiya squeezed his shoulder. “Earth to Ohno, come in Leader.”

“Ah, oh … okay” he looked at the other. Ninomiya was the one who knew gymnastics. Ohno looked around the studio in surprise.

“Where are the others?”

“Ah … well, they’ve all got prior appointments which they couldn’t cancel. So,” Ninomiya looked a little sheepish, “it’s only me I’m afraid.”


“Don’t tell me.” Ohno looked at Ninomiya “They had appointments they couldn’t cancel.”

“Well, Aiba wanted to be there when they got the stitches out of the cat he helped with the surgery. Both Jun and Sho have shoots today,” Ninomiya counted off his hand.

“Don’t. Don’t look at me like that ok.” Nino risked a sideways glance at their captain. “Well it isn’t like we don’t know the steps and the moves.”

“Hmm,” Ohno sighed, “I suppose. We could do with a bit more practice together though.”

“Well why don’t you just practice your solo then?” Nino suggested helpfully with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t want you to feel that you’ve wasted your time.” Ohno said, a little unsure. “Umm … like don’t you have to be somewhere else too?”

“No. nowhere, but here.” Nino beamed at his friend. “Don’t … don’t worry I won’t get bored.”


He did not. It did not matter how many times he watched Ohno. New moves and familiar music, in practice, at their concerts or even in relaxation. It was mesmerising to watch. Hypnotic almost. The movements fast, slow, furious and paced, all the while a balance between control and wild abandon. Ohno was just completely amazing to watch.

Special training was never boring.



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'Ohno was just completely amazing to watch'


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