title: Endgame
rating: G
category/summary: One shot, I was given a prompt "Prizes - A map of destinations is written on your skin"
DISCLAIMER:DOn't own the boys, not written for profit but for sheer sheer love!

NOTES: I'm part of the springkink communitywhere we claim prompts to write fic for various fandoms. Because I'm only recently obsessed with OhMiya, they crowded out the brain, and my SPringkink muses left me. SO the deal with myself was for every prompt I wrote I could reward myself by writing OhMiya. Humbly apologising for lack of...errmmm ...whatever.
This prompt is for Feb 2nd and originally for the anime Samurai 7 the pairing of Kanbei/Kyuuzou

Endgame by Zan

The heat is unrelenting, as are you. You vault, twist and somersault as a petal blown about by wind. Crimson thought, a rhythmical drawing of like coloured arcs of pure energy.

You are lost in the moment and the choreography does not afford us nearness. The comfort that you are here at all is a prize like no other. Perspiration traces the concentration around your furrowed brow, the smirk at the edges of your lips hint at almost satisfaction and it is a map of determination - a determination to get to the endgame, which you and I will play.

Right now though, we have this to finish.

I wonder if you will smile when you see me, so I will know you again.

You - are heat like the warm wind of a desert storm. I am lost in the moment and this dance is just yours and mine. The damp of perspiration traces a destination. This is the prize. We play the endgame and the pout of your lips only hint at the quiet satisfaction. You smile and I know you.

(183 words)

*waits to catch flying veggies*

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I wonder if you will smile when you see me, so I will know you again.'

this is so nino, to me, keeping it all to himself, smirking as he's thinking about it.
When we go back to the UK the next time I'm a going to look you up and giving you the biggest squishiest hug .... EVAR!

oh and thank you for reading and commenting twice or thrice over in some cases! ^_~
really?? &hearts
but zan... what if you didn't want to give me the squishy hug after you've seen me....?

i'll bring cheesecake when you do come!
*busies self by learning how to make cheesecake*
...and why would I not want to hug you?

Oooh and ummm cheesecake, don't worry. Crumpets from ASDA will be fine! drenched in butter! ...and tea lots of it!
ack! i rarely go to ASDA, it's too far away
but i'm a regular at Sainsbury~
will bring Sainsbury's cookies then.
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Ah tea. Small pleasures in life~