title: Words for a Song
rating: G
category/summary:Just fluffy poetry
DISCLAIMER:DOn't own the boys, not written for profit but for sheer sheer love!
notes:I cannot really claim credit because Ninomiya has claimed them first, I'm just kinda pointing out that he has!
humble apologies for the ramble... too much for too little. Forgive.

Words for a Song by Zan

Thinking of you…

Are rainbows and red sunsets
Whispered wishes on stars at night

Thinking of you…

Are these overlapping memories
Those soft pouts and wilful teasing

Thinking of the wonder…

Of those shy smiles and stolen touches
And the seed was planted

Thinking of the wonder…

Of a bud in bloom
Hidden treasures in secret places

Thinking of the search…

In half light and shadows
In the falling rain

Thinking of the search

Not the fading traces of seasons’ end
Just overlapping harmonies of two voices

I find the words I need for a song.


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*makes a mental note to post this up in Himitsu*
songs! they're meant to be shared!

erm. what do you mean nino has claimed them first...?
aaahh do you know the song Nino composed and sings at the Time(?) concert "Konseki"("Traces") and the other one "Niji"("Rainbow") both of which he composed.

It's the OhMiya track minded me, that feels (especially in "Niji") that he has Ohno on the brain. He loves using words like rain and rainbows, sunsets and shadows. ^__^ so yeah he used them words first, I just picked up on it so I could tell the people of the OhMiya love. ^__^

...and psst has there been a crackdown on ARASHI vids. on youtube? They've all disappeared!!! >.< Oh Noes!

Oh and thank you for the honour of putting them up on Himitsu!
i've just put up loads of your fics there.
(didn't realize i haven't, erk. (^^;) )
crackdown on youtube!??!?!?!
you poor dear, with downloading problems and all.
gosh, i wish there's a way to feed u with arashi vids.
It's sweet of you to worry but I was given the AAA+ in Dome, recently by a wonderful friend and my sis got me an unbirthday present of the ARASHI Around Asia documentary type /concert vid as well as Kiiroi Namida.

And I do have the Yamada Tarou box set and also Bambino. I'm ok!

....and of course...Tensei Kunpu! I just wish I had the equipment to make screen caps to share or something. >.<

Unfortunately all I have are my words!
unbirthday present?

your words are enough!
it brought much joy to Arashi fans!
and an overly active imagination in some (^^;)