OhMiya: Companion fic to 13miku's Recollections

Title: Monochrome
Fandom: ARASHI
Pairing: Nino/OC ;Implied OhMiya
Author: zan
Rating: PG
category/summary: angst

Notes:13miku wrote this beautiful piece Recollections . It haunted me enough to write a companion Ohno piece to it. With her kind permission I post it. Hopefully it does justice to her ficlet.

Disclaimer: I don't own these lads, they own each other, written for the sheer love of them and not for profit. ^__^

Dedication: for panthera_mort because I love her saying "Ohno can slash and splash paint in my brain" on Nino's behalf.


Monochrome by Zan

I walk, slowly with purpose. Aimless, he would say. He would be right at that. The grey walls of the shop-fronts meld into the grey of the pavement and the glare of the 7-Eleven seems to heighten the grey scale even further. I stop under a lamppost and look across the road. I do not know what I am here for. Well, I do, but I don’t. Not really.

It is a faceless apartment building with little boxes of lives living out an existence. I know he lives out his in one of these in that building over there. I have a piece of art in a frame under my arm. A yellow piece of silk keeps the glass from scratches, all secured with a bit of red string. I take it with me, on the way home everyday, and I walk by here on the way home, every day. It is almost ritualistic with me now. I try to recall when did I first start this. My memory fogs up and the mind refuses me an answer.

I wonder how he is and if he is happy, if they are happy. They must be, mustn’t they? They have a little baby now. Babies and children are great, as memories from another time, a happier time, come to me.

I can call, I suppose. I do know the number. I even delve into my coat pocket and just dial the “last call” number. After two rings, I hang up. It is because I have no idea what to say.

“Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I would visit.” Or … perhaps

“It’s been a long time, no?” … Or maybe just simply, “I’m here.”

A dozen other things flit through my mind and none will ever be the right things to say. I sigh and smile sadly at the nothingness. I never am any good with words. They always seem too slow and by the time they catch up with what I am trying to say it is all a jumble and makes no sense. To anyone except me, but I remember sometimes he gets them.

The wind picks up a little and the coat flares at my knees as I replace my phone back to its folds. I clutch the artwork under my arm as I use the other to turn up the coat’s collar and pull it close across my chest. I sigh and turn away. No, today is probably not the right time to visit. Another time, perhaps, with more forewarning, maybe?

I recollect my day at work earlier. The gallery does alright for itself. I show and sell other artists works as my own productions has dwindled some over the years. I remember …

… I am on the phone to a client when I feel eyes on me. Not from anyone in the gallery though. I remember my heart skip a little and beat faster. I am overcome with disappointment, hurt and sadness when I see her across the road. She grips the baby stroller so tightly even at the distance I can see her skin taut over her knuckles. Can she see me? We stare at each other but perhaps we do not really see each other. We are blaming each other wrongfully for all the things that are not right in our lives. She looks as lost as I feel then. It is a mere moment - she shakes her head and pushes onwards disappearing faceless into the crowd. I go back to my clients, the art and the studio, becoming myself background noise.

What was it he once said? … “Ohno can slash and splash paint in my brain anytime he wants!” I wonder where the colour is now. Maybe it is hidden here under my arm, trapped under glass within the boundaries of a wood and metal frame, whilst all else remains shades of grey.

(655 words of OhMiya)
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'I wonder where the colour is now.... whilst all else remains shades of grey'
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I completely love that phrase.
'I completely love that phrase.'

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and because of that, those people in my brain had a field day

Nino: At least someone appreciates me.
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Ohno: ...I appreciate you, Nino

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