OhMiya: First Post.

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category/summary:Just fluffy drabbles and a half
notes:DISCLAIMER:DOn't own the boys, not written for profit but for sheer sheer love!
The quality around here is very high so please forgive, the brevity and uh umm lacklustreness of it all, and I did dither quite awhile before I thought I maybe ought to share. I have no beta for which I humbly apologise.

Songs for You by Zan


The lights dim and I cannot really hear or see anymore but everything is loud yet somehow far away. My senses are under an onslaught of something else. A heartbeat I feel that is not mine. If it beats in time with mine I am not sure but it makes for a good rhythm with mine. There is a warmth that spreads from somewhere inside of me. It is a presence and nearness. I hold on to this because it is right. It does not need explanation. I know this because the feeling is not just mine, it wraps us both.


Inside me, butterflies flutter and my hands shake. I will them to steadiness. Purposeful I stride and find my place. I am almost sure that my voice may fail me but I will not allow it. The spotlight is bright and hot. There are other faces but I only see yours and I hope you see mine. There are other voices yet I hope you will hear me. This is for you, after all – this piece.

I begin to play, I accompany the notes in song and the rhythm in my heart fills the words. Shadows and light overlap and in the rain there may be rainbows. In between the lines, I breathe and the feeling washes over me. I just get wet. There is beauty within the simple joy of you. Let them think it is a bead of perspiration when I wipe at the wet upon my cheek.


I see his hands and they are not how he sees them. He thinks them clumsy, too round, all knuckle and bone. He is envious of mine - he says they are long, slender and strong. He does not see his hands as I do when they dance over white and black, coaxing melodies simple but beautiful. He grips a pick between fingers as with the other hand he presses down on chords, major and minor. He strums with gentleness and with strength. He is stronger than he thinks himself to be. But that is okay, I just remind him.


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