[Fic] Are the small things enough?

Title: Is the small things enough?
Paring: Jun/Leader, Aiba/Sho
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Arashi
Summary: I was bored and I though about this little thing. This is my first fan fic and its unbetaed, so sorry I know it sucks.

No one needed to know; all that mattered was that nobody saw him. The small things like a look or a touch; he made himself think that alone was enough.

Practice ended and all the members joined together in the changing room talking about their plans for the evening; “Aiba-Chan, are you busy today?” Sho was hanging over his shoulder casually while whispering the words into his band member’s ear. A light blush appeared on Aiba’s face before shrugging his shoulder in attempt to shrug Sho of in a weird way of escaping, “Well..” Desperate searching his head for a way to dismiss the offer, he felt Sho massaging his shoulder slightly more than friendly way, he blushed even more so that light pink dots appeared on his cheeks. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He then left the boy blushing, while returning to join the other members.
Everybody knew what was happening between those two but nobody said a word when Sho was joining them in their conversation.

Then an unseen and unheard finger stroke the backside of his fellow band member, gently so that nobody noticed. They didn’t. “What are you grinning about, Jun?” Sho was standing close to Nino while Jun was beside, “What are your plans for the day, Riida?” Ignoring Sho’s question he turned to tugging Ohno’s waist snapping him out of his daydream. (He could swear he saw Ohno blushing)
Those blue eyes met his own and just before he was suppose to give an answer back Nino approached them, snapping Jun out of his dream world. “Are you coming drinking with me today, Oh-Chan?” Nino’s hands landed on both sides of Ohno’s shoulders , Sure, I don’t have any plans.”

It was not before all the members have left before Jun realised his defeat, standing there in silence missing that other soft body that was standing next to him a minute ago.


Tossing his bag to his bed and slumping down on his couch with a thud. Jun was mad he didn’t make the move on him before Nino, “OH.. What am I doing?” He kept telling himself it was okay for Ohno to be with others, because he knew his feelings would never be returned from his beloved.

His cell started ringing and he picked it up saying hello to the person on the other line. “ E-excuse me, do you know the owner of this cell?” A male voice he had never heard before, what did the man say to him? Remembering he looked at the caller ID, he jumped of his chair. “Where is he?”

Barging in the door a few minutes later he saw Ohno stretched over the counter on the bar sleeping soundly, there was no Nino around. Walking up to the leader he laid a protective arm around him, “Time to go home now, Satoshi.” The boy did not move, only turned his head in Jun’s direction, smiling with drool in his mouth pocket. Jun then paid for his drinks and apologized for the trouble he had cased the bar before taking the older boy out of the bar and into his car. What Jun did not know was the unseen and unheard smile of a man hiding in the shadows, pleased with his work.

On the drive back to his apartment Jun could not help himself but peak at his mirror on the beauty laying in the backseat. Jun was not stupid he was not going to let this opportunity slip by. Parking his car he got out and opened the back door. It pained him to shake the beautiful sleeping boy, but Jun would rather have him sleeping on his bed.

Ohno turned a little bewildered before opening his eyes spotting a man bent over him, recognizing him Ohno stretched his arms up towards the man only to find him standing further away then he predicted. A soft, pleading voice escaped his lips, “Matsumoto-saaaa..n” Ohno then felt strong arm circling him lifting him into standing position, the hold felt safe and warm so he fell asleep again.

When Jun had finally gotten him all the way up to his apartment he left a sight as he dropt Ohno on his sofa. He turned on the lights and locked the door before turning to sit on his table to watch his older band member sleep soundly on his sofa. Unconsciously Jun’s hand came to the sleeping boys face stroking his cheek trailing his middle finger over his wet lips.

Ohno shifted there he lay and opened his eyes to see Jun sitting in front of him with his hand on his face. A few second later he remembered what had happened, Nino and him sitting on the bar drinking when his eyes felt heavy and that was strange because he had only had two small beers. He had then asked Nino something and he had just laughed at him and whispered something before falling asleep. “I am doing this for the sake of you two bakas that can’t get their fingers out.” Then he fell asleep.

He sat up, bewildered looking around him. His hair was everywhere and he felt drool on his cheek. “Where am I? Where is Nino?” Not looking at Jun he heard what happened and felt a little embarrassed. “So I brought you here.” It stuck Ohno, he had brought him to his apartment and not his own. “Why did you not take me home instead?” Ohno turned to look into Jun’s eyes to find him sitting next to him, in surprise he motion to move but stopped when Jun’s hand laid warm over his own.

Breath Jun, breathe… He had laid his hand on top of Ohno’s, his heart beat so fast he was sure he was going to faint soon. But it was now or never, “I..” His trout went dry, but he gathers his courage and ended his sentence. “Wanted to talk to you.” Afraid of breathing again his eyes flickered up to Ohno’s brown ones.

Jun’s face was mixed with many different expressions and his hand started to sweat on top of his. Ohno thought of many things that moment, how he had many times fantasized those black painted nails scraping the back of his shoulders as they kissed passionately and Jun had moaned his name into his ear, “Satoshi..”
“SATOSHI” Jun said so laud into his ear that he squirmed. Jun was 5 millimetres away from his nose, breathing hot into his mouth, “It has taken me a lot just to built the courage to come this close to you so please hear me out before..” Jun had pulled back when Ohno snapped back to reality, but Ohno was still close to his face. His eyes looked dreamy and Jun got a little lost in those brown eyes. Jun then decided since his face was close that it was okey to lean back, and it worked because Ohno followed him. He could not help but to smile at this because if he had seen Ohno from another side he would see his butt sticking out in the air.

Ohno was absent mindly and did not notice that he had followed Jun until Jun’s hand was on the back of his leg pulling him into his lap. The both of them did not move or breath for that matter for god knows how long.
Jun bit his lip as he slapped his hand (a little harder than he meant) on Ohno’s lower back, making a noise slip past the others lips. “I don’t want to be just your friend or kouhai anymore, Captain” Jun licked the blood of his lip and in the process strafing his wet tong across Ohno’s lips.

Ohno then felt something hard pushing between his legs, he swallowed, did this mean. Jun’s warm hand cupped his chin gently and Ohno looked into his eyes, which was filled with lust and passion. “I-I am dreaming right? This only happens in my dreams.” Their eyes kept locked a few seconds before Jun drew his hand to the back of the older boy’s neck and pulled their lips together in new and passionate kiss. Ohno’s hand found they’re way under Jun’s shirt and the others hand ravaging his hair, pulling and playing lightly.

They pulled back from each other when they at the same time tried to remove the others cloths, they’re eyes meet and both of them smiled stupidly. Both flushed with they’re hair in all angles and shirts under their arms. The moment passed and they crashed into each other, continuing where they left of.

-- Insert SMUT Deluxe--

Then next morning Jun woke up to find his legs and arms entangled with Ohno’s and he remembered the night before. He smirked and snuggled in the nape of Ohno’s neck only to hear the other giggle, gripping Ohno harder into the embrace. “I don’t want to wake up from this long waited dream.” Ohno said dreamily into Jun’s arm around his neck. “I wont let you escape from me now, you are mine forever.” Pleased with Jun’s answer Ohno bumped his butt back until it his Jun’s sweet spot, he did not have to ask twice and so second round started as a beginning of many.


Epilogue -One month after-

“Why are you two always late after practice?” Aiba asked one day to Jun and Ohno who looked at each other with devilish smiles. Sho then lay lazily over Aiba’s shoulder and whispered into his ear something that made the boy blush and run out of the room. Both watchers of the episode looked questionable at Sho. “I told him that you were practicing love making in the back room and that you wanted him to join next time.” Sho smiled evil and went to “comfort” his embarrassed friend.


Comments are highly appreciated and please tell me if I should stop writing this garbage ^_^’
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awww....i think its good, just needs a few adjustments here and there (beta-reading and stuff..) but please continue. i'd love to see more!!

and evil!Sho is <333!!!
No! Don't stop! I liked it :D
I was like "oh~ this is getting into some hot action~" then suddenly
-- Insert SMUT Deluxe--
yeah, im sorry.. i am no good at writing porn so i'll just leave it to your imagination ^____^
glad you liked it XD
hmm to my imagination... *cough* D:
[Hm~ you gave me a good idea for a pr0n-theme ^^"]

(I did, I did ^_^)
Awwwwwwww ;O; It wasn't bad, it was so sweet & cute, you should write more&more XD~~~! ♥

Hahaha Nino is sly~! XD
thank you ^_^ if i get an ok stamp on this i will be very happy, my future in writing is slim but maybe something will suddenly appear you will never know..
Thanks for the R&R
yeey Juntoshi <3 I was wanting to read something like this since a long time <3 this sexiness can be found only at Juntoshi XD okaay and maybe at Ohmiya but anyway XD if we're talking about DoS-ness that must be Jun.I really enjoyed it.conragts and don't worry it's an awesome fic <3
wow, thank you for reading, it's been like 4 years since i wrote this so thanks for keeping jun/ leader ship alive^^
I know actually. that;s what I'm searchin'for.some old Juntoshi fics cause i couldn't find any lately T_T.and actually I'm a more Ohmiya sided but tonight I'm Juntoshi biased XD anyway thanks for the -still-so-awesome fic.and erm..I hope it's not bad that i still commented :-?