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Title: Tell Me What You Want
Disclaimer: (n) A statement disclaiming something, especially responsibility.
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4866
Notes: Horrible title, sorry. This was meant to be a nice, safe, G-rated drabble. Then it was meant to be short and perhaps R-rated. Somehow it turned smutty. Then it demanded an introduction and the introduction kept growing, and growing, and growing ... And the 'horrbile' theme repeats, 'cause, yeah.

The italics, by the way, indicate the actual beginning of the action, as it were. I was playing with style.

*scurries away*

Jun stared at Nino, unblinking, watching the shorter boy squirm in his seat. He hoped Nino was feeling cold sweat. He hoped Nino would bolt from the table. He hoped Nino would feel so embarrassed that he never spoke to Jun again.

Nino stopped playing with his straw to peek up through his fringe. Only a little irritation showed. Jun was almost impressed. Nino really was quite good at acting.

“Jun, say something already.”

The younger man pressed his lips into a thin line, studying his band mate. (What did Nino expect him to say?) Their relationship was a strange one, and had always been since their debut. They didn’t hate each other, Jun knew that for certain. If they truly hated each other, Arashi would never have lasted this long. But he didn’t think that they particularly liked each other, either. Certainly Nino didn’t particularly like him.

“Matsumoto? Nino. Um, hey. You’re probably busy, but could you squeeze me in? I need to talk to you.”

Jun was never completely comfortable around the shorter boy, and he was pretty sure that Nino wasn’t ever completely comfortable around him. At least, not when they were left alone together during rehearsals. And that Jun maybe like liked Nino, and Nino didn’t like like him, well, that had nothing to do with it. Jun didn’t care that Nino found out. Not at all. Because it would be Nino’s problem to deal with. Jun didn’t care if Nino like liked him or not.


The coffee shop was a higher end one, which surprised Jun if only because he didn’t think that Nino spent that kind of money on himself. Then again, maybe he thought Jun wouldn’t go to a cheaper one. He’d had that impression of Jun since they were in Juniors and Jun hadn’t bothered to correct it. He wasn’t going to turn down better quality when presented with it.

Nino was sitting at a table by the window, in clear view of the door. He was fiddling absently with a straw, but it wasn’t his usual ADD fidgeting. This was nervous fidgeting. His head jerked up when Jun approached.

“Jun. Hi.”

Being uncomfortable around him aside, most of the time Jun thought that Nino was an okay guy. He had to be, if his best friends were guys like Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki, because they wouldn’t be friends with a guy who wasn’t okay.

“Surprised? You called me.”

“Didn’t know that you’d come. You weren’t exactly committal.”

Jun inclined his head in acknowledgment. He had been purposefully vague. On the other hand, he hadn’t expected Nino to actually be here, either. “Sorry.”

Nino shook his head. “‘S okay.”

“So? What did you need?”

The rest of the time, Jun wondered what was wrong with those two idiots – childhood together or not, Nino was abusive and obnoxious and stingy and selfish and they ought to be seeking restraining orders against him.

“It’s, um, sort of ...” Nino trailed off as the waitress approached with a refill for his iced coffee. He watched her place it on the table, and watched Jun give her his order, and took his time adding cream and syrup to it.

Jun rolled his eyes. “Nino ...”

“Right. It’s. Um. It’s just. I know.”

Cold gripped Jun’s throat. “Know?”

“... We went out. Drinking. Me and Aiba. He ...”

Jun thought he might well have died and gone to hell. Nino wasn’t even looking at him.

“You know Aiba-chan when he’s drunk. He told me. Didn’t mean to, but ... I know. You like me.”

This was one of those times when Jun wondered what he’d done so wrong to be cursed with such a band mate. Ni no Arashi apparently didn’t end once the program did. Or maybe they were filming for the next one. He wondered how long it would take for Nino to start laughing, for the little paper to show up, and if he could keep himself in check for that long. Ni no Arashi could be very funny, but this ...

Jun was going to kill Aiba. Drunk wasn’t an excuse. He was going to kill Aiba. And then he was going to kill Nino. Then himself, just to escape everything. He felt like his whole body had been dipped in ice.

“... And you’re uncomfortable.”

“No,” Nino said earnestly, shaking his head. He paused. “Well, yes. Sort of. But not because I hate you or think it’s disgusting.”

“Well, there’s a relief,” Jun said dryly.

“No. It’s just ...”


“Do you really?”

“Really what?”

“Like me. Do you really like me?”

“I thought you knew,” Jun spit out, unwilling to confirm it beyond that.

It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. It was entirely true, and he hated that Nino would use something like that against him. He’d thought better of him.

“Where’s the camera?” Jun asked coldly.

“Where – what?”

“The camera. There’s got to be one, right? If it’s Ni no Arashi.”

“Damn it, Jun, it’s not! I like you!”

Nino sighed and offered a tiny smile. “Good. ... ‘CauseIlikeyou,too.”



“Oh, Jesus, stop muttering!”

“I like you.”

“Of course you do. Now. The camera?”

“Jun, I’m confessing here. Really confessing.”

“On TV? How brave.”

“For the thousandth time, there isn’t a camera! I don’t confess on TV!” Nino hissed.

His eyes darted back and forth, aware that people were starting to pay attention, but Jun didn’t have any intention of moving. He sat stiff and glaring in the coffee shop chair, pulling his best Pissed Off Princess Face, as Nino had taken to calling it.

Jun didn’t know what he felt. He didn’t know what to say. Nino looked vaguely ... scared? and vaguely ... hopeful? Maybe. But Jun had seen this set up before. They’d tried to do it to Nino not too long ago.

“I’m supposed to believe that?”

“Yes! You are! I – ” Nino stopped, slumped back in his chair, pressed a hand over his eyes, and sighed. “Okay. I get it. Never mind, forget I ever said anything.” He rifled through his jeans pockets, coming up with a few bills which he threw on the table – more than enough for three iced coffees, Jun noted absently – and stood abruptly. “I got it. Sorry for wasting your time.”

“No you don’t.”

Nino actually looked surprised. “What?”

“Where’s the camera planted, Nino?”


“This is Ni no Arashi, isn’t it? Very funny. But you’re done.”

It was one of the few times in his life after Juniors that Jun found himself at a complete loss for words. Eyes wide open with shock, he watched Nino walk away, shoulders more hunched than they usually were; he watched Nino walk out of the coffee shop. Nothing happened. No camera men appeared. The people in the coffee shop didn’t hop up and leave. No producer came out to apologize for the inconvenience.

Jun looked around, sure that a camera just had to be waiting for him to react, sure that Nino was outside laughing his ass off, sure that the others would come trooping in as soon as he frowned in concern and started after his band mate.

“... This isn’t Ni no Arashi, Jun.”


“When I confess I like someone I tend not to do it on national TV.”

“But it doesn’t matter when it’s a prank.”

Nino gritted his teeth. “It’s not a prank. I like you, Jun.”

Jun narrowed his eyes. That settled that. Nino had left more than enough for the drinks, so Jun collected the change, putting it in a pocket with vague intentions of giving it back to Nino in a show of good will later. But Nino wasn’t outside waiting for him. Neither were the others. Was this what happened when Nino failed at a prank? That he tried to pretend he’d never tried it? Perhaps he’d already told the filming crew that he’d failed, and Jun would see it when the episode played on re-runs.

Frowning slightly, Jun took off for his apartment.


He nearly stopped dead when he arrived at home. Nino was sitting cross-legged in front of his door, looking ... sad. Maybe hurt. A cigarette dangled loosely from his finger tips, half-smoked. Jun found himself more surprised that Nino hadn’t been chastised than that he was actually there.

“Why are you here?”

Nino looked up, his eyes losing a bit of their vacancy and gaining something harder. “You and I didn’t finish. I want to ... I don’t know. Do something about that.”

“That? Still?” he asked incredulously, “Give it up. You didn’t get me. You failed this time.”

Nino played with his cigarette stub as though seeking his words from it. Jun walked to the unoccupied side of his door and stood, looking down at Nino’s head. The older boy didn’t move but to take a drag. Smoke filtered out from his lips when he spoke, wafting up towards Jun, who breathed it in. (Because Nino had the nicest smelling cigarettes.)

“No cameras, Jun. Do you see any?”

The younger boy couldn’t help it, he looked around. (There weren’t any.) Then caught himself and scoffed. “Like that means anything. They’re hidden for a reason.”

“Are you seriously that thick?” Nino snapped. “Or do you really not – ”

Jun waited, hands casually in the pockets of his vest, but Nino took a long drag, nearly burning the cigarette to the filter rather than talk. He let out the smoke slowly, sullenly.

“Do I not what?” Jun asked impatiently.

“Do you really not believe me? Do you really think that I couldn’t mean it?” Nino asked quietly. He didn’t look at Jun. He flicked the stub onto the concrete and ground it under his sneaker toe. He clasped his hands and caught his wrists between his knees, looking like a child who sough reassurance from a parent. Which he managed to do a lot, but there was something ... different about this.

“Could you?” the taller boy asked before he could stop himself, “Could you mean it?”

Nino flinched violently – Jun could see the jerk of the slighter boy’s head as if he’d been slapped – and curled in on himself a little. Warmth made Jun’s heart flutter with cautious hope even as he cursed his tongue. Such a bland tone! But a reaction like that ... that couldn’t be acted. Not really. Jun sat down cautiously, but even sitting next to Nino, the other’s next words were so quiet Jun had to strain to hear them.

“Do you really think I can’t?”

His voice was small and hurt and thinking about it, Jun realized that Nino really wasn’t very good at keeping from laughing during his pranks, no matter his acting abilities. Jun licked his lips slowly. Maybe he could do this after all.

He kept his voice carefully measured, “I don’t see how you could mean it with me.”

“Don’t see how?” Nino echoed, whipping around, fire in his eyes. “You don’t – Matsumoto, attraction isn’t a question of logic!”

“Good answer.”

Before Nino could do much more than blink, Jun grabbed the back of his head and pulled, crashing their lips together with a click of teeth that had him wincing.

Nino’s lips were wet and pliant from shock beneath him. Jun nudged Nino’s bottom lip with his tongue in silent demand, pleased that the older boy’s lips parted without hesitation, allowing him easy access. The warmth of Nino’s mouth tasted faintly like the coffee he’d been drinking, and everything was edged with tobacco. It was heady.

When Jun pulled away from Nino, the slighter boy’s hands fisted tighter in Jun’s shirt as though to keep him in place, and Jun couldn’t remember when they’d first grabbed him. He couldn’t remember moving, either, but he’d pushed Nino down and climbed half on top of him, pressing Nino into the ground. Not that Nino seemed inclined to complain, with his face flushed, his lips shiny with saliva and his eyes half lidded. Jun’s mouth went dry and his stomach tightened. He ducked down, nosing the underside of Nino’s jaw, scraping his teeth along the bone and following the path with his tongue. Nino made a noise that Jun felt with his tongue more than heard.

Nino’s breath hitched when Jun’s hand slipped under his shirt and began tracing his ribs. The taller boy took his time getting acquainted with Nino’s skin, with his taste, with his body. He bit Nino’s earlobe, licked the shell of Nino’s ear, pressed his lips to the skin just behind it, felt Nino’s pulse pounding against his lips. All the while Nino let out breathy sighs and gasps and hisses of pleasure that fell on Jun’s ear like music and made him smirk, wondering where else on Nino’s body produced such sounds.

“Jun ...” he tried, “Jun ... we’re ...”

“In the hallway? In public?” Jun asked between tastes of Nino’s skin, “Yes. We are.”

Nino’s back arched in surprise as the younger man pinched his nipple none too gently. His teeth sunk into his bottom lip to keep from making too much noise.

“And if I don’t care? If I want to take you here?” Jun murmured, teeth scraping down Nino’s neck, “Can I?”

Nino’s breath shuddered as he let it out. His hands clenched and unclenched in Jun’s shirt, pressing against the younger boy’s stomach. His eyes screwed closed. His cheeks turned the prettiest faint shade of red Jun had ever seen from him. (Not that he’d ever seen Nino red from anything other than staying in an onsen too long once.)

Nino nodded.

“Exhibitionist,” Jun said, voice caught between amusement and excitement.

He fumbled in his pocket for his keys, and stood, dragging Nino up with him. He shoved the slighter boy against the door, fastening his teeth around Nino’s bottom lip and sucking on it even as he tried for the lock. It took a few goes, Nino’s hands under his shirt and roaming his torso being more than enough to distract him, but Jun got the door unlocked. He pushed Nino into the genkan.

“Shoes off.”

It was an interesting dance, both trying to toe their shoes off while hands grabbed at articles of the other’s clothes, trying to divest the other of them and not fall over. Jun had lost his over-shirt and Nino one of his two T-shirts, and both were out of their sneakers when Jun finally pushed Nino back, sending him stumbling over the step of the genkan, by-passing the slippers entirely on the path to his bedroom.

They had to make a few pit-stops against walls for Jun to get rid of Nino’s second T-shirt and for Nino to get Jun’s belt off; then they were falling through the door to Jun’s bedroom and onto Jun’s bed.

Slight though he was, Nino had his share of strength and he managed to turn them as they fell so that he was on top when they landed. He slithered up Jun’s chest, taking Jun’s tank top with him. The younger man obligingly lifted his arms over his head, letting Nino remove the offending clothing and toss it away negligently.

Then Jun surged upright while Nino was occupied, causing Nino to off-balance as he bent back to avoid a collision. Jun caught Nino by the small of his back, getting to his knees as Nino’s fell out from under them. Nino’s hands scrabbled for purchase, finding it on Jun’s shoulders, leaving him in a position not unlike a Western romance novel cover.

Nino flushed and his eyes flashed. “You suck.”

Jun laughed under his breath and pulled the slighter man closer to his body, letting Nino get back on more equal footing. When Nino did get himself composed, however, he didn’t continue the game as Jun had expected. Instead he placed his hands to either side of Jun’s head and brought their lips together.

Where every other kiss had been heat and teeth and passion, this kiss was simple warmth and it was over almost before Jun could be sure it had happened. Nino kissed him again, a chaste brush of smooth lips, only moments longer than the first. The next press held the barest hint of tongue. The following lasted just long enough for Jun to groan in disappointment when it ended.

Jun cupped the back of Nino’s head when the slighter man kissed him a fifth time, holding him in place when he shifted to pull back.

“Cheating,” he whispered against Nino’s lips.

This time Jun kissed Nino, only a little less gently. He immediately coaxed Nino’s mouth open, slipping his tongue inside the warmth, twining it with the older boy’s. He slid his hands down from the small of Nino’s back to Nino’s backside and squeezed. Nino responded by digging his finger tips into the base of Jun’s skull and tucking his hips securely against Jun’s, pressing their groins together. The taller man gasped into Nino’s mouth. He rolled his hips against Nino’s in a search for more friction. He was gratified to feel Nino pushing back just as blindly, though he was less than pleased that the new sensations caused the slighter boy to break the kiss. Nino’s head dropped to Jun’s shoulder; his breath was warm on Jun’s neck.

Jun slid his hands reluctantly away from Nino’s backside, but in the end he made it to the front of Nino’s pants, working the button and zipper open. The jeans, low riding as they were, fell to Nino’s knees easily. The slighter boy sat back heavily then, as though it had taken every bit of will power to tear himself away from the warmth of Jun’s body and the best he could do was fall. Jun watched Nino wriggle out of them, kicking them away.

While Nino was busy, the younger man undid his own fly, pushing down his jeans and boxers and crawling out of them, continuing on to hover over Nino and keep the shorter boy on his back. Nino allowed Jun to do so, staying down and letting Jun settle between his legs.

Jun went straight for Nino’s boxers, slipping his fingers under the elastic and tugging them down just an inch. His tongue traced the newly exposed skin, feeling Nino’s muscles contract and tremble. Then Jun blew cool air over the wet strip and Nino gasped, wriggling against the sensation. The taller boy nipped the spot just under Nino’s belly button, then the skin just above it, then started nipping a trail up Nino’s chest. He stopped at the slighter boy’s collar bones, sucking on the rise of the left one. Nino’s head fell to the right, exposing his neck. Jun smirked into Nino’s skin: only Nino could make an act of submission a demand.

It was a demand that Jun submitted readily to, however, sinking his teeth into the crook of Nino’s neck. He grabbed Nino’s cock through the gap in his boxers at the same time. Nino nearly flew off the bed, his neck and hips arched up so sharply. Jun continued to bite and suck on the older boy’s neck, his hand moving slowly down the length of Nino’s erection.

Nino whined softly, a sound that might have been made up of Jun’s name. Jun chose to think that it was. His lips hovered over the shell of the older boy’s ear; Nino’s body trembled under his.

“Yes? What do you want, Nino?” he murmured, sneaking the tip of tongue out to touch the tip of Nino’s ear, “You have to tell me what you want.”

“W... want?”

“What do you want me to do?” Jun smiled and took the delicate ear between his teeth, careful not to bite hard. “What do you like?” He released Nino’s erection, swallowing Nino’s protest with his lips; his hands slid up Nino’s thighs and grasped the older boy’s thin wrists.

“I ...”

“I’ll bet you like this,” Jun continued softly, lips brushing Nino’s with every word, “I’ll bet you like being held down. I’ll bet you like being trussed up and on display. I’ll bet you want to be tied.” As he spoke, Jun brought Nino’s hands ever so slowly above his head, pinning them there. He ground his hips down against Nino and smirked. “Am I getting close?”

Nino let out a strangled sound, stuck between a whimper and a moan and tried to buck up. Jun moved up and away, placing too much distance for Nino to make contact. He chuckled and pressed down on the slighter boy’s hands, feeling the bones of Nino’s wrists moving.

“I think I got it right. Now, don’t move those hands, or I’ll have to spank you.”

The older boy’s eyes widened just a little. A light red rose up his neck, but didn’t quite reach his face. Jun sat back on his heels, hands trailing gently down Nino’s face, over his nipples, down his torso, to his boxers. He watched Nino clasp his right hand with his left, nails digging into flesh to keep from following Jun’s. Jun pulled Nino’s boxers off slowly, greedily drinking in the sight of Nino’s back arching up pleadingly. The taller boy placed three fingers to Nino’s lips.


Nino’s mouth parted and he took the fingers in, laving his tongue around them one by one, treating them as if they were a rare treat. He sucked and licked, trailing the tip of his tongue from base to pad of each digit teasingly. Jun shuddered, allowing himself to enjoy the sight of Nino’s mouth working, wondering what it would look like around his cock. When he pulled his fingers out of Nino’s mouth, his free hand went to the back of Nino’s thigh and pushed – the older boy obligingly lifted his leg, planting his foot on the bed. Jun held onto the smooth skin and circled Nino’s opening teasingly. Nino pushed back against him, his eyes closing. His hands didn’t move from their spot, and Jun could see the indents of nails in Nino’s skin. He smiled.

Without any further notice, Jun slid his finger into Nino, pushing in to the second knuckle and then the third without pause. Nino swore and his eyes screwed more tightly closed. Jun traced absent patterns on the back of Nino’s thigh. Sweat beaded in Nino’s hair line and slipped down his brow. Jun’s eyes followed the bead down to Nino’s cheek, then bent to lick it up. He crooked his finger inside Nino, pressing carefully.

Nino let out a sudden, sharp, “Ah!”, and his body bucked up.

“Oh? Is it there?” Jun murmured.

He pulled his finger out, and Nino whined. Laughing, Jun pressed in two fingers, scissoring them with enthusiasm just this side of purposefully hurting the older boy. Nino’s breath shuddered and choked as he panted and keened. Jun added his third finger, spreading and crooking them and pressing for that same spot. The smaller boy bit his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood as Jun searched, hands now fisting in Jun’s sheets rather than his own flesh.

Jun bent and licked Nino’s chin, then upper lip, then teeth. “Ne, Nino.”

Nino’s mouth opened on instinct to ask what Jun wanted, but he couldn’t form words and Jun had taken his abused bottom lip between his own teeth anyway. Jun worried the bitten flesh for a moment, then let go. He spread his fingers and twisted them, and Nino’s back arched in what looked like a painful angle.

“Nino-kun...” Jun said again, voice sweet, dragging out the suffix teasingly.

Nino managed a questioning noise.

“Open your eyes, Nino. Let me see your eyes.”

The smaller boy slid his eyes open slowly. Normally clear brown had become all but black, pupils dilated and irises darkened in pleasure. Jun swallowed thickly and jerked the hand inside Nino, twisting his fingers the other way. He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on the covers haphazardly, taking hold of Nino’s hips and lifting them off the mattress.

“Let go of the sheets, Nino,” he crooned.

Nino’s fingers released their hold on the bunched up cotton slowly, as though it was taking all of Nino’s concentration to remember how to move them. He placed them by his sides. The head of Jun’s erection slid between his buttocks, teasing. Nino lifted his leg onto Jun’s shoulder, watching the younger boy from under his eyelashes, and the other leg wrapped around Jun’s waist.

Then Jun was pushing into him, pushing forward, and Nino’s hands clenched in the sheets and his eyes snapped shut and Jun wasn’t stopping, and he was stretching and Jun wasn’t close enough or deep enough, and oh god it burned.

Nino’s breath caught in his chest; he couldn’t think, let alone remember how to draw air into his lungs. It was Jun’s hand on his face, the pad of Jun’s thumb wiping away moisture from under his eyes, that brought breath back into Nino; the soft touch had Nino gasping, his chest heaving. Jun watched the slighter boy with guarded eyes.

“You didn’t say ... that you hadn’t ...” he said quietly, almost accusingly. He felt almost hurt.

Nino shook his head, opening his eyes. His body relaxed around Jun and Jun felt the knot in his stomach loosen.

“It’s just ... been a while ...” Nino mumbled, looking away.

“You should have – ”

“Didn’t want to.” If it was possible, Nino’s voice got softer, and Jun strained to hear it. “I ... I like it like this, more.”

It took Jun a long moment to process exactly what Nino was saying, and then a moment longer to realize the meaning behind it. He grinned when the meaning hit him and snapped his hips, pushing that last half-inch into Nino. Nino moaned raggedly, his eyes rolling up to the back of his head. He reached for Jun, his small hands hot on Jun’s sides, trailing up Jun’s back, fingers tips pressing into the back of Jun’s neck.

Jun moved quickly and jerkily, scraping his nails across Nino’s skin, watching the faint red rise in his wake, feeling Nino move against him, trying not to lose himself entirely. He licked the palm of his hand and wrapped it around the base of Nino’s erection, pulling down its length. Nino keened, his body tensing and relaxing around Jun as he tried to keep himself together. Arousal, already coiled hard and hot in the pit of Jun’s stomach, flared up. He palmed Nino with a rough twist of his hand, only partially aware of what strength he put behind his movements.

Nino arched up so far their chests pressed together and suddenly he was clenched so tightly around Jun that Jun almost couldn’t move and there was warmth spreading between their bodies and quickly cooling and Jun felt like he was running ragged. Panting, Nino pulled Jun closer and stole the very breath from him, taking it from his mouth with a teasing smile. Jun managed a few more slides against the tensing of Nino’s muscles, and on the end of a thrust came to a stop as he climaxed. Nino swallowed the sound he made greedily. He locked his ankles playfully around Jun’s shins when the taller boy shifted as if to pull out.

“Well. That was fun.”

Jun looked at Nino, minute surprise written on his face. He’d somehow never thought Nino would really be one to cuddle, despite his easy affection with Ohno. (Of course, that easy affection didn’t extend to Sho or even Aiba, really, not in the same way it did to their leader, so he was probably justified in thinking that.) He moved only enough to be able to slip out of Nino, then lay back, satiated, and allowed the slighter boy to arrange himself as he liked. Nino chose to slip a leg between his own and tuck his head under Jun’s jaw.

“It was,” Jun agreed slowly.

“I’d rate it DIA.”


“Do it again.”

Jun flushed bright red and smacked Nino’s shoulder. The older boy chuckled, and Jun noticed that his voice was deeper than usual. Then Jun tensed as a rather alarming thought occurred to him, but that thought was put on hold as Nino sucked in a sharp breath and tensed right along with him, almost in instinctive defense. When he didn’t move, Nino warily relaxed again, but he was nowhere near as pliant as he had been and he refused to look Jun in the eye. The younger boy decided to ignore it for the moment.

“Are you going to be okay tomorrow? You know. For work?” he flushed, “I mean ...”

Nino smiled against his chest, daring to look up once more. “It’ll be a nice day off, if I’m not.”

Jun smiled in return. “I’m sure Manager will be thrilled.”

Nino didn’t reply and Jun was content enough to lay there in comfortable silence with him, allowing lethargy to creep over him. He’d lost all track of time and felt his eyes starting to close and his breathing starting to even out when Nino shifted a little. His mouth was just shy of Jun’s ear, and his breath was warm and misty on Jun’s skin, and Jun thought vaguely that he could probably get used to that.

Then Nino chuckled tiredly, “You can explain.”
When you said you were writing Matsumiya smut...and it was a monster...omg I never imagined this *_____*. Just.....*sigh* YES.

*sputters incoherently for a while*

Nino and Jun getting together would be a complete and total just...hissing and spitting match from the get-go, neither one wanting to actually admit or believe that the other could truly like them back. And you got it PERFECT!!!! *is proud*

*squish* now write aiba/jun <3
*blush* So you liked it, I take it? :P

I'm really, really, really glad you think so. I spent so much time fretting over whether or not the 'yes I do, no you don't' at the beginning was too much or too girly or something.

*is squished* Aiba/Jun, hm? We shall see ... ;P

Need I say more?
It's been a long time since I've read anything this perfect.

thank you for creating this story.

This is one of the best Matsumiyas I've read in a long time. It WAS perfect, thanks so much for writing it!! <33

*adds to memories*
Awww, wow, thank you :D And thank you for reading; I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3

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OMFG YAY. That was so cute and understandable; of course Nino wouldn't confess on TV.
..Or would he?
Neither of them are really big on confessing or TELLING THE TRUTH, so the exchange between them at the beginning was really cute.

These two are hardly ever written about and I'm so glad you wrote them well! :D Thank you! I enjoyed it. ♥

i will not ask for shoxjun. i will not i will not i will not.
Of course not. Probably.

I sometimes think Nino is the sort to tell more truth than he lets on; he's just so blunt sometimes that it's like he couldn't possibly be making it up. Then I remember that he likes to play with people.

I'm glad people seem to think I wrote them well XD Glad you enjoyed it! ♥

Not until I get brave enough to open myself to requests, you won't ;P

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Woah~ it's been awhile since I read something where Nino is not paired with Ohno...that was really intense and hawt! lol I love Nino's rating system ^_^ <3
Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hee. Nino's rating system was last minute "I need him to say something to make Jun stay ohnoes :0" add-in ^_^;; I'm glad it worked ♥
this is sooo fucking HAWT! i'll definitely rate it as DIA...

this is on my re-read mode...
wohooo, that was such a pleasure..

actually i agreed in the begining, that they don't like each other very much... so i could understand juns hesitation very well!

it's so realistic, i think... thank you so much for all the "awws" and "giggles" i had!
Thank you <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I get the feeling that Nino and Jun are uneasy friends; they like each other well enough deep down but mostly they exist to torment each other. (Or perhaps tormenting each other is how they show they like each other XD) They're just very different personalities.

Thank you for saying so, and thank you for reading :D
uneasy friends, you said it...

and as you said it, would they hate each other, arashi wouldn't exist...
and nino is always so jealous about ohno and jun-kun *smiles* almost cute...

did you write other ff's like that? ah, have to look nee~?
*sputters* goes in memory
smut is the best........"u can explain" ........dies Nino you still have the last line ne ^_^
Thank you ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Of course Nino has to have the last words XD He wouldn't be Nino otherwise, ne?
ohmygod.. One of the best Matsumiya fics for me..

And the lines "Shoes off.." and "Let go of the sheets.." really made me laugh! It's really VERY MatsuJun for me.. HAHA!!

Well done.. :)

This is definitely one of the best Matsumiya I've ever read. So incredibly in character and soooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!

“I’d rate it DIA.”
“Do it again.”

One word.... HOT ♥ *faints*

My lack of a MatsuMiya icon kinda made me sad. :( I'll have to make do with my Watanuki going "z0mfghswtfnowai" icon for this... *sigh*
Thank you for reading! I'm glad you liked it ♥

Heh, I've only got two - the one I used for the post and the one I used in the comment above. Feel free to grab either if you're desperate for a Matsumiya.
Uwaaaa! My heart is still beating up fast. I know I'm really late, cause it's almost a year since this fanfic was posted here, but I still have to say it was just PERFECT.

The taller boy placed three fingers to Nino’s lips.

That's so Jun! (or at least I hope Jun is really like that). I love the way you portrayed him. There isn't a lot of Matsumiya fanfics out there showing Jun kinda dominating over Nino, so it was a pleasure to read that. I love that pairing, and I know they are both very dominant, but since Matsujun is my ichiban I love watching him ordering Nino around and playing with kicking Nino's ass.

Nino’s head fell to the right, exposing his neck. Jun smirked into Nino’s skin: only Nino could make an act of submission a demand.

“Well. That was fun.”

Along with wonderful Matsumoto, your Nino is really convincing too. You managed to show his leader side even while he was the submissive one. I love that!

In conclusion, this fanfic was great. I liked every word of it. You did a great job and I'm looking forward to read the rest of your stuff (more Matsumiya maybe? *puppy eyes*). Thank you for writing this work of art.
Haha, I'm always surprised when people still read my old(ish) stuff ^.^

There isn't a lot of Matsumiya in general, which I think is a shame. I do want to write more of the pairing, and I probably will eventually - I just have too many others to finish XD;;

Both Nino and Jun definitely are the dominant type, but with Nino I always feel like he's more willing to give in so the other person is comfortable.

That and he probably likes to let the other party do all the hard work XD

So in my head Nino tops from the bottom.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting ♥ I'm really glad you enjoyed it~!
Oooh I Loved the italics part: made me feel swept up in the story. Really good, too, the two of them together.

Plus, in the hallway... hmmm.

am happy :D
I'm still just glad the italics wound up being a good idea XD; I really was just playing around with them.

There should always be a hallway scene, y/y? X3

Thanks for reading! ♥
So here's the part where I BERATE myself for not having stumbled upon this sooner (only because while I have trolled your writing LJ for all of your fic I apparently did not troll the old COMM entries for all of your fic) because I literally sat here trying not to squirm in my chair because this was so fucking good that I was more than a little flushed and flustered and excited. Jesus christ woman, I.... JESUS CHRIST I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAY HERE.

... except if you are offering souls, I gladly give you mine, as I think you've pretty much rendered it unusable (and guuuuuuh how much I enjoyed you tarnishing what last bits of innocence I had left, I would do it all over again 500 bagillion times if possible).

In short (NOT HAHA) ilusm- with mouth. ♥
There really aren't that many comm entries - I made typeset pretty soon after I started writing - so don't feel bad. XD

Thank you! This is one of my older and more OOC ones, but I always like to lend a hand in tarnishing people's innocence. It's a favorite passtime, actually. X3 I'm glad to hear it did its job.

Thank you again. ♥