'in the cloud' (one shot)

× Title: 'in the cloud'
× Author: me. ^^,
× Length: one shot
× Pairing: sakuraiba
× Rating: G
× Disclaimer: i own nothing
× Summary: 'its sad.. T.T '

sho centric

     I was on a boat at the middle of the lake, looking at the cloud while humming our favourite song. It was pale blue , bright and beautiful. He was on my lap, snuggling cutely asking for my attention. Our hand entwined together firmly as my other hand keep on caressing his smooth puff cheeks. He giggled softly from my touch, staring deeply in my eyes. I could see his pale lip can’t stop smiling and of course it makes my heart flutter looking at him like this. It was a big misery for us in these couples of months but thank God we could survive together. Yes, as long as we together there nothing we can’t face it. I never think of whatever might happen to me if he was not here for me. He was my life, the one that I love the most and of course someone that I rely on. Although we just living in very simple yet so simple life , but having him always in my arm somehow really me make my life as worth it.

‘*cough..*cough..’ he coughed hard. I could see him holding his chest.

‘masaki..’ I snorted while patting his back slowly as him tried to sit using all his might. I know how painful it is for him to suffer it by himself.

‘ne.. I’m alright.. it just a cough..’ he smiled bitterly hiding his painful face to me and take his both hand facepalming my face.

I nodded to him in fact I know he was lying. He never allow me to know his pain yet he rather face it alone and not involving me every time he has it. Of course I feel a bit of disappointed. But I know him , I know how much he doesn’t want him to be my burden and perhaps how much I’m going to worry about him later. I remain silent as I know he doesn’t like it when someone argues back to him. I know what best for him.

That night, it was raining. The air was cold yet with the smell of the wet grass and the sound of water dropping keep on tickling our ears. It was our usual night to watch movie together. Holding arm to arm , we cuddle each other in the same futon. Laughing and sobbing together following the flows of the movie. It was the moment of happiness yet the moments of sadness. I don’t know why but somehow I could feel something that was wrong. His smile was warm but his eyes tell me something that way too different.

‘sho-chan..’ he mumbled softly, so soft that I could melt into it.

‘ne honey..whats wrong?’ I asked back.

‘urm..’ he mumbled. ‘ if I die, will you forgive me??’

I was terrified with his sudden question. I could sense my heartbeat started to thumping so fast as I could barely breathe properly. I’m so alfraid of that question, denied the fact to lost him. Perhaps I can’t. I know that I can’t. I remain silent ignoring his question although I could see him waiting for my answer. I’m not ready, not yet ready to face whatever might happen between us.

‘ you know what..’ he spoke. I could hear him sighed. ‘If I has given to choose, I want to die in your arm.. that the only the best place for me..’ he laughed bitterly.

‘not funny masaki!!.’ I snapped at him. Lay my eyes to whatever thing that I could reach except his eyes, I could feel he was staring at me with his tender eyes. His tender eyes that I will never want to miss. His hand keep on caressing my cheeks as tears started to running on it. He know how much painful it feel right now, but yet I know that he suffer ten times more painful that I am.

‘promise me.. when I gone..please don’t cry for me.’ He added. ‘ please don’t let any single tears fall from your eyes..please.. will you??’ half begged to me.

‘masaki..just please don’t says anything ridiculous ..’ I smacked his head playfully.
‘go to sleep ne..it was late already..’ I said and started to stand up but immediately stop when I feel his hand reach my wrist.

‘ don’t leave me..’ he cried.

‘but I just want to take my futon.. then go to sleep ..’

‘ please don’t..’ he begged. I nodded slowly while pulling him in my arms. ‘we can share mine.. i just want to sleep..’ I swear I saw those tears falling fast from his eyes.

‘sleep with me..’ he added with his puffy eyes.’ I love you..’

Nodded my head, I laid my body in the same futon.I remain silent and tapping his back until I make sure that he really is sleeping. It was a cold night. Having him sleeping soundly in my arm make me feel calm. All the pain seems to be fade away from my mind as I drove into a sleep in a couple of minutes after that. Sleep with my hand linked with him. Like nothing could bring us apart. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a new day for us. Yes definitely it is.


I was on a boat at the middle of the lake, looking at the cloud while humming our favourite song softly. But it was dark as it going to rain any minutes. I was holding his picture on my lap. Holding the frame firmly and caressing the smooth surface of the picture. I could hear his giggles in my heart, and somehow I could clearly see the smile that he always had. I remain silent looking at the empty space in front of me. The rain started dropping as my tears falling on my cheeks. Eventhough the rain started to be heavy without any warning but I remain still there. Ignoring myself getting soaked by the rain and wet the picture with it.

‘ masaki.. I’m sorry..please forgave me..’ sobbing between my words. ‘ I will keep my words..’ clearly remember his last words.

‘I forgave you..i will not let any single tears falling from me again and eventhough it is bitter for me to face it. ..masaki your name will remain here..’ I added while holding my chest.. ‘ I promise.’

Take a deep breath, I took the picture into the water and look it sink deeper into the clear water. Singing the song slowly as I started to propel the boat leaving the memory behind me. I will move on as he asked me to do it even I know it will take time. I look back at the spot and smiled, waving at the spot as I mumble our song. Somehow the song can’t stop playing in my mind. Farewell masaki.

scribble notes: my first time writing a fic~ please do give me love..*nervous*

it's great but sad T___T
and I cried while reading it T____T
anw thanks for sharing ^^
this is your 1st time writing a fanfic? well you got 4/5 stars from me for this! thumbs up! really like the storyline and the plot.

looking forward for your next work~
saje je buat xtw..nak buat sequel citer ni..
rajin2 r jenguk saye k.. ^^
btw tq k dear..haha..arigatou ne..