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Title : Comment Box FlashFic
Author: Zan
Rating: G, all of them
Category: 3 X One shot

Disclaimer: Arashi belongs not to me, they really belong to/with each other. ^_~ This is fiction, written not for profit but for love!

A/N: These started life out as comment fic. These have been searched out, collected and tidied up for flange5's Birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTDAY MY DEAR
I know it's a little bit of a cheat,but I thought you might like to find them all in one place!


Fulmar-Jun sat on the rocks and watched the silly Dolphin-Aiba. Really, that mammal was going to get himself eaten one day by a great white or something. Fulmar-Jun spread his wings and made ready to fly, he wanted to curl up in his nest with his books. Jun was tired of watching Dolphin-Aiba and his antics. As an afterthought – because life would be empty without Dolphin-Aiba, Fulmar-Jun decided to ask Seal-Sho to take over Aiba watch before heading for home.

He took off and flew over the sea, searching near the rocks. Sho liked looking for crabs and shellfish amongst the rocks. Jun spotted him soon enough, he was taking in what sunshine was left of the day and snoozing away. Jun landed on his head and bumped him gently with his beak. The seal opened one eye and Jun pointed out at sea, and cawed and cackled at him until enough was enough Seal-Sho got it already, thank you and slapped poor Jun - who was only trying to help – with a flipper.

Jun was satisfied only when Seal-Sho slid himself into the sea and swam out to Aiba. There was safety in numbers after all. He flew over to the beach and found his two penguin friends as they chirped merrily over some fish they had caught. He caught Penguin-Nino give a quick peck and rub of Penguin-Ohno’s bottom with his beak. Nino’s sixth sense zeroed in on the bird even before he landed and stood defensively before both fish and Ohno. Ohno merely pushed Penguin-Nino out of the way, waddled over friendly like to Jun., and smiled. Then he waddled back to the fish and pushed it a little towards Jun. Penguin Nino looked to both penguin and bird, shrugged his shoulders and crooked his beak in acquiescence but not without an over-sharp friendly peck at Jun’s feathers first … just to show who was boss.

(319 words of Animal Arashi)

Maybe, Sometimes … Ever Happy After…for flange

Ohno leaves the gallery later than usual because of some last minute acquisitions to look into and the final paperwork takes him past closing time. Pulling the coat’s collar close around his neck, he sighs and looks up into the night sky. The sky, lights up and the bright whiteout afterimage makes him shake his head. ‘Typical’. Just on the day, he does not bring an umbrella. Still, he is not too upset because he actually loves walking in the rain, although he us uncertain if he wants to be out in the storm that the weather promises to bring.

He walks briskly towards the metro station. He does not get far when someone touches his elbow.

“Oh? Hello!” Ohno cannot help it and beams. “I thought you were shooting until late.”

“I was,” Nino said as he links arms with Ohno. “It is you who is late.” He dangles his car keys in front of the older man. “I thought you could use a lift though. The car’s parked just round the block” He pulls Ohno along to hurry him. “C’mon I don’t want to get a ticket.”


Jun stops by the vintners on his way home. He wonders what dinner is going to be as he observes the angry night sky and smiles at the thought of dinner. Whatever it is, he is certain that it will fine, just not fine dining. He pushes at his spectacles, brushes the dark waves of hair off his face and pulls his purple cashmere scarf into place neatly.


Sho looks at the clock.

“Please stop your worrying. They WILL be here soon.” Aiba notices it is about the seventh time Sho looks at the clock in the last five minutes. “Nino did say he was going to be late, you know.”

“I know but Riida should be here by now.” Force of habit, even though they are not Arashi any more. Sho and Aiba still call Ohno, Riida.

Sho gives the dinner table another once over. In spite of what people know of Aiba, he is not as inept everyone thinks him to be. Aiba is a – more than – passable chef. He catches a glance from Aiba’s eyes, as he sits at the table and cannot resist a cheeky grin. The doe-eyed sultry look he receives in return makes him blush.

Sho mentally ticks off the list in his head. The Budgies are safe, asleep and out of the way for the night in their cages. The cats (one tortoiseshell, one marmalade tabby and two Siamese) have eaten, now also asleep in their baskets and their two cocker spaniels are at a sitter’s for the night. So barring any real emergencies, the evening will be a lovely meeting of old friends and a happy one. Sho almost jumps when the doorbell eventually rings. He stands up to let them in. They all have keys but it is only polite to welcome their visitors at the door.

“Tadaima” Nino calls out.
“O kaeri” Sho and Aiba say in unison as they take coats off Nino and Ohno.
“Hnnnn,” is all the response Ohno can muster. This earns him a smack up side of his head from Nino.
“Jun isn’t here yet.” Aiba informs them. “I am sure he won’t mind us sitting down at the table yet and having some drinks first.
“Ok,” so Nino heads straight for the kitchen and refrigerator. Ohno goes to get some glasses from the kitchen cabinets.

Sho leans back on his chair and closes his eyes. He lets OhMiya SK easy banter soothe him and he tenses a little when he feels hands on his shoulders but relaxes because it is Aiba.

“Hush,” is all the whisper he hears and Aiba kneads at the knots on his shoulders, presses and releases on points on either side of his neck.
“Don’t let him fall asleep now before we eat,” Jun laughs a warning as leaves his workbag by the door and wanders into the kitchen.
“Jun,” Aiba squeals in happy surprise. “I didn’t hear you come in.”
Jun just smirks at the two of them. “I wonder why?” He winks.

Dinner is a simple affair of everyone bringing something to the table. Jun, of course, brings the wine and a salad. Nino brings a dessert of strawberries and cream. Nino with a twinkle in his eye and a slap on Ohno’s behind comments that the cream is Ohno’s idea. Ohno just smiles and Jun rolls his eyes heavenward and mutters that they should go home for that sort of thing first – because thank you very much he does not want to be witness to whatever Nino wants to do with Ohno involving cream and fruit – it is bad enough Jun has an idea of it. Whether or not Ohno enjoyed them, Jun most definitely DID. NOT. Want to know!


With dinner already eaten, the many hands make light work of clearing the dishes. They fall into the equilibrium of comfortable silence and hum of conversation that have seen them through the latter part of their band lives once they discovered by trial and error how they fit in with each other.

“So where’re your furry friends tonight?” Nino asks Aiba and not waiting for an answer he turns to Sho in turn, “Sho, how do you put up with them all?”
Sho shrugs his shoulders. Nino is baiting them and does not really expect an answer and he is not going to bother with one.


When Johnny’s Entertainment got all they could out of Arashi, the five talked about it at length and collectively decided that they were more than willing to try life without the Arashi shield. Truly, they did not realise how much it was like having a storm shield, being in a band, being together. At first, there were whispers and rumours of dissent and acrimony amongst the five. Then there were those that said they would never be friends again.

Yes, it did hurt. It hurt them all. To suddenly have that anchor and chain slip away lost to sea, unmoored them slightly to say the least. The one ship became little sailboats finding their way without a compass. Although they made the decision to ‘call it a day’, as a group, together, as with everything they did then. Still, of course it hurt.

The biggest worry for Jun was Aiba.

The biggest worry for Sho was Aiba.

OhMiya worried not quite so much because they knew that Jun and Sho worried enough for all five of them and Aiba not at all, because he believed firmly in providence. Aiba turned out fine after all much to the relief of both Jun and Sho.

Ohno had his art gallery and still had the pick of roles for stage plays. Nino continued acting. Sho became the producer of his own news show. Jun went back to studying and with Sho’s help and advice, got a couple of degrees (Jun was a force to be reckoned with when he applied himself) and earned himself a place on the board of advisors at J-Storm. Aiba continued hosting shows on the entertainment circuit and carried on work with animals, but his proudest moment was when he appeared as a guest on Animal Planet for Geoff Corwin, twice. He made them all come over to their apartment and watch the shows … at least twice that they remembered. Earlier on most of their “get-togethers” degenerated into beer, bawdy talk and more beer. Such nights ended with limbs everywhere, hangovers and odd lapses of memory the next day. Odd. Really.


Jun appraises the state of the apartment. It is tidy enough he supposes, smiles and chooses to relax because between Sho and Aiba they really do okay. He does not entirely agree with their aesthetics or, the shades, which clash and rankle on Jun's colour matching nerves. He just he smiles and revels in the fact that he is as relaxed, as happy here with the four biggest idiots he knows and loves as anywhere else. That at least feels right.
Some Sundays they eat well because he will pack OhMiya off to the supermarket with a specific list and a ‘don’t you dare diverge in anyway from it’-warning and he cooks.

Jun is also secretly glad that Ohno is such a Mama’s boy because Mrs Ohno has trained her boy well and on days where he is too busy to do his own laundry Ohno is the only one he trusts to do it. Whilst the rest are quite happy to ‘occasionally find’ their favourite white shirts dyed a dark pink because of one brand new red sock, he is not.

He looks around and is glad that in spite of the different paths and careers, they are still friends. If ARASHI ever stops being friends, he reckons he will crawl away somewhere and die. He knows, because he is odd like that.

(1500 words of a not Arashi future)


Nino huffs and puffs, and makes like he does-not-care. Truly, a small tiny part of him does not really. That is the part of him secure in that place that Ohno holds for him. Still, on the other hand ... Nino huffs and puffs because the contender is Jun and because of who Jun is, he cannot be entirely secure.

He relaxes a bit when he feels a strong hand stroke him in the middle of his back.

"There, there," the low voice tells him that there is one person who he definitely can count on.

This is – not to say he cannot count on Ohno, or Jun for that matter. For, before Jun, before Ohno there is Sho.

Nino leans back and Aiba flanks him on the other side. Assured now, he slowly smiles.

Aiba breathes a sigh of relief. It is amazing to him how catlike Nino can be. He snuggles up close, if only to pull Sho on the other side of Nino flush to them both. Nino proves his theorising by almost purring.

Ohno alert to the sound of a happy Nino looks up from where he and Jun are, sitting, whispering drama techniques to each other. He catches Nino's eyes and smiles that slow smile he reserves for Nino. Still clutching Jun's fingers, he gets up and pulls Jun along towards the others.

Aiba reaches out, grabs Jun's free arm and clinches him in at the waist and Jun has to let go of Riida. Jun does not mind because it is Aiba after all. Ohno hesitates but only a moment before deciding to squeeze in between Aiba and Nino. They laugh and giggle and 'hostilities' if you want to call the snarky competition for affection between Jun and Nino are forgotten – if only temporarily. Only because they love each other too really and they just cannot help themselves, where Ohno is concerned. He possesses ‘stealth’ charm that sneaks up on you unawares and people become the putty and clay of which Ohno is so fond.

"Yes that's it!" Click. The photographer catches the moment.

(350 words of Member-ai)

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Hach, so nice. I love the idea of post-Arashi-Jun getting to college and collecting degrees. That I can imagine perfectly.
I think he has a lot of potential, just probably being in the Jimusho got in the way. I think he would be awesome at learning because I think/get the feeling one of Jun's mottos is that 'Failure is NOT an option'.

I'm glad you can imagine it too! ^______^

Thank you!
possessive penguin nino XDDDDDDDDDDD
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I love all of them! They are wonderful, and sweet and fluffy (yeah, I like my tooth rotten by fluffy arashi fics, thank you XD)! But the first one is my favorite! Ohmiya penguins are just too cute!
OhMiya penguins ... everyone should have a pair of Ohmiya penguin plushies ... ^___^ *big grins* thank you for the lovely comment!