One-shot: Ask Arashi

Title: Ask Arashi
Author: Kanesu
Pairing: none (unless you squint..)
Genre: humor/fluff
Word count: 1163
Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and no profits are being made off of it. The story is all mine, Arashi, on the other hand, is not. *sigh* (Hideo belongs to me! *grabs the junior and runs*)
Author’s note: My second attempt *ever* on fanfiction. All comments and advices are welcome! There's another one of these in my journal but I have a very good reason why I didn't post it here..(starts with an 's' and ends with 'ucks')
Summary:Sho brimmed with importance. He loved to help and advice the juniors who, knowing that fact well and according to their current problem, came to him about it, or optionally stayed as far as possible”. -And you will come to understand why the later choice might sometimes be for the best.

Um..Sho-san..I don't know how to ask you this, but..I need some advise..”

Ah, It's Hideo-kun. Come in, you've come to the right place!” Sho brimmed with importance. He loved to help and advice the juniors who, knowing that fact well and according to their current problem, came to him about it, or optionally stayed as far as possible. “What kind of girl is she? You did good to ask me, I know everything about talking to girls..”

Hey, Sho, have you seen my underpa..oh, Hideo, yo! What's up?” Aiba wandered cheerfully, if a little informally dressed, in to the room.

Hideo is asking something about a girl.”

Really!? Let's hear it then, I'm pretty good at giving advise myself, if I may say so. I remember this one time that my little brother came to me and he was *snort* soaking wet..” Aiba's memory lane was rudely interrupted by a voice from the door: “Oi, you two! They gave us the 20-minute-warning, so have you stretched yet?”

Not yet, Nino. We're helping Hideo here ask a girl out or something.” came Aiba's prompt but vague reply.

Oh, that's nice. First love, is it?” Ohno wanted to know while pushing Nino's hand away from his buttocks for the third time. Nino had been physically attached to him since the morning rehearsal and he thought it might be time for some privacy, or at least his bum to himself again.

It appears to be, he's so shy about it” Sho answered Rida and gave the baffled junior a heart-warming smile. For some reason this made the said person grin awkwardly and take a glimpse at the door; it was so far away..

Noticing the unsure look, Aiba begun the coaching immediately: “You really need to be more sure of yourself! Girls like it if the man knows what he wants.”

How can he know what he wants, he's only 15!” Sho defended.

You could give her flowers.” Ohno suggested, “They are nice.”

No they're not, Oh-chan! They are old-fashioned and bothersome, where's she going to put them while they're having the date?” Nino butted in.

This made Sho look horrified: “But there must be flowers,” he claimed. “It wouldn't be a date without them! Right, Satoshi?” But Ohno was busy pouting on Nino's direction, possibly wanting to point out how he had realized why no one ever brought him flowers, (or perhaps for some other reason entirely, with Ohno you couldn't be too sure) but was ignored nevertheless.

In the end, all this delicate between-the-lines communication was once and for all drowned by Aiba's loud opinion: “Really, you should give her flowers, BUT! Buy them just before you take her home so they don't get in the way during the date!”

That's just stupid, you..stupid.” Nino announced firmly, although his usually quick-witted retorting might have been slightly compromised by some adorable pouting going on near by.

I hate to agree, but really Masaki, you would leave the poor girl standing while you run to the flower shop?” Sho sighed shaking his head. That was when Aiba started to crank out half-serious 'baka's to the both of them, to which Nino answered the same way while Sho raised his voice to explain (to anyone who would listen) how you should never ever leave a girl standing and Ohno and Hideo just looked miserable and a tad lost in the mayhem.

WHAT IS THIS RUCKUS!” The door had opened once again and a pair of piercing brown eyes demanded attention. “You all have exactly ten minutes to prepare yourselves.” Jun looked around and his questioning gaze landed on Hideo, who was trying to hide behind Sho. Jun's voice softened to that slightly more pleasant tone he reserved solely to women and children and his Rida. “All the other juniors are on their way to the backstage already,” he reminded.

I was just..” Hideo tried to explain himself but got once again interrupted by the well meaning Sho: “He came to get advise on how to ask a girl on a date”

That's all?” Jun raised one perfect eyebrow. “Come Hideo-kun, I'll walk you there and explain this small matter on the way.”

While the junior negotiated his way through the disappointed members, Jun focused on them: “And the rest of you. You WILL be dressed up and ready when I return.” He didn't add 'or else', he never had to.

Jun held the door open for Hideo, came through himself and started to walk briskly down the hall his kouhai one step behind trying to keep up with the older man's pace.

So, on the topic of asking a girl out. ” Jun begun, “You ask her face to face, none of that nonsense with cell phones. You decide where and when, you will also pay so choose carefully. When you go meet her bring a single flower of her favorite color. Just one is enough so it won't be bothersome during the date. When you walk, hold her hand, otherwise don't because your hand will get sweaty and that's just gross.” Jun took a moment to wrinkle his nose at the idea before continuing his speech, “during the date, buy her a plushie. It will remind her of the date, and you, longer than the flower. Finally, when you're saying goodbyes, kiss her on the cheek, and nothing sloppy with the tongue, mind you, they hate that. And that's about it, for a first date. Anything else you wanted to know while I'm here?” asked Matsumoto Jun, the master of romance, as they halted in front of a large red door.

Hideo looked slightly awed and more than a bit worried. “Thanks Matsumoto-san, I appreciate that, but..” Hideo swallowed audibly and looked longingly towards the backstage door. He started to edge in it's direction with a small blush on his face. “I. I actually just..wanted to ask Sho-san where he bought his sneakers from. All the juniors here want the same kind..”

Jun blinked slowly, twice, before he answered: it was a small boutique in Shibuya, that Jun himself had actually introduced Sho to. Hearing this, Hideo formed a near-perfect 'o' with his mouth, bowed deeply and, without another word, disappeared through the red door.


Left alone, Jun stood there for a while pondering the fact that his bandmates had failed yet again in listening to the whole question before answering it randomly..though admittedly, it was sort of amusing. Jun felt a smile creep it's way up his lips, no matter how glamorous, it was a smile of a striped thing hidden in the long grass and it just waited for something tender to totter by. He was going to have so much fun on tonight's MC!

On the way back, Jun started to whistle.


Well, I really hope there will be a third attempt on fanfiction from your side. This was good! You captured the members quite well. It would be SO Jun to make fun of his colleagues in front of a few thousand witnesses. ^__^
Thanks! <3
I have been writing more, but it's still unclear whether they end up 'anywhere'. It's fun to write Arashi, though, and I'm engouraged by your kind maybe there'll be another one, maybe. ^^

XD Jun would definitely do just that, wouldn't he..what a sweet lil pup he is! *pinches cheek -> runs like hell*
That was so fun to read!!!

But Ohno was busy pouting on Nino's direction, possibly wanting to point out how he had realized why no one ever brought him flowers, UTTER WIN.

I'd love to be in that concert, to hear that MC... XD
Aaw~ thanks for reading!

No one brings flowers to poor Oh-chan! *snifs*
But the man has such a pout that I bet there will be an anonymous flower delivery later that night, of which Nino has no knowledge of what so ever..

And me too, I'd love to watch our DoS do what he does best! XD
Thanks for reading!

It's very possible, isn't it, with Sho being the mother he is and Jun being the happy sadist HE is.. XD
This was a very fun read! :D Captured their personalities so well!
Riida's so sweet suggesting Hideo to buy flowers... and then Nino shooting him down XDD Tough love, ne~
Why, thank you! ^__^
It might seem like tough love between the Ohmiya, but they balance out well, I think. There's more to Oh-chan than meets the eye. XD
..He probably got his flowers in the end (even if Nino would never admit it)
Thanks for reading~ :D