The 10 Myths Of Matsumoto Jun

Title: The 10 Myths of Matsumoto Jun
Rating: G to PG-13
Pairings: Jun-centric (Some Aibajun and Matsumiya)
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: Johnny's owns my wallet, my life and Arashi. 
Beta: The awesome [info]resolute_reader who even in her sickness beta'd this for me! You dork!  ♥ ♥ And no matter what she says, she's super awesome!
Notes: Prompt no. 3 from Matsu-thon at resolute_reader's LJ. Please do read and comment and all criticism is welcomed!

(1) Jun is OCD

A piece of tape in the corner of the studio will bug him throughout the entire thirty minutes of filming. A tiny smudge on the glass table will eat at him until he can reach over and casually wipe it off. Round objects being placed with square objects will throw off his entire routine.

That's why it is of no surprise to anybody that enters his apartment for the first time to find it immaculate and systematic. But secretly, Jun liked nothing better than coming home and finding Aiba in his messy kitchen, grinning and holding up what seems to be dinner.

(2) DoS Bancho

Jun had heard himself being described that way on numerous occasions. He was so used to it by now that he didn't bother correcting them. After all, if the public knew that in actuality he was the "M" to Nino's "S", they'd just freak out.

(3) Children

Anyone who has seen an episode of Mago Mago Arashi knows that Jun's irresistibility has no effect on children. And it is widely known that he as a slight disdain for children; they pooped, they yelled, they smacked him, and he isn't even allowed to retaliate.

So when Nino decided it would be a hilarious prank to announce to his lover that he wanted to adopt children, he was floored to find Jun agreeing. He was even more dismayed when he found himself being dragged to go baby furniture shopping.

(4) Contact

Everyone thought that Jun abhorred the idea of physical contact. But he didn't. It was the idea of being touched in public that he disliked. Private touching, however, was a different matter all together.

(5) In Control

Jun never lost control of things and he never placed himself in compromising situations. But that was before he found himself naked and withering on the floor of the staffroom, Nino pressing urgently against him. With barely enough time to calculate the amount of germs festering in the carpet, he found himself mid-orgasm and spilling over the edge.

No, Jun never lost control of things. Never.

(6) Herbal Tea and Other Remedies

There are only a few staples inside Jun's bag and Chinese medicinal herbs are certainly one of them. He keeps them in a clear plastic box, each contained properly in their own separate compartments. He claims they are good for your health and that they will cure your ailment.

What he doesn't tell you is that they taste like rough tree bark soaked in lukewarm water that's been left out for days. Which is also the reason why, when he's the one with the cold, it takes all of the other members of Arashi to force it down his throat.

(7) Jun Cares the Most About Arashi

His dedication and passion towards them was unrivaled and widely spoken of. He enjoys singing, acting and performing. Honestly, he loves his job. But every now and then Jun dreams of being a normal person.

Someone with a regular 9 to 5 job. Someone who has a monthly rail pass. A nobody, simply blending into the multitudes of raven haired Japanese men.

And sometimes he finds himself wishing it wasn't just a dream.

(8) Clothes

Yes, Jun is a fashionista. He doesn't wear the same shirt twice if he can help it. But being fashionable didn't mean that he only had the most trendy and up to date clothes sitting in his apartment.

In the bottom-most drawer of his wardrobe sat a pile of carefully folded clothes. A see-through rain jacket outfit with a pair of white hot pants, a large yellow smock-like vest with "Matsumoto Jun" written across it in bold black letters, even the red cowboy outfit lined with yellow glitter complete with the sparkling hat.

Jun outgrew those clothes years ago, and he hadn't worn them since he was sixteen or so. But, still, he kept each and every outfit from the year of Arashi's debut. And sometimes, late at night after a long day of work, he'll sift through them and smile; remembering just how far they had come since then.

(9) Elite

It is a wide known fact that there are three elites in Johnny's Entertainment, Matsumoto Jun being one of them. What Jun doesn't understand is why it's such a big deal.

He's not the best singer of the group that's Ohno; who is, in his opinion, one of the best in all of JE. He's not the best dancer, that's Ohno again. He's also not the best actor; that's got to be Nino, with the big Hollywood movie. He's not the smartest; especially when Sho is a Keio graduate and he barely finished high school. And he's not even the most likable; Aiba exudes happiness and spreads joy everywhere he goes. Matsumoto Jun is just pretty.

So each time someone mentions the word elite, like it's the best compliment possible, Jun can only force himself to smile while he is reminded of all his faults once more.

(10) Touch

If there had to be a signature "MatsuJun" move, it would be his head slap. A quick raise of his right arm followed sharply with his hand. Hard and fast, it happens, connecting loudly with its target.

His fans argue that it's a sign of his love and affection for his bandmates. His bandmates argue that it is in his nature as a sadistic bastard.

And if you ask the sadistic bastard, he'll tell you he does it because sometimes he just gets an urge to touch. For, while Nino gropes, Ohno kisses, Aiba hugs and Sho leans. This is the closest he'll ever get to physical contact with them. So a slap on the head doesn't mean "I love you" nor does it mean "You're an idiot" it simply means "Thank you for being here."

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Love, love, love <3 I'll go add it to the thon ^^

I am a dork, but so are you XD

Ah, I'm so happy to see this posted! Now everyone else can enjoy it but never as much as I do (because I'll always love it the most) <3
I think we've all got some dork in us, after all, we're all nuts for a bunch of dorks aren't we? (It's just that some of us, coughyoucough, are dorkier than others :D)

Aww shucks, I'm glad you loved it! You deserve massive credit for editing my crap. But don't you ever beta again when you're sick! >=p

Ahh, thank you for reading! Jun's really just a big fluff ball sometimes, he's so misunderstood xD
Oh, these were all simply PERFECT!

I love any hint of Nino/Jun... and these were rather more than that. ;)

#9 susinct and sad and very realistic. He's right in every aspect of the others and even himself. I wonder what makes Jun Elite and at the same time, isn't it just that he's Jun?

And #10 made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Thank you for writing this! Where can I find more of your Arashi fic?
Ahh, you're making me blush. I'm not sure they were that perfect, but thank you so much for thinking they were!

Matsumiya ♥♥ They are my OTP, but lately Aiba has been driving me insane so Aibajun has been trying to take over xD But I can't really fight the Matsumiya. I actually had two more "myths" written about Jun. They got cut so I could follow the prompt properly. But the two other ones were more Aibajun lol

Ah! You picked my favorite one too! Elite was the one I liked best. What I love about Jun is that even though he's such an overwhelmingly popular idol, he's still insecure and not overly confident about himself. He's, arguably, the most popular out of Arashi yet if you think about it, he's not the best at anything. But yeah, Jun being Matsumoto Jun makes him who he is. Touch turned out a bit mushier than I intended but I'm glad it made you smile!

Thank you for reading and commenting!! I'm a relatively new Arashi fanfic writer, so I don't have many fics written up yet. I have a total of two one-shots, and two drabbles, all Arashi related and they are all posted in Arashirabu. But I did do a summary post at Jent so here's the link :
these are nice esp the matsumiya parts...

write more pls.
Thanks! I love Matsumiya myself! And I'm glad they are getting some shippers finally!

I'll try :] Thanks again for reading and commenting!
I like nino/jun too!
the last one "touch" was so ^____________^!!!!
who the other two elites?
Yay! More Matsumiya shippers! This makes me very happy! :D Now time to convert some into Aibajun :D

Aww, thanks! It was fluffy right? xD

The other two elites of JE are: Nakai Masahiro (SMAP) and Higashiyama Noriyuki (Shounentai).
YEP! I've been a fangirl of quite a few boybands (though Arashi isn't really a boyband) but I believe the real reason I like Jun so much is exactly because of his weaknesses. He's really more because of them.

Thanks! :D Glad you enjoyed reading this !
That was cute. (: Awesome and fluffy and very very what Arashi is about.
Thank you for sharing with us!
Fluffy Arashi ♥ I'm happy you think this is Arashi-esque. I always worry that I will mess up and assign them characteristics that are so not who they are.

I'm happy to share and thank you for reading :]

By the way, I totally ship Jun/Nino/Aiba OT3 anyone? ♥

Oh wow!! This is the first time anyone has added my fic to their memories! I'm so surprised and flattered! Thank you!!! Really happy that you liked it that much :]
this is... really really good! ^_^ i'm not a matsujun fan but i enjoyed this very much! ^_^
Ahh, there are a lot of talented writers in Arashi fandom. And I am definitely not there yet, but I will work hard xD

Thanks for reading! Not a Matsujun fan? =O Ahh, as long as you're an Arashi fan it's all good :D
This is really lovely, the way you take the stereotypes and cliches and fill them out&hearts.

Thank you!

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Ahh thanks! I'm glad you found it enjoyable :] I actually had this typed up for a while now and been editing it on and off. And a lot of my research was done at Aibakaland so, super thanks to the people there for posting!

And, "Squees", I love Aiba. I love Aiba with a puppy! x]
aw, i enjoyed this a lot!

matsujun is so well written. and matsumiya implications are always welcomed XD

thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed it then!

I've read almost all the recommendations you have at your LJ! So thank you for linking up some amazing fics and introducing me to such awesome writers! Arashi fandom really rocks :D

Jun's about the only one I feel I've got somewhat of a grip on inside of Arashi. For the life of me, I cannot write a good Juntoshi fic because I can't figure out Ohno. And even when I write Matsumiya or Aibajun, it's got to be from Jun's POV. Let's not start on Sho either.

Thanks for commenting :]
this is so much Jun, it's nice to see that people do understand him, wonderful and full of love, thank you for sharing :)
Ah, I'm happy you thought this was an actual portrayal of Jun!

I love when people see past the sexy cold image he has and realize he's just a big dorkball like the rest of them!

And thank you for reading and commenting :D

This was really good! 'Children' was too cute, 'Jun Cares the Most About Arashi' and 'Elite' were sad but very nicely written, and 'Touch' made me feel happy. It seemed very Jun-ish. XD

Thank you for sharing this!
I'm happy you liked them!! Elite is my personal favorite, so I'm super glad you liked that one. Ahh, it being Jun-ish is the best compliment!

Thank you for reading this! :D
this fic makes me all ... warm...inside lol...XD
jun wasn't one of my favs when i know arashi but i've grown to like him lots too...thx for reminding us that jun is just as human and occasionally dorky just like the rest of arashi..!!

my personal fav is "Touch"..!
"So a slap on the head doesn't mean "I love you" nor does it mean "You're an idiot" it simply means "Thank you for being here.""
*lotsa hearts <3<3*
Ahh I'm glad it gave you that giddy feeling :] Jun's always been my favorite, and I was naturally Jun-baited also. Even though I have come to love all of Arashi, Jun's still got that special place in my heart . Arashi just has a way of making you love all of them equally as well! Jun's just a big dork sometimes, no matter how professional and mature he acts, he's still young, 25 years old!!

Aww thanks! A lot of people seem to like Touch the most! :D
Aww thanks! Yay, an Aibajun shipper ♥

(And I sort of secretly believe that Aiba isn't all that bad of a cook)
Junjun isn't exactly my ichiban anymore, but this reminded me of all the things I think are wonderful and endearing about him. ;_;
REALLY well done. :)
I kind of agree, what is so attractive about Jun is that while you can clearly see all of his strengths and he acts tough, he has a lot of vulnerabilites too.... :) he's very human.
Thank you! I'm happy you liked the fic :]

Ahh, yes, Jun's got some pretty endearing qualities. Just because he's an idol doesn't mean he isn't human and he's just like us sometimes too. He'll make mistakes, he'll have his regrets it's just that he's super rich and can afford a shrink if he needs too see one xD

Thanks for commenting!!
this is a little late, but I found this on resolute-reader's matsuthon, and agh they're so great! I like the variety between light and heavier stuff, and even how you managed to pull some off in one sentence was crazy awesome!
OMG! AMAZING <3 I loved all 1-10 things <3 I loved Matsumiya and Matsuba here <3
I love this~
The whole thing was brilliant!!
I would have added lines more about how amazing this is, but I'm guessing you already know how great this is =D
So I'll be straight to the point.
This is very wonderful ^_^
Four thumbs for you...
But no.9 is really sad...
You didn't become elite just because you are pretty, Jun-chan...

Thanks for sharing^^