AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 10.1 - Always
Authors: satsumatsu & arashic0804 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 2136
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

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Hashima, 1970

Kazu fiddled with the tin can, making sure that the attached string was stretched to its extend to hear better.

“Tell Masaki it’s not the time for sweets,” he complained when he listened to Jun’s report of Masaki’s response.

“... I could have a candy, though,” Jun mused and Kazu pulled the string in exasperation to make a point. “Wait...” Kazu pressed the tin can closer to his ear. “Masaki said Sho had said he has candy!”

“Jun!” Kazu almost yelled but it came out as a strangled whisper since his parents were already asleep.


“Tell me already the answer to the fifth question. I wanna be done with this stupid homework.”

He waited a little. Now Jun would ask Masaki and Masaki would ask Sho. He pressed the second tin can to his ear but couldn’t hear anything. Oh-chan must be asleep already.

“It’s 5 c).” Jun’s half whispered voice appeared again.

Kazu squinted in the darkness at his paper, grabbed his pencil and circled the c).

“Masaki says he could throw some candy over if I just open my window wide enough,” Jun said after a while. Kazu flopped down his futon.

“You already tried that - and it hit your parent’s head. ... Tell me the sixth.”

“You’re boring at night, Kazu,” Jun pouted, Kazu could tell even over the string telephone. A huff. “I’ll ask...”

Kazu sighed. He looked around his tiny room and caught sight of his own stock of candy. He moved slowly in his room, separating a piece of candy, ripping some paper and wrapped the red sweets. He rummaged a little for a string, totally missing that Jun was calling him when he finished his construct.

He crawled back to his futon to bind the string with the wrapped candy around the telephone string. He lifted the tin can and send the candy off - while pressing it to his ear again.



“Where were you??”

“Asleep ‘cause you take so long.” Kazu snapped in a whisper.

“That-...” Jun’s voice abruptly stopped over the string. The candy must have reached his destination.

“Kazu~” A delighted muffled sound.

Kazu smiled.

“It’s 6 d).”

He circled it dutifully.

“Masaki says you’re unfair, giving me candy. I told him you like me more.”

Jun could be so mean sometimes.

“Sho will share some with him anyway...”

Nino let out a huff, closing his book and shoving the papers away. He laid down on his futon properly; the tin can still pressed to his ear although the homework was finished.

He heard a yawned “Thanks~” after a while and drifted off to sleep with a grin on his face.


Tokyo, Daiba Koen, 1984

They walked along the countless docks, not really aiming for anything. It was close to midnight and it felt like they were the only ones on the street.

Jun wasn't even sure how they got here; it must have been the most deserted place in Tokyo. He didn't mind, he wouldn't even have recognized if there were others. He was so focused watching Sho's figure in front of him who walked with Nino.

Sho grew up! He had that intellectual aura around him like Jun had pictured him all the years. He seemed like such an adult, but then he tripped over a rope. Jun chuckled. It was good that some things remained.

Suddenly Masaki - Aiba - threw an arm around his shoulder.

"It's been such a long time, Jun-chan!"

It felt so familiar that Jun had to grin. No one called him that in such a long time. He felt years younger. Euphoric, he slung an arm around the other’s waist.

"How have you been?"

There was a short hesitation.

"Good," Aiba said finally. "All in all."

"Aiba-chan," there was Ohno's voice and a brush of fingertips first on Jun's wrist before they settled on the space between Aiba's shoulder blades. Aiba's smile wavered. "Some people take it slow." Ohno just said and patted his back before joining the other two in front of them, almost tripping in the darkness as well.

"Something wrong?" Jun asked.

Aiba just squeezed his shoulder. "No..."


They walked in silence for a while, Aiba not willing to elaborate and Jun not wanting to force him.

"Are you there? Where you wanted to be in ten years?" Aiba asked suddenly.

Jun looked in front of him, seeing Ohno in the middle of Sho and Nino, along with feeling Aiba beside him.

"Yeah." He said.


"We're together,” Jun clarified. “That's where I wanted to be in ten years."

Aiba abruptly stopped, yanking Jun with him.

"That's right!" he almost yelled, hugging Jun.

"OI!" Nino shouted. "Are you two coming??"


The constellation had changed somehow and Jun found himself next to Sho with the other three in front of them, joking around.

“Isn’t it amazing that it feels exactly the same?” Sho asked, watching the others fondly. “The five of us together. Like the ten years of separation didn’t happen.”

“Maybe it’s because we’ve reached our goals,” Jun mused. “In ten years, we meet each other again, we accomplished our dreams, we-...”

“Aiba didn’t...” Sho interrupted. “He hasn’t reached-...”

“Then show him the way like you used to.” Jun said, smiling.

“I tried already.”

“Try harder.”

Sho let out a chuckle. “You know, candy doesn’t work anymore to get his attention.”

“I’m sure a confession would work.”

Abruptly, Sho stopped walking, starring at Jun in horror. “You-...”

“Everyone could see it, Sho-chan.”

“Is that so,” Sho strained a smile.

Jun laughed. It was so much easier to talk about it when you’re older.

“In that case, why don’t you try it, too?”


Sho nudged him. “Kazu!”

“Why would I-...”

“Everyone could see it, Jun-chan,” Sho mimicked him and Jun was surprised to see a rather sadistic side of his friend. “Remember? Nino would always get you first at hide and seek; you would always run with him during the sports lesson. Just in the way how devastated Nino was when you left the island...”

Jun cringed at that. “It’s time, Jun-chan. Nino has been waiting too.”

Sho left Jun stunned to catch up with the others while Jun was rooted to the ground. He could see how Sho said something to Nino and wanted to strangle him. But then Nino turned around, glancing at Jun oddly - maybe fondly, but really, that could be the darkness. And while the others continued their walk, Nino waited for Jun to move.

Jun hesitated but then he could hear how Nino shouted, “Come on, Jun!” and his feet moved on their own accord.


They walked so close together that their fingertips were brushing constantly.



Jun slowed down his step and Nino complied, while searching for the others in front of them - he could barely see them anymore.

"Kazu..." Jun said again, with more determination. Nino squinted up at the name, his heart suddenly racing. Jun reached out to grab Nino's hand.

"I'm sorry."

It seemed so much easier for Jun to say this in the dark, when he didn't need to face Nino. He kept his gaze straight forward and just squeezed Nino’s hand a little harder, maybe to make sure that Nino was there.

"For, you know, vanishing," Jun gesticulates with his other hand. "For not saying anything."

Jun fell silent and Nino felt giddy, but he knew better than to interrupt Jun in his thoughts. He waited for these words too long to be impatient now. 

"I wished I would have been one of the last to leave the island. I wished I would have left with you. We were what, like sixteen back then? Still, I wanted to leave together with you. I felt so guilty to see it as a chance, to leave the island. But... But there has always been a thought of you. I missed you, I really..."

Nino felt how he grew hot and cold at the same time. His thumb was tracing Jun's knuckles, in a encouraging manner. There was something audible like a content sigh, but Nino couldn't be too sure.

"You're special," Jun then finally said. "You always were and I don't know how the ten years could happen, but you were always..." Suddenly Jun leaned closer, warm breath ghosting at Nino's temple and he shivered. "... always..."

Nino didn't need to hear more. He turned his head upwards and kissed Jun, merely a brush of lips.

"Always?" He asked.

Jun nodded firmly, leaning down to kiss Nino; more firmly than Nino, more sure of himself.

Nino leaned back. "But you were fanboying Sho-chan so much that I always thought yo-"

Jun kissed him again, interrupting Nino and proving him wrong in so many ways. His other hand drew Nino closer so that their bodies were flush against each other. He traced his hand up Nino's spine, settling on his nape.

"Always," Jun whispered against his lips.


“Seems like they settled things,” Aiba mused, peeking over his shoulder more often than not, almost walking backwards.

“Don’t look at that!” Sho said a little embarrassed at their friends kissing on the street in the middle of the night.

“But we will lose them if we don’t wait.” Aiba said mischievously, grinning from ear to ear.

Ohno laughs a little.

They could see how the other two separated and started to walk again. Their hands were still entwined when they caught up to them.

“We decided to sleep at Sho-chan’s place,” Nino beamed when they reached them. “I am sure, Oh-chan knows the way~”

With that and no further explanation Nino dragged Ohno along, leaving a dumbfounded Sho and a speechless Aiba behind.
Sho even imagined Jun winking at him.


Sho looked at Aiba and Aiba looked back at him, each was staring awkwardly for the first time during that night.

“I wonder whose idea it was planning to spend the night at my place?” Sho started, while rubbing his hand around his neck, a small gesture of his guilty shown.

“I kinda guess it was actually yours, since this is the first time the five of us are together again. Nino, Jun and Ohno do not live around here while I still live on campus. You’re the only one with a bigger apartment. Sho-chan, you’re pretty much busted,” Aiba said, casually with a smile.

A smile which Sho maybe had missed the most within the ten years apart.

They continued staring at each other a little longer before Aiba tore his eyes away and started to walk the same direction as the others, away from the harbor.

“Aiba, where are you going?”

“Your house?”

“Wait,” Sho walked a bit faster and crossed Aiba’s way only to stand mere inches from Aiba’s face.

Aiba jerked back and leaned backward a little more.

“What is it, Sho-chan? We don’t want to keep them waiting, right...?”

“There is something I need to tell you.”

Aiba, somehow knowing where the conversation was heading to, interrupted, “Don’t, Sho-chan. I’m happy at the moment, the five of us together... Can we please talk about it when we both are ready?” Aiba said, kindly rejecting whatever Sho planned to say.

Sho looked at Aiba, eye to eye, before Aiba averted his gaze to the ground. He sighed.

“Okay, let’s go,” Sho said softly, smiling as he took Aiba’s hand and they started to walk side by side.

“What do you think about some mochi, Aiba?” Sho asked, trying to change the topic, when he surprisingly saw a small little stall, selling sweets at this time of the night. Aiba nodded childishly, looking extremely happy.


“Shouldn’t we wait for them?” Jun asked when he glanced back, watching Sho walking beside Aiba who was stuffing mochis endlessly into his mouth, grinning like a huge kid. However they became further away each time Jun would look out for them, squinting in the darkness.

Nino’s hand squeezed his reassuringly inside Jun’s coat pocket.

“Naw~” Ohno yawned lazily. “They need to settle their own matters.”

“Just how are you so considerate?” Jun asked, laughing under his breath. He felt Ohno shrugging next to him.

“You had to settle your own matters, too, right?” Ohno asked a little too knowingly.

Jun blushed - that’s why the others didn’t bother to look for them.
He heard how Nino giggled beside him. Brat.

“It’s like we’re taking turns,” Nino laughed, pressing into Jun’s side a little more while walking with him in a perfect matching step. Walking with Jun, ever so easy and comfortable. He should have known that it ended like this. “And Oh-chan is our matchmaker.”

(A/N: We're nearing the end~ And decided to split chapter 10. Part one for Matsumiya, Part two for Sakuraiba. An epilogue follows. Thank you very much for all the lovely comments and support!)
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