AU Fanfiction - Hashima Memories

Title: Hashima Memories
Chapter: 5 - Gone again
Authors: satsumatsu 
Beta: irawrrx33 
Pairing: MatsuMiya & Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Words: 2061
Disclaimer: We do not own a thing (not even the island).
Summary: A story about five boys growing up on Hashima Island - a coal mining facility. In 1974 all inhabitants had to leave the island in order to get jobs on the main islands since Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine - causing the boys to separate. Ten years later they meet again.

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Hashima, 1974

For Jun, school was a rather laid back matter. He would sit in his chair only half listening to what Ogu-san, their teacher, was saying (Sho would explain it to him so much better later). Kazunari would poke him with his pencil, right into Jun's spine just for fun, watching Jun jerk. By the end of the day, Ogu-san would be exasperated, Jun would be close to madness and Kazunari would have another laugh flash.

In their breaks they would meet up with Masaki, Sho and Oh-chan since they were in a class above them. They would lean against their school building’s wall, facing the sea wall, catching up with the recent happenings (how Hana-chan went down the cole chute again and getting scolded a lot). In situations like those, Jun always thought there was concrete everywhere. In front of him, behind him, under him. He never had much time to contemplate about it, though; he had a bento to protect. He did not really agree to the sharing policy the five of them put up. It just seemed to benefit Kazunari and Oh-chan whose bentos were made of simple plain rice with one side dish. But he really, really liked Masaki's bentos so he couldn't really complain. It was just that the others really seemed to like his.

It was routine, the classes, the arguing about bentos - but Jun liked those small unchanging things, as much as he complained daily about them, they were pure bliss.

It lasted until one evening.

Jun's parents spoke to him, very seriously so. They would leave the island very soon. There were rumors. That the Mitsubishi cooperation would close down its business - it was the life line of the island. It was still unofficial, they said. But Jun could see in their minds they were already packing. These were rumors, they said. The first who would move to the main island would get a job for sure. They couldn't risk not going.

Jun sat there frozen in place, his father patting his shoulder.

He blinked, watched how his mother already moved to sort things, and grabbed his futon in daze. They would leave the island. He would leave his friends. He...

That was what he wanted, right? One day. Leaving the island. He would be able to learn to play the trombone properly, for a career in one of those big bands. It was what he had wanted, Jun thought, as he laid down. His mother turned off the lights and he heard Aiba yelling "Good Night, Jun-chan!" from across the window with a following "Psssst!". There was a big black hole growing in the pitch of his stomach.

He wasn't prepared.

It was too soon.

He was afraid. Of a bigger world, of leaving this island.

The next morning he appeared at the door of his classroom with such huge, dark bags under his eyes that Nino lifted his eyebrow in question. All Jun could do was to merely smile. He sacked down his chair and did not move an inch for the next hours.

By the persistent poking of Nino's pencil, Jun could tell he was worried. But Jun did not turn around once. All he could think was: I need to tell them, I need to tell them, I need to tell him. But he did not know how. How should he explain? It wasn't official and maybe they wouldn't close down the mine. He had still time, right? It was a rumor. Maybe he would just cause false panic if it wasn't true. Though his parents were already packing...

It wasn't that he did not trust his friends. It was just the imagination of leaving everything behind. He just couldn't - his stomach turned every time he thought about it.

The lunch break was torture for Jun. He would get side glances from Nino, the long, hard, staring ones while the others were just bemused, munching their bentos in unusual silence. It was the first time that Jun did not steal Masaki's tamagoyaki. It was the first time the others did not dare to touch Jun's food. Jun knew they left him staring at the gray, oh so gray concrete to his feed, thinking that he would speak up when he himself thought it would be the right timing. It broke his heart.

Jun went home without having said a thing the whole day - afraid once he opened his mouth he would say the wrong thing. In his mind there was no right thing to say. Aiba waved after him, Ohno and Sho smiled, somewhat encouragingly and Nino stared at him.

That was the last sight Jun had of them.
His family would leave that night, in a rush, haphazardly, in silence.
Jun didn't even have the time to cry.

When Jun did not appear the next day, it was Ohno who worried first. There was this thoughtful, disturbed expression on his face where usually was his calm, blank face. His brows were crunched in worry when Nino came to their usual eating spot between school and sea wall, announcing Jun was absent today. Nino was calm, forcefully calm. He deliberately unpacked his bento and shoved the plain white rice in his mouth while the others exploded around him.

It never happened once before. Jun would always make sure that someone knew when he is absent.
They skipped class, roaming across the island and asked everyone crossing their ways. Asking and searching, asking and searching.

Jun was nowhere to be found.

They went to Jun's tower block at last and a lot of people were moving around. One told them impatiently that the island is due to close. Some already left, yes, the Matsumoto family already left. Lucky bastards, knowing it first, just because Matsumoto-san works for the Mitsubishi facility.

It left them stunned.

They stood there in the busy hallway, people rushing past them, shouting directions. Ohno looks at them, Aiba with his mouth open, Sho with his unbelieving expression, Nino with his hands balled to fists but oh so calm.
Nino turned around first, leaving the tower block in determined, fast steps, heading to the one point at the sea wall, Ohno knew. He went after him, running because Nino was walking so fast. He saw Nino stopping dead in front of the little gap, staring and squinting towards the main island as if he could see Jun somewhere there.

"There is a reason he did not say a word," Ohno said because he truly believed it. "There is a reason that he did not say goodbye."

Nino remained silent.

The world was crushing down around him. Their world was.


Furano, 1984

"The long lost son returned." Nino greeted Ohno on the phone. They hadn't spoken in two weeks simply because Nino did not find the time to call Ohno at night - the only time when the other wasn't working or fishing or doing art. Really the gaps in Ohno's personality, someone should check them.


"Jun." Nino clarified.



There was silence and some cracking in the phone line, rustling, an exhale of breath while Nino waited patiently.

"How is he?"

"Handsome." Nino replied before he could stop himself - because really, that was the only thing in his mind.


"Freakishly so."


Nino rubbed the bridge of his nose. Talking to Oh-chan always calmed him down. He was the only one with whom Nino maintained regular contact after they all had to leave the island. They made sure to call at least once a month. Sometimes they talked about Sho and his newspaper article Ohno had read in the business section - admiring his words but not understanding a thing. Then Nino would ask how Ohno could even work as a business man and Ohno would just laugh. Those calls always ended with theories about what happened to Aiba and Jun. Now at least they did not need to wonder about Jun anymore.

"He is having a concert in Yokohama next week."

"Here?" Silence. "A concert?"

"He is playing trombone in a big band."

"He always wanted to do that!" Ohno exclaimed and Nino could hear the smile - he smiled himself, unconsciously.


There was another silence, a pleasant one - where you could tell that each of them thought of their childhood, remembering occasions, smiles, scenes. The wind. Jun standing on the ledge. The sea wall. The little garden of Ohno's family on the roof top of the tower block. The black, black tunnel. Masaki with his little black cat running around his feet. The improvised play field on concrete. Sho buried behind his newspapers, books and magazines.

"Then let's go and watch him," Ohno offered after a while, cutting the train of pictures in Nino's head. Nino was grateful that he did not need to ask.

"Yes." He agreed and he could hear Ohno moving on the other side of the phone line. "Oh-chan," Nino spoke up again and he could hear how Ohno stilled. 'He's gone again without saying a word', Nino wanted to say. 'He has done it again.' Nino shook his head and exhaled a breath he did not know he was holding. "Really, really handsome!" He just stated and he could hear Ohno chuckling.

Nino hung up and leaned back in his chair on the veranda's café, a little devastated. Not that he expected anything less of Jun. Disappearing without a word, a phone number or any sort of contact. They bid their farewell so normal, so familiar. They had hugged. Nino remembered the hug, the warmth of Jun's body, but the coldness of his cheek against Nino's ear. Like everything on that day, the hug lasted longer than it was supposed to.
He didn't ask Jun for anything because he had pride. Maybe it was stupid, after such a long time, but he had pride.


Tokyo, 1984

Lying about his studies might have been not the best idea, Aiba thought, when the one you lied to is the lecturer for your next class you needed to attend in order to finish your studies.
He really did not want to go. How was he supposed to face Sho?

Just the fact that he would not be able to end his studies that way; that he wouldn't be able to fulfill his dream, that he wouldn't be able to face Sho more than ever made him run through the streets of Jimbocho to be at least halfway in time for his class. His class with Sho.

He was stupid. He should've gone early so Sho wouldn't even have seen him in the crowd of students. Now he had no other choice but to barge into the middle of the lecture. He could hear the muffled voice of Sho, talking seriously about market strategies while Aiba tried to catch his breath outside the door.

His heart was racing but he knocked anyhow and slipped in the room with a small "Sorry", trying to make himself invisible. He sat down in the very first row since all the other seats were claimed. Damn the students and their habit to sit in the back, he thought, when he dared to look up at Sho, realizing how silent the room had fallen. Sho watched him over the frame of his glasses with an expression that was utterly bemused, that told Aiba "What are you doing here? This is about economics. Just how..."
All Aiba could do was to bow and offer a small apologetic smile.

Sho cleared his throat and continued his lecture. A little haltingly at first but he found his pace again soon, leaving Aiba amazed at the pure knowledge Sho seemed to have. He did not understand half of the content.
He wrote down everything he could in order to be able to research for it after the lecture. Sho's voice was floating through the room, and everyone scribbled down notes. The atmosphere was great, Aiba noticed. Maybe it was the first time that he thought that this was what university was about. Still, he did not understand a thing. And when Sho announced the end of the lecture along with the line: "Aiba Masaki, a word please."
Aiba gulped, scrambled for his notes and trailed behind Sho towards his bureau.

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I'm so relieved to read that I wrote an understandable Nino~ I always have the image that he is rather cautious (?) I wouldn't ask for anything unless he is sure that the other is willing to give. And he certainly thinks that it is not his turn.

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