The Great Train Story

Title: The Great Train Story
Author: satsumatsu
Beta: irawrrx33  (thank you so much dear, for correcting my silly mistakes!)
Words: 1974
Rating: G
Pairing: squint-and-you-will-miss-matsumiya?
A/N: Actually based on personal experience, Jun's POV, waiting for trains and how it turns out. AU!

The Great Train Story


Jun loves to take the train.

He loves it no matter of rain or sun or snow. Today is a sunny day, so he walks slowly the way up to the Sakuragicho station. Maybe it's also due to the fact that he never has to take the train in the rush hour that he actually loves it. The station is mostly empty whenever he arrives and the train is just partly full.

He looks up to the blue sky while humming to Hachigatsu no Serenade when he notices the bright red of his usual train.
Crap, he thinks while speeding up his steps (but he would never run after trains since the next one will come in due time), he can't be late, he isn't! And too early trains are also very very rare.
Once he is all the way up, he realizes that the train belongs to the other track apparently waiting for the signal in the far to turn green. It is also not his usual line but one which heads to Hakkeijima.

He slows down again, falling into a carefree pace, enjoying the soft breeze and walking past a man reading a newspaper and a guy wearing something close to fishing clothes (including rubber boots in a summer morning) to his usual waiting spot.


Jun takes a step forward to the rails again and turns left, squinting in the direction where his train should appear now. He is actually able to see the other train station but no bright red spot which would indicate that his train is approaching.

Well, Jun thinks, his train was never accurate itself. And he does not need to worry now since he will still be able to catch his second drive.
What worries him is the train on the opposite rail which is still waiting for the green signal. Actually he feels a little watched since he can't look behind the windows, but he is sure the passengers can.

He glances towards the Newspaper Guy, seeing him tapping his feet along music he must be listening to. Jun can't quite see his earphones but the tapping itself makes Jun smile. Not to mention the fishing one - he seems to be spaced out and nothing would get him out of his state. Jun's smile gets a little wider.

At the entrance of the track another figure appears. Shoulders a little hunched with an easygoing pace. He would've barely made it for this train towards the Tokyo main station. Jun never has this timing. He will always be too early - sometimes cursing because he had to hurry with his breakfast (and he dislikes nothing more). He hates those people a little who do things effortlessly.


A train was approaching. Jun squints again and again and no matter how he looks at it, it wasn't his train. The front looks different.

Indeed, it was a freight train. Rushing past him, carrying masses of cars that makes Jun wonder just who would buy all these.
Sighing, he continues to pace along the track, past the Newspaper Guy, past the Fishing one, past the Easy Going type and back.

While listening to Wasuremono the sun starts to get hot and he feels sweaty.
Jun nervously checks his watch. He has no chance to get his second train to Kikuna if his train is not appearing within the next two minutes.


Jun hates to take the train.

He does not have an urgent appointment to attend and could easily tell his friends that he would be half an hour late. It's just that he hates to be late. He is a very accurate person and also dislikes it when others are late, very much so.

The train to Hakkeijima is still standing on the opposite rail and he is beginning to feel hunted now. His gaze is drifting along the track and he registers another man who comes running up the track. Stopping mid-tracks when he sees the train to Hakkeijima on the other side, and the other four waiting. He hurriedly checks his watch, but does not seem out of breath the least which freaks Jun out. What also freaks Jun out is the change of expression on the guy's face. Frowning, checking for people to ask (honestly, the options are not the best: One buried in a newspaper, one spacing out in fishing clothes, one shuffling cards - what the hell? - and one with an 'do not talk to me' aura), some more frowning and finally settling into a sunshine smile - the one which makes you want to smile too, though there really is no reason to smile.

Jun begins a little furiously to type a message to his colleagues.

The Sunshine Smile Guy made his choice with the Newspaper Guy who listens to music. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees the Sunshine Smile Guy tapping the Newspaper Guy on the shoulder - which startles him to no end, but he removes his earplugs and answers him so politely that Jun is impressed.


Jun wants to laugh. Like aloud, maybe with a little rolling on the floor in tears for the theatrical effect. And if he is in tears already, he can start to cry a little too. The train which was approaching now was not a freight train but a local one - to Maita. This means not his direction, which means tears.

A song fades, tunes of guitar and drums, Jun isn't paying attention anymore. He is breathing out slowly and can now hear how the Sunshine Smile Guy is explaining to the Newspaper Guy that this was not their train since 'the front, you know, the front is different'. Jun knows that too, but he would never admit that. Who would admit the special ability to separate train fronts?

The train passes and Jun wonders what those speakers at all the stations are for.


Jun is sure of it; he officially hates to take the train.
He is late. He feels sticky. The battery of his mp3-player died.

On the bright side of life the Hakkeijima train finally took its leave.


"Anyone wants to play cards?"

Jun flinches and turns around from his spot where he watches the other station - where maybe another red dot would appear, but it doesn't, of course it doesn't. He faced the Easy Going Guy who is shuffling his cards in a disturbing skillful manner. The Fishing one was already by his side, shrugging and crouching down beside him. The Newspaper Guy looked kind of helplessly at Jun before the Sunshine Smile Guy was dragging him towards the other two declaring that 'this is the best idea ever'.
Once they gathered they look expectantly at Jun - like he would destroy the group dynamic or something.

This isn't normal anymore!, Jun thinks while walking dejectedly towards the other four. Five guys crouching down to play robber rummy on a track that is.



Jun groans and leans back on his hands taking a perfunctory look for the other station. Nothing, of course, and he lost again!

Jun feels oddly deserted, but bound to the other four while Ninomiya, he learned, was shuffling the cards for another round, victory written all over his face.

They could have taken the tram to the Yokohama main station anytime which was no two minutes away down the track but it almost seems like a unspoken agreement that they all would wait - despite having appointments - and see when this train will arrive. In fact, they are close to making bets. Aiba has already made suggestions, but Sakurai seems to be too correct and stopped the fun.


Jun jumps when another train arrives, but from his back - from the wrong direction. What the hell? Nino is watching him, amused.

"You did not see this coming?" He asks grinning while stealing another of Jun's kings.

"How could I?" Jun snaps back watching disbelievingly how the second freight train - cars again, he wonders if it's the same from before - slows down and came to a screeching halt. Jun looks into the round again. Once he spots Sakurai, he thinks that Jun must have the same expression on his face. Disbelieving but well, not caring anymore.

The same goes for the fact that other passengers are arriving and looking confused towards them. Maybe wondering why five grown men, one sleepy in fishing clothes, one in business style and one out of a fashion magazine are crouching down on a track playing cards.


Jun has already spotted the red dot since two minutes ago - his train, their train, surely. But it could not move since the freight train was still blocking their track. He can't help but chuckle, which earns him a questioning look from Sakurai.

The freight train hasn't moved an inch since its arrival and so has the red dot.

Then, they can hear another business guy complain aloud that he will run late 'if this damn train won't arrive soon'. And before they all could stop him Ninomiya shouts: "Well, we're running late since half an hour ago."

By then, Sakurai looked so horrified that Jun wants to pat him, but he also wants to shout 'Yeah!'.


Their train was approaching. Good god.

They helped each other up and maybe Jun is imagining things by now, but Ninomiya holds his hand a little longer than necessary.


It is awkward in the train.

For once, it is packed like three trains have been out of order so they are squished together. Aiba's radiating heat is behind Jun, Ohno's rubber boots were kind of standing on the tip of his own shoes - and Jun wasn't sure which elbow was digging into his ribs.

Jun wants to ask for their contacts, somehow. The situation is just not right and how would he explain it anyway? Hey, let me have your number for another round of robber rummy? Clearly not.
They arrive at the main station, where all of them exit the train and Jun is kind of depressed by now.

And just when everyone was about to take his leave in different directions Sakurai, bless Sakurai, actually fusses about how impolite he was, searching for his business cards. Jun wants to hug him, seriously. Instead he reaches for his own cards handing it to Ohno, Ninomiya, Aiba and Sakurai receiving theirs in return - learning that Ohno is owning a bakery and Aiba is a model in fact - now who would have thought that?

Don't judge a book by its cover, Jun thinks in good spirits when they all wave their good-bye.


From: unknown number
To: Matsumoto Jun

Here at the station,
  meeting, whoever goes there
whoever comes
  familiar or not, you meet
  only to separate again


Jun scrambles for Ninomiya's business card. A songwriter. He smiles.


The next morning, Jun wakes up earlier than usual, prepares a larger bento than usual and heads for the 9:07 train.
When he arrives there, he can see a familiar figure with an unfamiliar guitar case.

"Ninomiya-san!" Jun waves and he sees him smile. "Earlier today?"

"I have an appointment" Ninomiya answers, taking out his cards and gesturing Jun to sit down on the ground. Jun just chuckles delightedly and follows suit.

One after another arrive - first Ohno plopping down next to Ninomiya, leaning heavily against him, picking up his cards. Then Sakurai and Aiba follow.

Jun takes out his bento, under cheering.

It was 9:10, their train wasn't coming just yet and Jun knows why. He knew since yesterday. There is a construction site and the train would only come once an hour. They must know and still, they gather again.
aww this is so cute :) something like that happened to you?? must have been great :D
Well, kind of? I indeed waited for half an hour for one train and kind of bonded with some others. You know helpless laughter and all.
I did not play cards, though XD I leave those things to Arashi.

Thank you~
aww I love it!! these are just the things that could happen at a train station hahaha people seem so far from each other, everyone living their own life but then there are situatiouns where we come together, like we'd know each other since forever! <3 this seems a bit like art~ I would love to photograph such a group just because I love the aura around them x3
Yes! I could picture them so well, too! Like they would just somehow meet and ...
Train stations, lots of things can happen there and I just love those opportunities!

Thank you!
oh gosh, this is total LOVE~ it's really cute how all five are drawn to each other <3

thanks for this! :D
Thank you~

I am fine~ How are you lately? (Did I already ask you if you would want to write a collab with me?)
yea..been busy with work..
haha is that question really intended for me? well didn't ask me tho..XD
Haaah~ I have exams soon~

(Of course it is. I played with the thought since I'm searching for a Sakuraiba writer but I did not dare to ask... You're not interested?)